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How to find inspiration and to steep in work of

the Condition of full immersion in work along with inspiration help you to reach satisfaction in the work, and also reduce a stress and increase efficiency. For this reason it is so important to learn to distinguish this state and to reach it.

When you got to a working stream, you:

are completely concentrated by

How to reach inspiration and completely to plunge into work:

  1. the Most important step on achievement of inspiration in work, is the choice of that profession, field of activity which to be pleasant to you. It is impossible to receive inspiration because that you hate. If the first option for any reason is impossible, try to find something that can absorb you with the head in your real work, and than you are inspired. Perhaps, it will be some new project or an interesting task.
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  3. Choose important tasks. From two options, an easy problem which is pleasant to you and a complex challenge which is also pleasant to you, but it is not simple to execute it, choose the last. This more productive pastime standing wasting of spiritual powers and energy.
  4. Be convinced by
  5. that a task within your powers. The task has to be rather difficult to involve all your inspiration and concentration of thought. However, if a task beyond your powers, you do not know how to solve it and spend the most part of forces and inspiration not for its implementation, and for search of solutions, then you have no satisfaction from performance of a task. Generally, some golden mean is necessary.
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  7. Choose time to concentrate. It can be morning when all members of your family still sleep, it can be the beginning of the working day when colleagues did not come to work, lunch time, etc. yet. Time chosen by you not only has to be rather quiet, but you have to be still full of energy for work. For example, in an afternoon some feel attacks of the strongest drowsiness. In such state it is difficult to reach peak of working capacity and to be inspired by an objective.
  8. Clean the various distracting progress generations. Switch-off ICQ, the notice of arrival of the new electronic message, phone, the TV, the distracting music, etc. Also it is worth including an order on a desktop as often it distracts your look in this point and prevents to concentrate.
  9. Learn to be focused by
  10. on a task as long as possible. If you got used to switch quickly from one task to another, then to concentrate on something one first it can be hard business. Just methodically try, and at you everything will turn out. This business of practice. When you are focused on one task during certain time, you suddenly get to a working stream which carries away you, you cease to notice what occurs around.
  11. Enjoy process. To dare to steep in work - quite pleasant feeling. Pleasant because you are inspired by a task, and you found a way to solve it. It is the drive.
  12. Have more than practice. Successful implementation of all above-mentioned points demands a certain practice. If from the first you did not achieve desirable result, try again and again.

Achievement of inspiration will help with work to you not only to try to obtain progress in work, but also to feel at the new emotional level.“ You do not work to live, and live to work“.