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Reflections of young mother. Part 1

of People becomes too wise always to submit to a voice of instincts and desires, but is still too weak always to win against them. While he was an animal, forces of nature involved it, but also having become the person, he not quite learned to subordinate them to himself. Being in such transition state, the person is not guided blindly by instincts any more, and does not act in harmony with the nature, but also is not so wise to create other harmony subject his ox.
Theodor Dreiser, “Sister Carrey“

So turned out that any courses, no books, any desire to be ideal mother, any most resolute spirit rescued me from serious mistakes in care of my daughter. Much everything is written, I do not even understand how it turned out that I read very much, and all not that...

the First puncture was when I threw it and went to hospital for two weeks. Of course, not my fault, in a different way was impossible (more true, it would be possible if to foreknow about gravity of a laktostaz and the organization where it is possible to handle it...). I very much suffered in hospital, for the first time in life I did not want to lie there (earlier it very much was pleasant to me, strangely enough...) I was torn home. I ran on days off, came back in the morning, I begged to write out me earlier, but anyway nearly two weeks of the house me were not. The child was in charge of the father and grandmothers.

It was long ago, from 2 to 4 weeks of her life. I did not want to write it earlier, but now all this coordinates in one big problem, and it is already impossible to close eyes to it.

So, lesson first:

I. If there are problems with a breast during feeding, or with feeding process (any problems even if insignificant), it is absolutely necessary where - nibud to ask for the help.

the simplest - to call

to the hot line of breastfeeding, such lines the sea now. And it is absolutely necessary to secure with all these phones - is necessary even during pregnancy and to hang out them on the most vydny places because it surely urgently is required to you in a deep evening off, just when the Internet unexpectedly does not work... It is also possible to seem to the gynecologist in simple ZhK. To us on courses for some reason did not recommend to address the mammologist, but it, probably, depends rather on the specific doctor.

However hot lines me did not rescue

from hospital, and I called on three lines at the same time.

Therefore addition to the first lesson: it is better even to cause on the house of the consultant for GV at once. In particular it concerns a laktostaz. Probably, there are and still some same urgent problems, just I do not know. At a laktostaza - this business of one days. I suffered nearly a week... Was left without breast. For some reason on one hot line to I was not told what is urgent urgently everything saved up to decant! And if I am not able to do it, then I will be helped by the consultant. More frequent applyings of the child it is really possible to solve a problem, but not when there are already obvious reddenings, consolidations and the increased temperature...

Even, perhaps, I will light with

here all organizations known to me with which it was necessary to deal. Who knows, through some time I can already and not remember it.

Consultants for GV are not doctors, and even not special some experts, these are just the same mothers who ended special courses on breastfeeding. So just like that to address to this steppe rather difficult, it is possible to run into the beginner who except the story and truth printed everywhere will help nothing (though it is useful too because here besides I for some reason met this truth only after emergence of a problem...) .

1. So, “Rozhana“ was the first place where I called. The most known organization from similar. To me just the husband found it on the Internet. As I learned after - the punched “estestvennik“. They have all basic principles of natural development and feeding of the child are exaggerated and sometimes finished to the point of absurdity. At them it is possible to obtain a lot of information which, however, needs to be filtered carefully before use. There recommended me frequent applying and all. Well and long abused for the fact that seldom I feed the child.

It is the separate song. Really, laktostaz at me also happened from the fact that was a lot of milk, and Alyonka asked to eat seldom as absolutely adult child - time at 3 - 4 o`clock, sometimes to 5. They said that, so I do not see when she wants to eat, so she gives some almost inaudible signs: the search reflex, opens a mouth etc... I do not know! Probably, so it also was. Now I would begin to do as it is recommended: the first weeks to lie near the child and to offer a breast as often as it is possible. Then I just did not know it. I thought that if she does not cry, so does not want. Now I already know that it not always so, just Alyona in principle is not enough and seldom cries. From this the second lesson, but about it follows later.

Thus, “Rozhana“ told me a lot of useful, but did not tell the most important: that it is already time for me to sound alarm and to run at top speed though where - nibud!

2. Further. On the same day (as it was not pleasant to me that I was told in “Rozhana“, now everything looks logically, and then surprised very much) I called to the hot Oltri line, it is published in all advertizing leaflets of Avent. There pediatricians of the highest category, at least, so advise declares the automatic machine at connection. There I was told approximately the same, only more quietly in more detail. Spoke very long, I wrote down everything that I need to do. “It is necessary to decant“. They told such phrase, but did not consider that modern mothers in the majority are not able to decant. The same was not considered also by my doctor - the chief physician of maternity hospital by means of whom my girl was born (I consulted with her by phone, and it was impossible to drive up to her at me - it is, of course, entirely my mistake). I had a milk pump, I considered a problem of decantation solved. From there is a lesson second:

II. The milk pump can not always remove stagnant milk from dairy segments! It is often almost impossible to decant a milk pump laktostaz! In this case frequent applying of the child and/or (depending on weight of process) manual decantation is necessary!

it is honest, I definitely cannot explain it (I am afraid to be filled up in a mammology). I had the following situation: as soon as there was a problem, I called the doctor, and she told:“ It is necessary to decant everything!“ I bought a milk pump, began to swing it, extorted 30 ml and everything, more drops did not go. I then was not able yet to feel, eat in a breast still milk or not. I was told everything to decant, I also decanted “all“... Then, in several days of negative dynamics (everyone put each 3 hours I decanted about 30 ml) I, at last, read in the instruction to a milk pump that “if milk does not go any more, and it seems to you that in a breast it still remained, make massage clockwise and continue decantation“. I made as recommend and - oh, a miracle! - 30 more ml were extorted, I repeated massage and received still a portion...

So I sat all night long, the breast already became covered by bruises, and milk everything went and went in the small portions, at the same time I understood that all the same most part remains in the same place where was...

why I write

Ya as in detail, how for little fools? Actually, now I do not understand how I could make a mistake then so. But that was, was. Perhaps still postnatal some shifts... Actually, I already understood that I things look bad, but just continued to wait for a terrible outcome with melancholy... (In hospital saw same with a similar story why solved about postnatal shifts... Why I write so in detail. Skilled let will laugh what silly women on light are, and ignorant can do good...) .

3. Generally, frequent applyings at me did not turn out from - for the fact that as I already spoke, my girl constantly slept and woke up only once at 3 - 4 o`clock. I could not awake her and at me and it was impossible. The problem did not disappear, and in three days I called the third place called “A motherhood rainbow“. Here I was not lucky, probably, already with the specific expert (though read about them one more negative response later). By phone I was told at once that it is desirable to call the consultant who me and will decant. And there arrived a girl, by training - the paramedic, on calling - mother and the consultant of GV. It podstsedit me a little. In principle, I understand it too, from one of its touches to me it became very bad, I almost fainted, drank a lot of cold water... It “podstsedit“ me, but did not decant everything completely as that is demanded by the problem of a laktostaz which is especially started. Frankly speaking, I personally did not notice in general any difference. She told, what became a little better, and that if I am farther often to put the child to a breast, everything will resolve.

generally, nothing resolved, every other day I was operated. The half-breast disappeared. Forbade to feed so far. Wanted to forbid absolutely, but I did not agree. It was decanted each three hours, even at night, in the dark, that to awake nobody.

Doctors of hospital told that it was necessary to arrive to them slightly earlier, and it would be possible to do without operation and that the consultant after could not decant, had to send me to hospital urgently. I do not argue with it, however in general their methods which they would rescue me, also do not cause special trust in me. These are novokainovy blockade, some compresses. Well and in general feeding on the mode with obligatory decantation up to the end upon termination of feeding was recommended to me there. Nobody began to decant laktostaz to me there, and without it hardly that turned out.


To put it briefly to be decanted most it is necessary to be able all the same! And hands, but not a milk pump! I am able now, but laktostaz - painful, with reddening, consolidation and temperature - the person able to do it has to decant. And it is unimportant, there will be it the gynecologist, the mammologist, the surgeon, the foster-sister, the consultant of GV, pediatricians, a neonatology, mother, the mother-in-law, the girlfriend or the neigbour. It is important that was able to do it and all.

I found

of Such person after all the troubles when at me it happened for the second time on the second breast. In principle, laktostaz - a thing quite regular at feeding, the reasons can be different. This time I consider as the reason that I suddenly decided to create bank of milk and several times was actively decanted that led to a hyper lactation. I felt morbidity again, and then temperature sharply rose. Before me, of course, at once there was a ghost of hospital, the husband absolutely was frightened. But actually if in time to interfere, everything is solvable. Then I also addressed to the fourth place. Already at once with intention to call the consultant for decantation.

4. Mother City center. I can tell nothing about the center, by phone people were more adequate, than in “Rozhana“. Personally I communicated only with one person whom I hurry to write down here somewhat quicker in detail suddenly incidentally then not to forget. Tatyana Kondrashova, mother of two children, between which difference - 17 years. But all this is not important, the most important that she was able to decant and helped me then more than once. I keep its phones in all books on foregrounds as I continue to feed and it is not insured and further from similar cases.

to me it had to be caused Next time on laktostaz for a cause of failure from a breast.

So, coming back to refusal. I wrote about punctures. They are jambs. These are mistakes which are made by mother, undermining faith of the child in mother and her reliability. If to the child it is bad, restless, and there is no mother, he or will demand (to shout) more actively, or will find a way to calm down itself that mother was not necessary any more, time she that is, then is not present... It is a self-preservation instinct.

For this reason as soon as our baby found the big finger, it drained in it and was satisfied with it. Having thrust a finger into a mouth instead of a breast, she calmed down at once, calmed down, could fall asleep so.

So, lesson third:

III. If the child does not squeal like a stuck pig, it does not mean yet that to him it is good!


Ya not a cavity it is sure that it directly - common truth, but in a case with my daughter it appeared quite so. She learned to suck a finger month in two or about that. And then I understood when she wants to eat when it is boring for it and when to it it is bad. Earlier I did not see it. And then I also began to feed her often. And then I understood that, so about two months there was a heap of the moments when to it it was bad, and I did not react if she learned to calm down... Other children, maybe, can stand for themselves better. So, my mother-in-law who did not read anywhere that children need to be carried on hands (yes earlier and vice versa forbade it), and did not consider it at all necessary (and still does not consider), it was necessary to grow up two children thus, (having torn off at the same time all hands because baby slings then were not thought up yet) because not on hands they shouted loudly and constantly. My daughter was not such scandalous, and so far I considered that time she does not shout, at her everything is fine, she quietly suffered...

sucking of a finger upset Me with

at once because I did not want to give a pacifier categorically (just I do not love), and I did not see other way “keep a finger“. Then I did not understand yet that it is already the first prerequisites of refusal of a breast though now it looks quite logical. I tried to feed more often and all.

Means, the very first jamb I called hospital. Though it is incorrect. The very first puncture was in maternity hospital, I just did not know it and long could not understand. I was told it in “Rozhana“, I read it on many websites on GV, but long time for some reason refused to trust in it though now all it seems quite logical. Now I will write all chain of my thoughts and conclusions to this subject that it was clear from where that undertook.