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The grandfather`s story

Danya lives in the north, in the city of Murmansk. He is three and a half years old. Every year all children leave where - nibud to the south to enjoy the sun of which it is not enough in the north, a green grass, to bathe in sea water. Here and Danya went with mother and the great-grandmother in the summer to the Lipetsk region where we have “a lodge in the village“. Having lived two weeks there, Danya went with mother to the Sea of Azov, and in three weeks returned back to the village.

We with it arrived to the village in one day: they with mother in the morning from Taganrog, and I - in the evening from Murmansk. Next day in the Lipetsk region there was a heat of 30 degrees, and we decided to go in the regional Kind center to bathe and sunbathe on the local beach. I will notice that Danik is the child hyperactive (the diagnosis which to it was made by doctors two years earlier) and sociable. He can run from morning to the latest night. To run therefore behind it an eye yes of eyes is necessary. In September it goes to new kindergarten, and the direktorsha of an old kindergarten made Danika the characteristic (the first in life!), in which wrote that “the boy is excessively aggressive“. I photographed its opus and when Danya becomes well-known, I will hang up it in a frame on a foreground.

So, Danya runs on the coast and jumps in water to play with children is more senior than it. They well play a ball, Danya in a circle, jumps behind a ball and jumps out of a circle. But legs remain in a circle, and it hangs headfirst, trying to get out of a circle. I jump up to it and I overturn on legs. He coughs while I knock his palm on a back. Then spits out water and, pomotav the head, joins in game again. But if something goes not according to Danik`s scenario, he right there is spoiling for a fight, despite of age of boys. I try to reconcile them, but Danya persistently does not want to go on world. Then I am enough it and I drag on the coast. Shrill squeal is distributed on all beach.“ My God, well you so squeal?“ - I ask Dani, but in reply I receive louder squeal. “Here so it and in Taganrog conducted itself(himself), one only it and was heard,“ - mother says. Danya does not want to calm down and raises at me a fist. “Ah, you are a little bandit!“ - I get up in a boxing rack, and Danya right there repeats my movements. I taught him to a rack still a year ago. He tries to attack already with laughter me, but I block its blows, and itself slightly I stick with a finger it into edges. He laughs even more loudly and again attacks me. It is good when children laugh! I give in to it, “I pass“ blow and I fall on sand. Danya runs into me and joyfully shouts: “Won, won!“ Mother approaches and ties to Dana “bandana“. In it Danya looks at the same time comically and courageously. Black glasses which were registered too by doctors only emphasize his courage.

A next day mother left, and we remained three together - Danik, I am (grandfather), the great-grandmother. Now we with Danik spend the whole days together. I make plans next day. In the first day we go with it to a campaign, for the village in meadows. Danya already went with mother here. We go with it on a dirt road, and I tell it about trees, flowers, the sun. I cannot but tell because now it two darlings has words: “after this“ and “therefore“. “Why trees, why flowers, why a nanny-goat, why the sun, and - and - and!“ At last I see a clearing and I suggest to play Danika soccer, the benefit we took with ourselves a ball. He agrees with pleasure, and we play. When I pass a ball, Danya joyfully shouts: “Goal!“ He should win.

we have a bite

After soccer tomatoes and cucumbers which the great-grandmother gave us to the road, we wash down with compote and we go further. Cows and, apparently, a bull are ahead grazed. We from Tributes in “red“ - at me are an orange t-shirt, Danik has a red bandana. Therefore I speak to it: “Let`s go back“. “Why?“ “And you see, a bull, he on us can snatch“. “Why?“ “Bulls do not love red“. “Why?“ I try to distract it from a bull: “Look - florets. Let`s the grandmother break as a gift“. “What for?“ “Well, men usually give flowers to girls, wives, mothers“. “And to women“, - Danik speaks with confidence. I laugh: “And to women too“. I stir his reddish hair. “Let`s go, the kid“. “I am not a kid, I am a guy“. “Well, we will go, the guy“. And we turn off road on a meadow after white flowers. “Many flowers are necessary“, - Danya parts hands. - “There is so much“. “You want to present to the grandmother a bouquet?“ - I try to teach Danya to new words. He nods: “Yes, bouquet“. And we collect a big bouquet of some white flowers. I photograph Danya, and he poses for me, then I remove on a video camera. We rehearse the moment of delivery of a bouquet to the grandmother and Danya speaks:“ Still“. I should repeat, and three doubles turn out.

We go home, and we are met requirements by the great-grandmother. Danya, having seen her, runs, swinging a bouquet, and she, having opened hands, goes to it. They meet, and Danya gives it a bouquet. The grandmother is touched, kisses it and, having joined hands, they go home. I go behind and I watch how Danya, swinging hands, something tells the grandmother, and she nods to him though she, most likely, does not hear what he speaks about...

On the next Sunday we go to Lipetsk in children`s park “Skazka“ to ride roundabouts. To Lipetsk to us to go half an hour, and Danya is tired of impossibility to move. But when we come, at last, to park, it begins to run as Tom for Gerry. Hyperactive - well what here still you will tell. I catch it and I ask what he wants to ride. “Give on the rocket, by plane, on machines, by the boat - two manholes“.“ Danilkin, on everything we will drive, only “amolt“, and the plane. Tell on syllables - sa - mo - years“. Danik slowly repeats: “Sa - mo - years“. “Well, here you see, well it turns out, do not hurry only anywhere“. Before a nose of the rocket the model of Saturn freezes up. We from Tributes - Capricorns on a horoscope, and I told it long ago that it is ours with it the planet - Saturn. Therefore so far we wait when the rocket stops and landing of new passengers will begin, I show it on the planet and I speak: “Look - it is our planet, Saturn“. Danya after me, already getting into the rocket, speaks to the aunt, showing on the planet:“ It is Saturn, our planet“. The aunt be touched what clever child.

I do not know

Ya as far as Danik clever for the years, but the fact that he is a leader, is already visible. He wants to sit down surely in the rocket on the first place, on the plane and an engine too. He wants to become the driver, the captain, the commander, preferring to wait one cycle of driving, than to sit down on the second place. On electric cars he tries to run into other cars with shout “Accident!“ Therefore I should go behind it and in advance to warn him actions by a strict hail: “Danya!“. But sometimes I do not manage it because Danya just does not hear me, having been fond of a pursuit of other car. Then I tap of him on the shoulder and when he turns around, I shake finger at him: “Any accidents!“ The tributary does an innocent look, nods and goes round the unfortunate victim.

He is not afraid to jump on a big trampoline of “Kangaroo“. When it went to park with mother, it was not let there. When it was with me, the young girl did not object and, joyful and happy, Danya with laughter jumped as it is possible above.

Ya was brought to the village by the laptop to work. But from Tributes it is impossible to work, work works well only in the mornings when he sleeps. Without having managed to open eyes, Danya shouts: “I want game!“. “Well, what game, Danilkin! Wipe eyes, wash, have breakfast at first!“ “I want the machine! Wheelbarrows!“ Wheelbarrows are from a favourite animated cartoon. While there was in the village mother, we still coped, however after her departure it became difficult to cope from Tributes. But all of us - found a way out: Danika is allowed to be played for two hours after a day dream in the evenings.

Ya I start to it cars races, and he drives on them on computer routes and on the same virtual city. When game is started, he speaks: “The grandfather - leave, you are not necessary to me“. I leave, but nearby, knowing that if Danik has problems, he will call me. And precisely - loud shout is distributed: “Vadim!“ I shout: “Expert!“ Danya: “Help!“ I go to get out Danik of some deadlock from where he cannot get out. Sometimes to it bothers to go, and he offers: “Let`s paint the car“.“ Give“, - I say. - “Press “Tuning“. And Danya presses. He is not able to read, he does not know what is “tuning“, but where there is this button, he already knows.

We with it choose by

color, we change bumpers, headlights and other parts of cars. I only prompt to it what button needs to be pressed. “Press“ to replace a detail“. And he presses. “Press “OK“. And he presses. When tuning of the car comes to an end, Danya speaks again: “Leave, I“. And I leave. From outside I watch it, and I see how he presses the buttons, looks at the screen to react to the changing situation, with concentration tries to get out of the deadlock. And only when it is impossible to it, again shouts: “Grandfather!“

Me is simply delighted (and frightens grandmothers) with what such little person already knows what buttons should be pressed, and is not afraid to do it. He switches on and off the computer, works with a mouse and the touchpad. He knows the words “program“, “computer“, “mouse“, “route“, “tuning“, etc. I am surprised - 3,5 years, and is not afraid of a difficult technique any more. Indigo children! It was precisely trained at space school of new generation...

Of course, and after two hours of game Danya makes scandals, but we with the great-grandmother learned to distract it from the computer. The great-grandmother suits it fires from a dry grass, and I call to play soccer. And then we watch from - for fencings as different cars by rush, and we answer Danik his infinite questions. We borrow with it to the latest evening.

When Danya calms down, he becomes very kind and tender boy. I talk to it and I grow old to inspire that it is impossible to shout at anybody, it is necessary to love all. Danya asks: “And you love me?“ “Of course, the kid, all love you - both mother, and the grandmother Lida, and the grandmother Marina. Well, and I, of course, very much love you“. He nestles on me and speaks: “And I love you. Grandfather`s darling“. At me for some reason tickles in a nose, eyes become humid, but I cope: “Then why you make scandals why you shout at the grandmother and me?“ “I will not be any more. I will change a mask on good“. I laugh: “Who it taught you about a mask?“ “Mother“. He goes to bed and under animated cartoons falls asleep.

Once I tell

to it: “Danilkin, let`s study a mantra! She will help you to live“. “Give and what for?“ “Well, I speak to you, with it you will learn to live correctly with all people in this world. Repeat after me - Ol yu nid from lavas!“ Danya tries to repeat, but from the first nothing is impossible to him: “Lanila!“ - and it vigorously waves a hand, trying “to compensate“ these abnormality of a pronunciation. “Is not present! A little bit not so. Give separately“. And we try to say a mantra by words. It turns out much better. “And you know, Danilkin what it means?“ Well, of course, he does not know. “In English it means “All you need is, is a love!“ Everything that is necessary for you, me, and all people on Earth is a love! You understand?“ Danya with a clever look nods supposedly I understand. I sincerely hope that all indigo children will understand it and when become adults, will live according to this anthem of the general love once proclaimed ingenious musicians - “All You Need Is love!“

I now every day in the mornings we with it study a mantra which I once knew, but recently forgot partially.

during that time when we went to the first campaign on meadows, Danya saw from far away domes of rural church. He began to jump and, showing on church, cried: “There god lives! Let`s go to god!“ It already was earlier in church. In Murmansk it went to church both with mother, and with the grandmother, and with me. It put candles to Saints, he was told who is represented on icons and which - that remained at it in memory.

“A tribute, well where we will go, we with you are not dressed. To God dressed should go. And we are with you in shorts. I promise you that we will go during a week. Let`s take the grandmother and we will go“.

I here next Saturday we gathered and went to church. The church is small, but with the high, painted in blue color dome. We stop before an entrance and we are christened: the grandmother zealously, I - it is negligent. Danya imitates us and too drives the left hand on shoulders, a forehead. The grandmother takes his hand and drives it, training in Danika that needs to be done. Inside small space, on walls - icons: Jesus, the Mother of God, Saint Pyotr, Pavel, Georgy, some big posters with a mass of small miniatures, apparently, from life of Saints. I in it badly understand, and Danik loudly asks, showing on one, on other icon: “It that, it why, and why?“ The grandmother asks it to lower voice and in a whisper explains to him as where. I read too what is written on some icons and I explain to Dana who on them is drawn. I remember Leo Taksil whom read once, and I tell Danik who and that made to get on icons. Some local old women discontentedly askance at us and quietly tell something each other. We are strangers. But me all the same, we came not to them, and to God.

we Light the candles bought on an entrance, and Danya surely wants to make everything. I lift it, he lights candles and itself puts them in a candlestick.

We leave church silent, we are once again christened on it and we go home. Danya is silent too, and only when we pass by shop, remembers: “Candies!“ “Danilkin, give better on ice cream!“ “Give!“ - Danya agrees, knowing that candies are also at home. We sit down on a shop near shop and with pleasure we eat ice cream.

still we with it fly a kite

A, we walk on the village, again we go to Lipetsk in Skazka park, we go hiking on other rural vicinities, we swim in the pool, we fry sausages and fish on a brazier.

Danik sunbathed, grew thin, matured. The grandmother everything is upset that he eats a little, and I convince her that he will eat when he wants. Judging by its mobility, it quite has energy. But it is all the same dissatisfied.

Ya I leave in two weeks on the South. Danya with the great-grandmother see off me on the bus-stop. He cries and wants to go with me. I try to calm him and I say that there will arrive the grandmother Marina, and they together with her will go by a roundabout and to walk on the village. But Danya is upset even more. The bus comes nearer, I embrace Danyushkin, I kiss it and I enter the bus. The grandmother with Danik wave to me. And on cheeks at Dani tears flow...

do not cry, the kid, in a month we will meet you and again we will be friends!