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To us it is allowed to foresee as our word will respond

Many years being engaged in teaching Russian (and non-russian too) language, I often faced such phenomenon as absence of language hearing at children. It means that the person badly or at all does not perceive information aurally.

In textbooks is written that it is connected with different extent of development of the right and left hemispheres of a brain, with what system of perception at the person the leader - at someone an eye, at someone ears, someone in general lives “to the touch“. And I considered that it is impossible to fight against this phenomenon, treated it as to a reality, and tried to give to children of a task, proceeding from their features.

But with this pupil focus did not turn out: the good, bright and diligent boy had to write a statement as end-of-year examination. We were engaged with it already half a year, on Russian it broke with “minus units“ in sure “four“. But with statements the total failure was observed. Sasha was not able to repeat even couple of offers in a row from hearing. So proceeded until I did not allow it to read the text. Once. Next day he wrote a statement almost word for word in the text.

Considering all aforesaid, I assumed that we should be engaged in development of the speech intensively. There was a new trouble. Sasha at whom during a break literally the mouth was not closed could not squeeze out from himself and two words when I asked it to tell something at a lesson. Anything: “Sashenka, how you went on the lake?“ Silence was to me the answer.

I here I deeply reflected. Perhaps there is some reason of Sashiny “dumbness“? Also remembered how itself a few years ago, strongly in a fit of temper, blurted out: “I do not want to see anybody, I do not want to talk to anybody!“ Next morning I had the most severe conjunctivitis (“I see nobody“) and the voice was gone...

“Sashenka, - insinuatingly began I, - and nobody in the childhood told you something type “sit down and shut up“? or that you “good, only when are silent“?

“And as! - my reticent adolescent quickened, - the teacher at elementary school began every day with the fact that “all mudflows, closed mouths, and listen to me“. And then very loudly explained to us that all of us are stupid idiots that the place in a colony what to teach to read is possible for us even a monkey, only not us. And she in general only “chatterbox“ called me“.

could cry “Eureka!“ and to dance on a table, but I was too upset. Nearly half a year I broke not that door. With Sasha it was necessary to be engaged in psychotherapy, but not Russians in language.“ It was succeeded to remove a spell“ from it to me quickly enough, but the disappointment on the wicked creature - the teacher did not pass.

we will remember

A now that our children from the loving parents hear, teachers and other adults. “Do not climb, become silent, leave alone, do not disturb“, is a party of parents.“ The blockhead, the idiot, you are not fit for anything as I was tired of you, only the gibbering idiot cannot understand such simple thing“ - a standard set of school workers. Continue the list. As a result, by 12 - 14 years at the child a clear idea of as about the loser, the worthless person. Of course, such enviable unanimity of teachers and parents seldom meets. Somebody yes will support the poor creature - the seventh-grader: will tell that if does not remember the rule on Russian - it does not mean that he will not receive “Nobel Prize“ in chemistry. But in general - to drive the child in full itself - not - confidence very easily.

Other example. The quiet, read moderately boy, attentive, intelligent parents. The boy is admitted to prestigious public school - lyceum. And for half a year turns into the izdyorganny, tired-out person, with extremely underestimated self-assessment, on the verge of a depression. At school tone, humiliating for pupils, is accepted, children are kept in constant suspense threat of assignment, an insult at lessons - a usual thing. Add constantly changing criteria “success here - failure“, absolute unpredictability of a situation - and receive a classical picture of a stress. As a result parents took away the son from lyceum (mathematical) and transferred less “antler“ to school. He chose a humanitarian class - to my considerable surprise.

the Morals of this fable are very transparent

: any, even the most abrupt education, does not cost sincere and physical health of the child. Not the last role in the choice of educational institution is played by a so-called “guarantee of receipt“. But we forget that if at the teenager the inferiority complex develops if he is sure that he is a loser, then the failure is inevitable. It will do the most stupid mistakes, at it “everything will take off from the head“ at the crucial moment, it will pass the necessary stop, eventually. And on the contrary, assured, positive to himself and to the process of training of people, has much more chances of success.