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Time of jam

to Make jam “on-fast“ will not turn out. It needs to give the time, patience and the imagination. Yes, without imagination there will be a jam. And it is necessary for us transparent, beautiful, unusual, useful!

Why should cook

of 6 questions of how it is correct to cook jam

  1. 2 or 3 times?
    the Best way of preparation of jam - repeated cooking. Fruits become more elastic, syrup - transparent and dense. The prepared fruits fill in with hot syrup (or bring to boiling the berries which gave juice together with sugar) and 4 - 12 hours then slowly heat allow to stand and boil several minutes, and then again cool. Cooking is repeated several times (depending on a look and a grade of fruits) then jam is finally cooked longer and spilled on banks.
  2. to Cook
  3. “to readiness“ is how many?
    When at final cooking jam will begin to rage, and foams it will not be ready, so any more. It is possible to check density of syrup, having dripped on a plate. The droplet has to hold a form and spread slowly.
  4. What
  5. sugar to choose?
    Quality of syrup is very important. For jam take only white clean granulated sugar. Yellow or brown cane sugar will not approach.
  6. How to avoid a zasakharivaniye? add
    Shortly before the end of cooking on each kilogram of ½ sugar; h spoon of lemon acid.
  7. What to do not to damage integrity of berries or fruit?
    For hashing is enough to shake up jam in a basin roundabouts.
  8. As it is correct to li to remove a skin?
    at the time of agitation of jam foam gathers in the center of ware - it is the best moment to bring together her by a spoon or a skimmer.

Sugar can turn

From vegetables into a delicacy almost anything. But do not forget that many vegetables in syrup become neutral to taste, and then a little acid or vanilla is required.

Vegetable marrows clear

From vegetable marrows with a lemon of a thin skin and seeds (if pulp friable, a serdtsevinka remove), cut in cubes. Cut a lemon pieces (or rub) together with a dried peel. Put vegetable marrows and a lemon in a basin, fill up with sugar and leave. When sugar thaws, on average fire bring mix to boiling, boil 3 - 5 minutes, remove from fire, cool and repeat cooking once again.

the Washed-out tomatoes cut

From green tomatoes segments, put in the enameled pan, sprinkle vodka, cover and leave for 8 - 10 hours. Prepare sugar syrup, add to it small cut lemon, then accurately lay out tomatoes in syrup. You cook 2 - 3 times.


Taste which we remember since the childhood. Choose the traditional recipe - its success at relatives is guaranteed to you!

Apples touch

From paradise apples, wash out in cold water, keeping fruit stems (tails), pin. Prepare syrup, you will boil and fill in with it apples. Leave for days. Next day merge syrup in a pan, boil and again fill in apples. Still in a day weld fruits with syrup to readiness.

Cherry without stones

Cherry touch

, wash out, take out stones, fill up with sugar in a basin for jam and sustain 2 - 3 hours. Put a basin on fire, bring to boiling and cool. Repeat heating and cooling of 4 - 5 times, then weld to readiness. For jam with stones of berry pin and you cook in syrup.


Many berries possess curative properties - raspberry, a sea-buckthorn, bilberry, a cornel. Let`s fill up the ecodrugstore!

Bilberry in own juice

of Berry wash out

and fill up in a glass jar to top, having poured sugar. Place to bank in a pan with water and put on fire. In process of a uvarivaniye of berries, pour new. When bank it is filled to “coat hanger“, sterilize it 10 - 15 min. and a zakuporta. You store in the cool place.


Fill up berries with a half of norm of sugar and put to the cold place that they gave juice. Merge the emitted juice, add to it the remained sugar, dissolve, stirring slowly, on weak fire. When sugar is dissolved remove syrup from fire and cool. In the cooled-down syrup shift berries and you cook on weak fire to readiness. Pour hot in banks and a zakuporta.

With additives

Nuts, kernels of stones, lemon crusts, ginger, spices - with them jam gets the highlight.

From apricots, with stones and ginger

Apricots divide into halves, fill up with sugar and leave for 6 hours. On slow fire bring mix to boiling, then cool. Repeat cooking and you boil apricots in syrup of 20 minutes. Divide jam into 2 parts, to one add a kernel from stones, and to another - a polished root of ginger. You cook separately - to readiness.

From a rhubarb

Remove an external film at the basis of stalks, cut a rhubarb circles, fill up with sugar and leave on 1 - 2 hour. Bring jam to boiling, having put cherry leaves in a basin, boil 5 minutes. Repeat cooking next day.


of Original jam from fruits which do not grow in our strip, you should not cook much. It is your exclusive.

From a quince

Cut a quince segments. Place fruits in the prepared syrup, bring to boiling and leave at several o`clock. Repeat cooking 2 - 3 more times, then you cook to readiness.

Try to cook unusual jam from water-melon crusts: it prepares approximately as well as from vegetable marrows.

Useful idea! the Natural sweetened sea-buckthorn juice without pulp place
in the refrigerator near the freezer. Soon it will thicken, crystallizes and will turn into “honey“ of small gentle structure, not really sweet. Jam - cooks five-minute from berries with a thin skin: they give all the best in the boiling syrup and prepare at one time, keeping useful properties of berries.

That with what?

Jam as a gift. the Piece of a bright rag intercept
under a cover a nice tape, paste a label from color paper with the name of jam, date and a playful wish of “dolce vita“.

to make unusual jam, it is possible to combine different tastes:

Apples + plum, cranberry, rhubarb, pumpkin, chernoplodka, vegetable marrow, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, lemon

Apricots + leaf of cherry, walnut, almonds, stones, ginger

of Plum + leaf of cherry, walnut, almonds, stones

Blackcurrant + gooseberry, rhubarb

Strawberry + wild strawberry

Cranberry + walnut

Gooseberry + plums, blackcurrant, leaf of cherry, rhubarb, ginger, cinnamon

Bilberry + wild strawberry, raspberry

of Malines + wild strawberry

Blackberry + wild strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, orange, lemon

Melon / Water-melon + quince, vanilla, orange, lemon

Green tomatoes + walnut, orange, lemon

Rhubarb + chernoplodka, vegetable marrow, ginger, cinnamon


+ walnut, orange, lemon

Carrots + cinnamon, orange, lemon

of the Pear + ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, orange