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In total near at hand! (that needs to be had in the children`s first-aid kit)

Most often in howling a kresenye in the evening while all drugstores were already closed, and to the person on duty to go yes to go, at the kid teeth begin to be cut especially actively, temperature rises or there is a huge cone on a forehead. To avoid the panic following these events at all family members, stock up necessary in advance.

These means needs to be had in the children`s first-aid kit

the thermometer (mercury and/or digital);
a rubber barrel for an enema (number of a barrel has to correspond to age of the child);
an exhaust tubule (it is necessary only to the kid till 1 year);
a hot-water bottle small the Warm hot-water bottle is put on a tummy at intestinal gripes; filled with water and frozen in a deep freeze - it is put to a nape at high temperature or to the place of a bruise.
an aspirator for a nose (instead of it it is possible to stock up with an additional small rubber barrel No. 1);
a pipette eye - 3 pieces If in a bubble with medicine is not present a special dropper, it it is possible to dig in drops in a nose, ears, eyes. the measured spoon is a capacity with divisions which will help you to measure a medicine dose necessary for the kid taking into account its age and weight. alcohol medical It is necessary to
for processing of the thermometer, an aspirator. If your kid already was 4 years old, alcohol (in half with water) it is possible to use for grindings and compresses.
baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). It is useful for alkaline inhalations, washing of eyes and processing of an oral cavity.
Furacilin - powder or tablets for external application. It is irreplaceable when washing eyes, for processing of wounds.
potassium permanganate (crystals);
hydrogen peroxide (solution);
brilliant green (solution of diamond greens and/or Novikov`s liquid);
iodine (iodine solution spirit, 5%). a rubber plait
It is necessary for
to stop bleeding from large vessels.
bandage wide and narrow sterile;
sterile gauze napkins ;
sterile disposable diaper ;
cotton wool ;
an adhesive plaster and a plaster bactericidal (keep in mind that there are children`s bactericidal plasters);
paper for compresses Should not use polyethylene for compresses. a preparation
Surely stock up with
of a paratsetomolosoderzhashchiya with children`s forms of this medicine in the form of candles and syrup.
the coal activated (in tablets);
of a smekt (3 bags);
antiallergenic means (suprastin, tavegit or klaritin in syrup);
but - a shpa .
Besides, in the first-aid kit it is necessary to have medicine, vital to your child which only the doctor can appoint! to

These means will be prescribed by the doctor in case the kid gets sick

will help to Prevent viral diseases to you:

interferon human leykotsitarny (2 ampoules);
oksolinovy ointment ;
aflubin (BITTNER);
ascorbic acid with glucose (in tablets);
of Agri children`s (a homeopathic medicine - AntiGrippin);
of a drop in a nose vasoconstrictive (their concentration has to correspond to age of the kid); children`s mixture for cough with an alteyny root Keep in mind
that ready mixture is stored in powder of independent cultivation only 10 days.

Medicinal herbs

flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical This broth can be drunk during an illness or to use it for a cleaning enema.
mother - and - the stepmother (expectorant cure for cough);
leaf of a plantain ;
a linden (a house febrifuge for children of 2 years);
dry raspberry .

the Phonebook

you will not regret

if you store the list of important phones and addresses in the children`s first-aid kit.
  • in case of poisoning : No. 13 DKB of Filatov.
    Garden - Kudrinskaya, 15. Ph.: 254 9129.
  • If the kid burned : No. 9 DKB of Speransky.
    Shmitovsky Drive, 29. Ph.: 259 4391.
  • Children`s policlinic (registry and office of the urgent help which works on Saturdays and Sundays).
  • in case of a trauma : No. 13 DKB; CYTO of Priorov.
    of Priorov St., 10. Ph.: 154 8262.
  • Besides, learn the address and phone of regional children`s emergency station, stomatologic policlinic (office of the round-the-clock help) and the nearest children`s infectious diseases hospital. If you definitely do not know where it is necessary to conduct a mylysh in emergency situation or you have no car, are called 03 .

Important rules

  1. Never throw out the instruction for application of drugs.
  2. by
  3. On packing of the preparation bought by you its dosage (single and daily) for the kid certain, age has to be specified. If there are no such instructions, write down them, having consulted to the pediatrician.
  4. If you have
  5. no medical education, get in the first-aid kit a leaflet with the plan of your actions before arrival of ďAmbulanceď (for example, in case of a burn) or the local pediatrician (at cold, cough).
  6. do not use overdue drugs. As required update the first-aid kit.
  7. Should not store the children`s first-aid kit together with adult, otherwise at the responsible moment you risk to mix something.
  8. you Store the first-aid kit in the dry and cool place (not in a bathroom at all).
  9. Take care that it was absolutely inaccessible for the kid.