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Six parties of care of the kid of

U you the long-awaited child was born, and you are ready to make everything that it grew healthy and happy. But from one million questions arising continually hands fall... Believe: the main thing that is necessary for your kid now, are yours love and care. Be not afraid to trust the common sense and maternal intuition.


I of course, the pediatrician at whom it is necessary to observe the child from the first days of life will be able to answer your many questions. Surely consult to it concerning the choice of food for the kid. Health of yours of the baby in the future first of all depends on good nutrition.

according to many famous pediatricians, 6 most important parties of care of the kid which exert impact on its development exist:

immunity Strengthening

With maternal milk the child receives the substances protecting it from infectious diseases. If breastfeeding is impossible, immunity of the kid needs additional support. Even usual cold proceeds at babies very hard.

the baby a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which have to come to an organism mainly with baby food is necessary for

For normal functioning of immunity. Also the condition of immunity is influenced by normal acidity of gastric juice and intestinal microflora.

Immuniti Milk of the Agusha trademark is enriched with

a complex of vitamins and mineral substances which increase protective forces of an organism of the kid, helping it to grow healthy and cheerful:

Vitamin E stimulates with

Comfortable digestion

For timely development to your kid needs to gain weight steadily. But there are problems which can complicate this process:

of Colic are periodic belly-aches which usually are followed by the increased gas generation in intestines. Usually they pass by third month of life, but it is possible to help the baby earlier. The doctor will help to solve a problem.

Dysbacteriosis is a change of microbic flora of intestines. Digestion is as a result broken, there are belly-aches, swellings, the frequency and character of a chair change. All this is reflected in growth and development of the child.


At dysbacteriosis surely make food correction.

“Children`s kefir“ of the Agusha trademark for children of early age contains

bifido - and lactobacilli who suppress growth of pathogenic flora and form healthy intestinal microflora of the child, reduce risk of intestinal infections.

C 8 - monthly age recommends also children`s Agusha yogurt. It is made from genuine whole cow`s milk, and natural fruit and berry fillers enrich it with vitamins, minerals and food fibers.

Stable growth

Growth and development - processes closely connected. That the child grew steadily, he needs support. Children`s Agusha cottage cheese with 6 - timesyachny age is developed for children especially for support of healthy growth of kids. Cottage cheese is made from genuine cow`s milk with use of special ferment. The special method of production allows to keep as much as possible the most valuable serumal proteins in the course of which digestion the soft fine clot which is not causing violation of digestion in babies is formed.

Children`s Agusha cottage cheese contains an optimum ratio of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for development of a bone tissue of the child. As additives use natural fruit, berry and vegetable fillers which enrich cottage cheese with food fibers, minerals and vitamins. Food fibers promote growth of normal flora of intestines and help to prevent locks.

Development of organs of vision

According to the last scientific researches, invaluable value in development of the kid is played linoleic and α - linolenovy fatty acids. They are not synthesized by an organism, but at the same time are very important for development not only the central nervous system, but also an organ of vision.

“Biot Omega - 3“ - unique fermented milk product of the Agusha series for children is more senior than year. Addition in fermented milk product of juice and an omega - 3 fatty acids well influences sight development, supports normal functioning zheludochno - an intestinal path, increases immunity and promotes development of informative abilities of the kid.

Development of a brain

Each child is talented

. But abilities need to be developed. The Dokozogeksayenovy and arakhidonovy acids, taurine and a carnitine which are a part of dry mix “Agusha of “GOLD“ promote development of mental abilities of the child.

acid is not synthesized by

of Dokozogeksayenovaya in an organism of the child and comes to it only with food or from maternal milk. Researches showed that in comparison with the children nursed the kids receiving mix without addition of dokozogeksayenovy acid have smaller visual acuity and level of informative abilities. There are exact data that deficiency in food of polynonsaturated fatty acids promotes higher risk of development of many diseases in the future.

Taurine - the irreplaceable amino acid necessary for development of the central nervous system, and also the visual analyzer. A carnitine - biologically active connection which facilitates process of digestion and digestion of fat, and also transformation of polynonsaturated fatty acids.

Decrease in risk of an allergy

In the first months of life of the kid needs to be preserved against developing of an allergy carefully. If the allergy everything is there was (most often in the form of rashes on skin), a main thing - to reveal allergen and to exclude contact of the child with it. And, of course, it is obligatory to see a doctor. It is impossible to ignore manifestations of allergic reactions at all at the child as at the same time the pathological mechanism which forces an organism to react to new allergens is started.

Most often the allergy to proteins occurs at children. At the same time meat is a source of all range of irreplaceable amino acids, a number of vitamins and minerals. Therefore “Agush“ developed 4 types of the gipolergenny meat mash created taking into account age features and requirements of an organism of the child. Meat mashes passed successful clinical trials in the Center of health of children and were deservedly referred to category of “hypoallergenic products“.

We designated the main parties of full development of the child. All of them are well studied and if you regularly visit the pediatrician and to follow his advice, then will be able easily to grow up the healthy and happy child. Also you remember: all alarms and difficulties will pass and will be forgotten, and there will be only a pleasure and happiness!