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Natural soap the hands

you Want to prepare house soap which will gently look after your skin, and to smell and look so what it will want to take a bite of it? It appears, it is not so difficult. It is worth trying.

to you it is required by

to em:

the Soap basis
Can take
  1. usual children`s soap (better flavourless) or a soap basis from coconut and palm-oil. It is much more gentle and softer therefore will easier melt. Basic oils are added to the kindled soap basis and are necessary to soften soap and to enrich it with useful substances and vitamins. Olive or sunflower oil will approach, but it is possible to add any: apricot, jojoba, almond, burdock, peach etc. Or their mix. Everyone possesses the useful properties therefore the choice remains for you. The main condition that basic oil had no smell. If children`s soap is taken as a basis, then besides oil it is possible to add glycerin and vitamin E to the recipe in the liquid state which are on sale in drugstores.
  2. Other additives
    Various essential oils, petals of flowers and collecting herbs, coffee grains, oat flakes, stones of berries, the crushed spices, rice grains, honey, coconut flakes - this list it is possible to continue indefinitely. It is only impossible to use fresh berries, fruit or vegetables as soap can grow mouldy, especially at long storage. It is worth being also careful with essential oils: they can cause allergic reaction therefore it is possible to add them no more than 10 - 15 drops. To give to soap color, dyes - either food, or natural infusions of herbs and juice will be necessary. Sometimes as dye use oil which already has saturated color, for example, sea-buckthorn.
  3. Make-shifts
    For preparation of soap will be necessary to
  4. kitchen scales, measured ware for weighing, 2 heat-resistant casseroles for a water bath, a grater, a wooden spoon, molds (plastic, wooden or ceramic).

Sage, camomile and verbena

Structure: 200 g of soap, 3 - 4 tablespoons of oil - a basis, 150 ml of hot water, 20 g of grass collecting, green food dye, 10 drops of essential oil.

Soap is grated. On a water bath we heat oil - a basis and it is gradually added soap shaving and water. We kindle soap to a condition of sour cream and we add essential oil, dye and grass collecting to the softened weight. We pour out the received weight in molds and we leave to dry at several o`clock.

Rosemary and sea salt

Structure: 150 g of a soap basis, 750 ml of water, 2 - 3 St. spoons of almond or cedar oil, several drops of essential oil of an eucalyptus or rosemary, several drops of green food dye or krapivny extract, glass bottle.


It is heated cedar oil on a water bath and gradually added a soap basis to oil. Then, constantly stirring slowly, we add water, essential oil and food dye. Without bringing to boiling, we pour the turned-out mix in glass capacity for liquid soap and we leave to cool down. If to add coarse sea salt to this recipe, excellent gel - a body scrub will turn out.

orange Juice

Structure: 150 g of a soap basis, 2 oranges, several drops of orange aromatic oil, several drops of yellow food dye, a bast of a round form from natural fiber (to cut circles).

we Clean off a dried peel from oranges and we cut it in cubes or shaving. From two oranges we squeeze out juice and we pass through a small sieve. We kindle soap on a water bath, we add orange juice, aromamaslo and it is a little dye. On a bottom of the prepared form we place a bast - a circle, and from above we fill in with the received soap and we allow to dry.

Useful tips

  • of the Proportion.
    The is less in soap composition of water, the soap will be deformed less when drying. And, on the contrary, the more, the longer soap will stiffen. Not to be mistaken, add water gradually, all the time stirring slowly with soap weight until it reaches a condition of fat sour cream or the liquid test. For the best melting of weight it is possible to add a piece of sugar or medical
  • the Microwave oven.
    Instead of a water bath soap can be kindled also in a microwave at the power of 500 W. However you watch that soap did not boil.
  • of the Mold.
    can Give to soap the interesting form by means of children`s sand molds. To take out ready soap from a mold, it is necessary to take it under hot water or to put in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Drying.
    is the best of all to dry soap within 2 - 3 days, periodically overturning it. That soap did not dry up and did not crack, it can be stored in food wrap.
  • Multiple layers.
    If you want to achieve effect of multilayered or striped soap, fill in it in a form gradually. Wait until one layer dries, and only then fill in following.