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Doctor and pregnant woman: how to improve the relations of

the Subject of relationship of the pregnant woman and doctor of a maternity welfare unit is very difficult today. On both sides it is often possible to hear many claims. Pregnant women take offense at doctors, and those in turn consider them as the most difficult patients. From - for jokes of a problem and from - that I would not like to take anybody`s part in this conflict it was difficult to write this article to me. And still let`s try to take a detached view of relationship of the doctor and pregnant woman together.

Almost each young woman who learns that she is pregnant has desire to run to the doctor. To make sure that this is true even if five different tests yielded positive result. And still, if this pregnancy desired, the woman very much wants to be sure that everything goes well that her women`s bodies as it should be and in general that at it everything will turn out, and she will be remarkable mother. Generally, this young woman from the doctor of a maternity welfare unit of support, approval and admiration of its state waits. And what? “You will leave pregnancy? Or on abortion?“ Then survey on a gynecologic chair, weighing, measurement of a basin. A heap of the directions on analyses. Everything is ordinary. And nobody promises that everything will pass and will end safely.

A this woman goes for the first ultrasonography. She worries - this its first appointment to the baby! Suddenly it will be possible to consider something on the screen? Interestingly, who there? Boy or girl? With bated breath, the woman devours every word of the doctor. And it dictates to the nurse for record:“ In a uterus cavity one fruit, live, female“!

Not always happens so. There are many cases when the relations of the pregnant woman and the doctor observing her develop remarkably. And then the doctor becomes nearly the most important person these 7 - 8 months, the woman entirely trusts him, implements all his recommendations. And visit to a maternity welfare unit calms and brings joy. And all - the cases described above - not a rarity. In general the conflict between the pregnant woman and the doctor arises from - for discrepancies of expectations of the woman to what the doctor can give her. The professional task of the doctor is in controlling a state of health of the pregnant woman and her child, and already to support and rejoice together with it - it does not belong to his duties. And of choosing words during inspection - about it doctors often just do not think. Honestly, the expert will not write that he found in a uterus of the baby, pretty and, apparently, the girl.

Why to doctors so difficult happens to contact to the pregnant patient? The matter is that during pregnancy the mentality of the woman undergoes some changes. There is a regress, and in other words, the pregnant woman in many situations (these situations do not concern her professional activity) becomes as if the child: it is difficult for it to make the decision, she needs councils, support, often is upset and cries. Sometimes it seems to it that her life changes to the worst - it any more never to become harmonous, never to reach professional heights. And still so there is a wish to travel and play sports!

Sometimes the woman realizes the reasons of the experiences, sometimes not, but all pregnant women need special attention and often demand support. It is good if this woman has close relations with many people - with own mother, the mother-in-law, the husband, girlfriends. Then all these people give gradually necessary support, and the doctor needs only to carry out the professional task. But happens so that with mother of the relation not really close, with the mother-in-law conflict, with girlfriends more and more remote, they have other interests now. And here then often remain only the husband... and doctor of a maternity welfare unit. Only the man in such situation has one pregnant wife, and the doctor has many pregnant patients. Here also women complain about callousness of gynecologists, and those in turn suffer from huge emotional overloads.

I what to do? I think that during pregnancy the woman needs to spend time and forces for rapprochement with people. Ahead it has not less difficult period - the first year of life with the child. And at this time support and the help are even more significant. Try to approach the mother and/or the mother-in-law. During pregnancy it is helped by inquiries how at them pregnancy proceeded as they gave birth as they nursed. Memories of those events often give rise to sympathy and understanding in women of the senior generation. It is possible that your family lives far or they are absent any more, - then look around, in your environment for certain there will be a woman is much more senior than you which not indifferently belongs to your pregnancy. Perhaps, it is that person who will become for you to relatives and will help you. Try not to move away from your girlfriends - clear that your interests disperse today, and still... Remember acquaintances with whom you began to communicate in due time less because they gave birth to the child, - they can help you, their children already grew up, and they possess experience which is not enough for you.

I still (though here I as the head of school for pregnant women can be suspected of advertizing of the activity) many women during pregnancy find support on special courses. Nobody can understand so well the pregnant woman as other woman in the same situation.

Being going to visit a maternity welfare unit, you remember that your openness, and positive emotions are necessary to sincerity not only your relatives, but also your doctor. And still - you go on the hometown and accept smiles of passersby. You go to shops and try on beautiful clothes, let you be looked after by sellers (at all not obligatory to buy these clothes). Try to enjoy at full capacity pluses of your interesting situation, do not go in cycles only in a state of your health and relationship with your doctor.