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As my Riadik of

Here was born and I decided to write about the childbirth to Baku.


to my puzik executed 40 weeks on November 21, 2007, and next day I went to survey to Volkova to the 6th maternity hospital. While waited, began to pull a waist. I sit and think that again “trenik“. Volkova came, looked - disclosure at 1 finger. Decided to leave me. Lifted in pathology in my favourite 7th chamber (I there on preservation lay week). To hours by 11th night began to pull stronger, but it is not sick. A dream as sober as a judge to sit, I can lie, only go hardly - hardly. To hours to 3 all fell asleep, and I decided to try too, but here took me already noticeably. Went to walk along a corridor and to note time of fights. The nurse with hours came running. Suggested Volkova to call. I decided it not to disturb yet. At 8 in the morning decided to call though it anyway in 9 at work has to be. Fights each 5 minutes, already I postanyvat. In 8. 30 was come by Volkova, to me that day dear and loved one!

is Sent to a chair. Disclosure 2 fingers. Survey on disclosure was for the most awful. So shouted that then it was a shame. It was necessary to relax, and it was impossible to me.“ Well, - the doctor told, - you in labor, give on an enema“. This feeling not from pleasant... Well everything, I go to chamber, I tell girls that I give birth. I rise by the treasured 3rd floor...

Time about 10. Twists already strongly. I ask waters. I ask to call Volkova. Volkova came. Now in rodzat - to look. Very much I wanted to look at a maternity table. We come back to prenatal. About 12 watch disclosure. 3 fingers. To me it is already absolutely bad. We go to puncture a bubble, it is not sick at all. Fights amplify, I begin to shout and ask Caesarian. Do but - a shpa from which not that that day, never to sense was. In a bottom put 2 candles. Somewhere in 13. 30th full disclosure. I ask that I was killed. I am conducted instead in rodzat. In 14. 00 I already on a table. I ask who thought up such table why it such inconvenient on what I receive the answer that now it is necessary to give birth and think of the child. Fights amplify. I make an effort, I do everything as the doctor speaks. Do a small section.

B 15. 00 my Riadik was born! 3300 gr., 52 cm, 8/8 across Apgar. When gave birth, did not peep even, it absolutely not painfully appeared. And here postnatal survey it is unpleasant... By the way, those candles that delivered to me, left when gave birth! In those hours it seemed to me that I die, but all this is very quickly forgotten, and the feeling of unusual happiness comes. In the evening I went to “pathology“ on a visit to girls, and next day remembered the childbirth with laughter! Volkova`s thanks! It miracle! Now it is not enough such doctors!