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Our holiday in Croatia of

to Whom it is interesting - otchetik about our trip to Croatia, July - August, 2008 (from July 19 to August 10).

I will tell

At once that I am not completely objective because we lived not in hotel, and in the new bought apartment. But on the other hand - we bought it in the winter, and did not know as there will be in the summer with children. So this holiday was - the test. If it was not pleasant to us - we unambiguously would sell the apartment.... However, the country and the district sustained the test, we will not sell. Let`s go every summer, fall and spring.

our preferences on holiday, of course, can not coincide with yours, but I will honestly describe all pluses and minuses.

our main requirements to holiday - the clean warm sea, the good beach, an opportunity to cover children and from the scorching sun (the husband - the Belgian does not sunbathe, and burns down; the daughter too partially inherited his skin), good restaurants, lack of crowds of tourists, an ancient environment, beautiful architecture, a possibility of sorties by car nearby (children 6 and 4, and to spend 2 hours in the car to reach to some sight - they do not understand all delights of such holiday yet...)

we Lived in the Average of Dalmatia, in 15 km from Split (the second largest city of Croatia), in 4 km from the airport, in 7 km from the town of Trogir. In the town called Castell. More precisely, it is not the town even, and just from Trogir to Split along the coast there were (partially and now costs) 7 locks, seven villages. In fact - one passes about another. We lived in Castell Novi. And to bathe went to Castell Stari.

Weather at the end of July - the beginning of August

Krom of the first two days, all three weeks weather was typically “southern“, that is there was a heat in the afternoon. Personally for me plus 35 in a shadow is much. Therefore in the middle of day we had a siesta in the apartment with the conditioner. We woke up late, without hurrying went under the scorching sun to the beach. The sea in 20 meters from us, but the beach - in 10 minutes of walking with children, in any party.

Having come to the beach, instantly fell in water, were cooled, and weather began to seem ideal. At the sea carried out approximately on two - three hours, it is almost constant in water. Water was moderately warm, I would prefer more warmly. Did not measure, but I think about 22 - 24 degrees.“ Nekupatelny days“ in three weeks were not.

the Sea and beaches

Alas, not as is written in prospectuses. Not ideally pure and transparent. But on the other hand - there is less dirt, than, say, in the Crimea, in Miskhore where I went every summer all the life... And any jellyfishes.

could see the dancing small fishes. The sea slightly more muddy on one beach, because a sandy bottom. And there beat some branches, probably, streams from mountains. Though - rains were not so I do not know what there flew from mountains. Sometimes branches were almost not, sometimes there was much. In total at the coast, in 3 meters in depth - it is already completely pure, but still it is not transparent, sand everything is. Few times to me it was uncomfortable to float, from - for abundances of branches, and it was necessary to dress to children oversleeves and to drag them on depth. And there and to hold.

For children beaches - quite good. Small pebble, under it sand. The younger daughter wore bathing slippers, the son of 6 years and the father ran barefoot. Descent on one beach was a little more flat, for my children - it is ideal, nobody sank. On other beach - depth began quicker.

In the mornings (our morning visits were from about to about o`clock) - to the people always. The majority - local population (that is Croats, and local they or not - I do not know.) But also Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, French, the Austrians came across...

After a lunch (we came to 17, sat to 19...) - at 17 o`clock beaches are always filled, it is difficult to find the place... To 18,30 all disperse, in 19 - 20 on the beach you are nearly one. The sea is warm, quiet, pure, the sun hid behind houses and trees, beauty.

Yes, any umbrella, plank beds... One beach is adjoined by cafe - very conveniently if mother cannot bathe, mother sits under the shade, reads. On other beach there were catamarans, etc. of entertainment.

Entertainment for children

their Total absence. In our small village (and in next Kastelakh) there was nothing. Neither platforms, nor a swing, and that only that were - directly on a concrete plate. I to children did not allow to shake... Neither trampolines, nor machines.

Locals say that children have to have a good time in the sea. My children and had a good time. If it is honest - I was afraid that it will be boring for children without playgrounds, etc., but personally we did not feel any discomfort from lack of all this.

during sorties to the known resorts, children rode, jumped, etc. But all this is in crowd of vacationers and absolutely not free of charge. And in Castell - it all was not. As there were no crowds of tourists also.

of the Price

of the Price European. On everything, except small local goods, type, bread, water-melons. Everything that imported - the same price as in Belgium. The prices in cafe for drinks - completely Belgian, say, Coca, juice, etc. cost 12 - 14 kuna that about 2 euros.

Food at the most popular restaurant of a small village (always full, generally - foreigners, with a little table reservation) - the normal average dish costs about 50 - 70 kuna (we divide on 7, there will be 7 - 10 euros). It is cheap. Is cheaper, than at us in Belgium...

of Anything exclusively cheap and interesting, somehow clothes, footwear or textiles, I did not find in Croatia. Wine good. Honey too tasty... Any more we brought nothing of that kind from there.

the Airport

Nearby, in 4 - 5 km. Conveniently when mother one with two children takes a taxi at night... It is inconvenient because three times in a day planes fly up literally at us over the head. Noise is strong. Struck me that in - the first, for these 4 km planes already so highly flew up (it was hardly possible to make out color and the company, is more often - it is impossible), and in - the second, to noise from them, nevertheless, it is a lot of...

the Others fly up in other party. Noise has less. At night, it seems, nothing flew. It did not irritate us, we admired these planes and waved it the handle.

Local customs

It seems that every weekend Croats something celebrated. That a poetry festival - and into the square directly in front of our house placed a podium, read verses. Dance, some fate. In total directly in front of our house. Exactly at 11 in the evening finished, and there came the relative silence. That carnival. Locals who in what who on what (on a donkey, a horse or the jeep), discharged or half-naked, with torches, with music, etc. - passed along the coast from one Kastela to another. Then salute. “Is very authentic“.

Local population

Rather poor, than rich. As we lived not in the well-known resort, and in a usual small village, observed usual life what it is. Of course, and in Kastelakh there are more and more tourists, more and more foreigners buy old houses, reconstruct them... But still there is a lot of local population. Walking on a small village, it is possible to look in open windows and doors. Such feeling that typical lodges - very very narrow, but three - four floor, on one room in 15 - 20 sq.m on the floor. Below always kitchen with the TV, above - bedrooms.

the Local children from the most tender age (years with 5) run the whole day without supervision. Dirty, every day in the same clothes.

Local boys ignore beaches, and jump in the sea directly from everywhere - from piers, etc.

Local teenagers wander flocks, sit on the beach in the afternoon, in the evening and at night quite quietly dangle on a small village.

Local babulechka sell to

tomatoes and potato, and grandfathers sit the whole day in park - are cut in checkers.

my children with local made friends, together played though neither those, nor others nor words understood.

the Daughter of 4 years began to mutter

“on - Slavic“ - that is sounds - that it similar to Russian or any other Slavic language, but, alas, it is senseless.


Trogir 10 min. a driving, difficult parking. Tiny, beautiful, ancient. Harbor, yachts, a promenade, cafe - restaurants, shops, the market, the lock, children`s entertainments. Crowds to the people. It is very pleasant to go in the evenings or there in rainy days. Trogir smoothly passes into Chiovo`s island (rather - the peninsula...) where there are beaches too, both here and there wild bays come across. Very romantic. But we did not bathe there, all of them were busy...


Is 15 km from us, big, industrial, strange outcomes of the highway, few times we “were lost“... But there are all large shops, the centers, the museums, ancient castles, again - restaurants, a promenade and port. From there are motor ships extensively, on all islands and to Italy.

Besides - a cloud of tourists not to force the way...

of Makarsk

It is the well-known resort in 70 km from us, beyond Split. The road there - mountain, but quite safe, types amazing. The resort too very beautiful, wonderful beaches, coniferous trees directly near the beach, the mountain in the Crimean style (in general, it is very similar on Miskhor in the Crimea, only less hilly terrain)... The ancient town, is what to look at, port, trampolines and machines for children. But - again - crowds of tourists. Well, really crowds.

the Island of Brach, Bol, the Beach Zlatni Rat

the Well-known gold “sandy“ beach which changes the form under the influence of inflow - outflow turned out

not such and sandy. Rather pebble. Convenient small pebble. Sea amazingly pure. Probably, about this beach in all brochures write - about crystal-clear water. Yes, precisely, crystal-clear, fish untamed floats directly near legs... But, by the way, water was couple degrees precisely colder than at us in Castell. So sea pure and cool.

the Nature of tremendous beauty, what a pity that we do not live in the 17th century because then we would get all this beauty one. And so we, alas, had to share it with many thousands of other vacationers. Again crowds of vacationers, even strange somehow, all - the island from where there is so much to the people?

the Beach expensive, it is necessary to pay for everything, and, expensively. Everything is expensive - both the parking, and plank beds, and umbrellas, and very primitive food (French fries and roast chicken - 10 euros).

I Suspect

that to the most beautiful places of Croatia it is necessary to go in May - June, but not to a hot season in any way. Though, of course, depends on taste. We prefer to have a rest in less crowded places so that children could be released to walk on the beach, on a promenade, in visibility limits, of course. But in Makarskaya, and on the “gold“ beach visibility limits were measured by three meters...

Here actually and all.

Croatia to us very much was pleasant to

, the place us chosen - Castell - too, especially in view of the fact that we are forced to go to a hot season, and we prefer to avoid crowd.

If someone has questions, or there is a desire to join next summer - write me.