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Drugs from which you grow stout

Properly you eat and all the same you put on weight? Not only high-calorific products, but also medicine which you take according to the recommendation of the doctor can appear the reason.

This side effect about which you can even not suspect, being perplexed why the arrow on scales persistently moves to the right and fasteners already hardly agree on the grown plump waist. However, very many drugs (from antidepressants to antihistaminic preparations) influence us so that we become sluggish, sluggish, we move less. Besides, preparations of this sort can seriously influence exchange processes in an organism, up to violation and delay of a metabolism. As a result, receiving medical treatment for any disease, you increase the weight and volume. So what way out? The main thing - in advance to find out what drugs have similar effect and if it already happened to you, then to solve a problem through joint efforts with your doctor.

Depressive hunger

After signs of sharp overfatigue against the prolonged stress connected with overloads at work were found in Elizabeth Miroshina, the doctor observing it at that time registered a rate of antidepressants. He assured that the increased appetite can become the only side effect of a preparation.

Medicine very much helped Elizabeth. In several days after reception of a preparation she already felt inflow of forces and energy, with enthusiasm was engaged in work and the house. Only after three months she understood that she gains weight with an improbable speed. And in half a year Elizabeth added nearly 13 kg.

“I ate everything, - the girl tells, - and could not get it together in any way“.

Then Elizabeth addressed other psychiatrist. The doctor prescribed it the preparation eliminating feeling of hunger and which is well combined with antidepressants. But everything remained still. Excess weight became an additional reason for experiences and a depression. As a result the third doctor managed to break off this vicious circle, having replaced one preparation with more sparing means, and - having cancelled the second at all. The constant feeling of hunger disappeared, but Elizabeth had to make big efforts to return normal weight.

of the Illness of a century

of Nearly 25% of women recover owing to side effect of antidepressants, hormonal and other preparations. At the same time specialists of WHO note significant growth in heart diseases, diseases of the kidneys and diseases caused by hormonal violations: diabetes and a depression affect an increasing number of the population. And many of the existing preparations used for treatment of the listed diseases can lead to emergence of excess weight and even obesity. Which, in turn, is risk factor of development of the same of a hypertension and diabetes. Again vicious circle?

“I consider that gravity of this problem is underestimated both doctors, and patients, - the dietitian Aleksandra Chastnikova says. - Most of people begin to take medicine, even without having read attentively the instruction for application. Yes, it was registered by the doctor, he thought over the medical plan for you.

But the individual reaction to this or that means you know better, than someone another“.

Some preparations cause drowsiness, slackness, other drugs strengthen production of “hunger hormone“ - and all your thoughts concentrate on desire to eat. The organism of each person differently reacts to action of medicines therefore in advance to define as far as you will recover during a course, it is almost impossible. Moreover, even those preparations at which such side effects were not revealed earlier can possess such ability.

you Watch yourself

the Best way of maintenance of normal weight - supervision over the reactions and a condition of a body.“ If you have to complete a course of reception of any preparation, begin to be weighed every morning, - Georgy Chernov advises, to. m of N, head of the rehabilitation center. - The excess 2 kg which appeared after the beginning of reception of medicines - a sign of manifestation of a side effect of a preparation and a signal for the address to the doctor. If at you appetite sharply increased, you should talk to the doctor about possible replacement of a preparation“.

Obesity against a depression became one of the most widespread diseases of the 21st century. And new antidepressants appear so often that many doctors practically do not manage to study side effects of everyone. In certain cases replacement of one preparation with another or reduction of a dose is not a solution. Perhaps, it is necessary to revise all scheme of treatment, having refused some drugs, but only under supervision of the qualified endocrinologists or neuropsychologists.

Side effect of treatment

Antidepressants. Everything depends on structure of medicine: during reception of tritsiklichesky preparations you can gain up to 4 kg in a month, the preparations containing lithium - to 1 kg in a month. The antidepressants belonging to the class of neurochemical serotonin also lead to increase in weight. If you accept one of them and noticeably recover, it is an occasion to replace medicine.

Antihistaminic preparations, somnolent. Many means which are appointed at an allergy and sleep disorders contain difengidramin - the substance causing muscular slackness and the general apathy during the day. So your physical activity decreases, unlike appetite which can even increase. And, respectively, also fatty stocks of an organism increase.

of Medicine, normalizing pressure. their alpha - and a beta - components cause feeling of the general fatigue that can serve as the reason of emergence of excess weight (quite spread information). If you feel energy loss, begin to drink dogrose infusion, polyvitamins and - the main thing - consult with the doctor about the means reducing washing away of calcium from an organism.

Psychotropic drugs. They strongly influence intensity of a metabolism and appetite. Quite often patients recover on 2,5 kg in a week. If so occurs, ask the doctor about alternative means. For example, atipichesky psychotropic drugs do not influence a metabolism.

Steroids. are generally used at treatment of rheumatic pains, arthritises. At the same time steroids possess property to enrich fatty cages with additional calories, from - for what the need of an organism for food increases. The anti-inflammatory preparation which is not containing steroids will help.