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Dreaming of new kitchen of

Dreaming of new kitchen, any hostess imagines such furniture thanks to which process of cooking becomes both easy, and bringing positive emotions. At this moment in the woman`s head as if all those problems which it should face daily in the kitchen emerge. So prevents the hostess to feel comfortable in kitchen?

  1. the Most widespread problem of the majority of families are non-standard plannings and small rooms. And it is valid, the ventilating box, a bay window, low ceilings and gas pipes create the mass of inconveniences at the order of kitchen. But it is not the only complexity.
  2. the problem of safety of complete kitchen as in kitchen she spends the most part of time with the small child concerns with
  3. of All young mothers. And while mother prepares or washes the dishes, the kid plays, draws or tries to get something from boxes and shelves. At this moment very important that the child was not wounded, did not pinch to itself the handle and was not frightened of the slapped door.
  4. Moreover, today the hostess had many assistants and among household appliances: mixers, blenders, food processors, double boilers. All of them need the constant place providing free access.

the Kitchen Yard company - the leader in the Moscow furniture market faultlessly copes With similar problems of already 12 years. In company salons of the company design consultants will help to pick up set of the necessary sizes, will make design - the project of kitchen, considering all difficulties of planning of the room.


Choosing for itself furniture, it is very important to find such producer which will make kitchen by the individual sizes. In this case the concept of “non-standard planning“ disappears. Gas pipes hide behind cases, and the box or a bay window is beaten, for example, by a bar counter. In the Kitchen Yard company there are no ready facades in a warehouse, all of them are made under the order therefore there are no problems with a difference in color or special production of separate elements of kitchen furniture of necessary width and depth.

As for safety issues in kitchen, its pledge is equipment of kitchen elements modern mechanisms and accessories.

the Kitchen Yard Company uses the latest developments as accessories, impressing buyers with new opportunities. So, for example, smooth sliding of system of the rollers Tandem from the Blum company will relieve the hostess of problems with drawers, and soft silent closing of Blumotion will allow to avoid loud door blows completely.

to young hostesses should not endure Now

about the little fidgets, there is a mass of devices which will serve as reliable protection against childish pranks. Excellent example of they are facades without handles with the built-in Click mechanism - clack thanks to which the door opens only when pressing it. Advantages to the hostess open much - more convenient to wash doors, it is not necessary to select handles, it is possible to open easily when hands are occupied. But the most important - the kid will not hit against the acting handle and not at once will guess how to reach contents of a table or the shelf.

also the latest Servo technology - drive developed by the Blum company which provides to the hostess the maximum comfort and freedom of movements in kitchen is capable to resolve the Same problem. Now it will have no problem of busy hands and heavy boxes. It is enough to press slightly a facade without handle or to pull for it, and the box will open automatically thanks to the electric drive giving an impulse for opening. Additional argument in favor of the choice of Servo - drive, certainly, is its practicality and simplicity of installation: there is no need of obtaining additional permissions to establishment of the drive, no elements demand service, and spare parts can be changed without tools.

But there is more to come - we advise each family to use the special filter blocking a hot cooking surface, and also we suggest to buy only those ovens which doors do not heat up too strongly and will not burn the child even if he will incidentally touch them.

We cannot but mention

also lifting mechanisms, there passed long ago those times when the Kitchen Yard company for the top cases offered mainly oar doors. Today designers, thinking of the correct organization of space in kitchen and convenience of the hostess, even more often use such mechanisms in projects of furniture. Now metal Huwil elevators - Slide with finishing by nickel are very popular.

to Which of us the situation when, forgetting about the raised door, you fight about it the head is not familiar to

? Now it can be avoided, the door when opening will smoothly move parallel to the shelf, opening all contents of a case and providing to the hostess safe movement on kitchen. Besides, the special loops of Clip top from Blum serving for connection of doors of a case with the case have various angle of opening of doors. So, the loops opening a door by 170 degrees guarantee that the hostess is not disturbed by an open door of a case, for example, when washing ware.

But one of pressing problems for the woman remains a problem of storage of products, ware, household appliances. And not just placements in a subsoil of the cases, and such organization of internal space at which search of the necessary thing would not take the whole day and would not force to pull out outside almost all contents of a table. It is in that case simple not to do without sliding mechanisms where behind a facade not regiments, but metal baskets, butylochnitsa, grids hide. They will show all the contents when opening, relieving the hostess of useless searches. All these mechanisms have various sizes so will be able to fit practically into any set. Moreover, it is possible to use a so-called “dead corner“ at - or P - figurative planning of kitchen, having established in it the “Magic corner“ from Kessebohmer consisting of two-level metal baskets.

Caring for comfort of the hostess in kitchen, the Kitchen Yard company offers the buyers additional accessories - for example, internal illumination which begins to work at once when opening a box, lighting even the most far corners.


Choosing kitchen, the buyer should remember several simple rules:

  1. ordering furniture, surely specify whether production non-standard on width or height of elements of kitchen is possible;
  2. do not feel sorry for funds for qualitative accessories and defensors;
  3. surely equip the set with sliding mechanisms;
  4. order complete kitchen only from the famous producers guaranteeing quality;
  5. highly skilled teams of fitters who by means of the professional tool perform necessary works on installation of kitchen and connection of equipment have to bring together by
  6. kitchen.

Only thanks to the qualitative furniture made according to laws of ergonomics, any hostess will not only feel comfortable and comfortably in kitchen, but also will be able to spend more time with the family and children: to play, read, draw... The Kitchen Yard company constantly cares for it and together with the Our Furniture magazine holds from August 1 to October 1, 2008 in all territory of Russia a competition of the children`s drawing “We Draw Kitchen All Family“.

the Subject is chosen by

not casually: the authority of a family is urged to strengthen a competition, to support family values, and also to promote development of creative abilities of younger generation.

“I help mother“, “Kitchen of the future“, “Family tea drinking in kitchen“, “And it is our kitchen“, “My kukhnyonok“, - any of the offered subjects can be opened brightly and originally. It is fine if parents help young “artist“ to express the ideas of kitchen. Not without reason the competition is declared as family, so, assumes joint participation of children and parents in preparation of works. All sent drawings will become available to viewing to all Internet users as the corporate website of the Kitchen Yard company it - a line will provide support of a competition. And the Our Furniture magazine will tell about it from pages of autumn numbers.

is more detailed than

it is possible to learn about conditions of a competition and a prize fund on the website www. kuxni. net