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I will tell Petersburg impressions of

At once that not I wrote this story. My nine-year-old daughter decided to state the impressions of a trip to St. Petersburg in July of this year in printed form (what is the time she stuck with the fingers on the keyboard - a question another). I acted in this case as the literary editor - the proofreader. It seems to me, the story it turned out quite good. However, you judge (I hope, you will be not too strict)...

in the Summer of 2008 we with mother went to St. Petersburg. At first wanted to go to the sea, but did not release the father from work, and we went on a visit to the aunt Lene which lives in St. Petersburg. We already were there last year in the winter, and now here decided to go in the summer. I never was in the summer in St. Petersburg (for some reason all adults call St. Petersburg quite so), and it was interesting to me that we will see there.

mother watched

To a trip on the Internet what museums and excursions can be visited in St. Petersburg. And I very much wanted to look at fountains, all said that there are a lot of fountains.

I here we arrived to St. Petersburg. In the first day mother suggested to go for a walk on Nevsky Avenue. It is very well-known prospectus, the main street in St. Petersburg. All buildings there very beautiful and there are a lot of historical, constructed in the 18th century. I very much liked Gostiny dvor. It is a pity only that this building is closed in some places on restoration. At first we just walked, looked around, and then heard the invitation to excursion on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. And we with mother on the small boat went to water walk. It was very interesting to look at buildings from water. It was pleasant to me that all of them different, similar at each other it is not enough. And still buildings in St. Petersburg very beautiful, especially in the downtown!

A then we went to the Summer garden. I liked the chairs standing around there. They not just a monument, on them it is possible to sit, be photographed. There many people walked, and still the girl gave us invitation to the amusement park “A miracle - the island“. We with mother all the same gathered there, but with these invitation could sweep free of charge on “Big wheel“. We were photographed also at a lattice of the Summer garden, and near figures which decorated the Summer garden. And then went to the Peter and Paul Fortress. We wanted to look at sand sculptures.

to get on an exhibition of figures from sand, it was necessary to defend in line for tickets. While mother stood in a queue, I managed to stick together the small figure on sand, and on an entrance on an exhibition presented us Rafaello box of chocolates. Figures very much were pleasant to me, especially young frogs from sand and a sea surf. I could not make such. On the way back we stopped on spit of Vasilevsky Island to look at the floating fountain. We wanted to look at laser show, but it takes place not every day and in the evening, and to us very far to get home. Here we just looked at the fountain and all. But then we looked at the singing fountains at Moscow Square - so interestingly and unusually! Fountains that fly up up, and that fall, creating interesting drawing, and all this is followed by music. Then we still went to Peterhof - it is called a kingdom of fountains. Too it is healthy!

In St. Petersburg I for the first time visited the museum where pictures hang - we went to the Hermitage. It is very big museum. I very much liked marble tables and vases - they such unusual, big. And still - the knightly hall and the hall where sarcophagi of the Egyptian tsars are stored. It is a pity that there nothing can be touched. Though some people all the same touch.


In St. Petersburg to me very much likes the Temple of Saviour - On - Blood. We with mother bought souvenirs where it is represented, and in one day specially went to this temple to look at it close. It such beautiful - is a lot of domes, all decorated. When we passed through Moscow, were at Red Square, and there I saw St. Basil`s Cathedral. It is very similar on Saviour - On - Blood, but, it seems to me that it is not such majestic.

Me very much it was pleasant to p in park on Yelagin Island where it is possible to drive on rollers, to feed a little squirrel from a hand and to scratch behind an ear the Vietnamese pig to Fil. It was remembered “A miracle - the island“ and an aquapark “A sort - the drive“, a zoo and an exhibition of the recovered dinosaurs. There models of dinosaurs move, and still it is possible to draw dinosaurs. My mother, as small, drew the dinozavrik too.

Still bright impression of a trip to St. Petersburg - excursion on the night city (the truth, I fell asleep in the bus, could not listen to the end and watch to the end). At the night of the house are highlighted, and bridges are drawn. It is very beautiful! And still we with mother made a wish at sphinxes and the Chinese dragon. I hope, they will come true. And I want to arrive to St. Petersburg still more than once. I very much liked this beautiful and interesting city.