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Happiness - to be mother of

I Gave birth in far 2003. Girls from Ukraine remember, for certain, that just at this time the state carried out payments for the Soviet passbooks of 50 UAH (about 10 dollars). Here I also thought that it is necessary to descend and receive this money as - will be enough for packing of pampers in any way. On the way came to mother for work, there girls acquaintances speak: “Well, today you will definitely not give rise - at you the stomach still down did not fall!“ As I soon understood - opinion this wrong... Went to bank, defended there in the afternoon in the long turn, received money and came back home.

By the way, to give birth that day I and did not gather. With me on a landing the neigbour lived, Marina, so she had to give birth a week earlier, than I. Well, here I also thought that Marinochk`s time still of house, and me is no place to hurry. But it turned out at all not as I expected.

in the Evening the husband with my younger brother went to circus, I remained with mother. Here I felt, to put it mildly, strange - in a toilet there is a wish, but it is could not. I say to mother that, it seems, I want to give birth. What here began! Mother got into a fuss more, than I: ran on the room, asked any foolish questions to me. I on 10 times went to a toilet, not clear what hoping for. Mother called my husband, he shocked - here not to circus any more.

Comes home and sees such picture: I grabble on a floor (so it was easier for me), mother persuades me to go to maternity hospital (as she has both times childbirth prompt was). I refuse that though to stay a little in a habitual familiar situation, but not to stick out in maternity hospital it is unknown what is the time. I speak to them: “When I will precisely want to give birth - I will tell you so do not worry“. Here from me water began to exude, but it is not enough. The stomach began to ache a bit, and as if to pull to a bottom it is a little. Well, I think, it is time!

Called a taxi, got into the car. The taxi driver was frightened, added speeds. I, smiling, I speak to it:“ Be not afraid - I at you in the car am not going to give birth“.

Arrived to maternity hospital, the husband picked up bags, mother - me. Aha, dispersed - the midwife even on a threshold did not let them. Brought me, checked bags, everything perepotroshit also a half (pants, diapers, bras not x / - shny) gave to the family, told what is not necessary. Suddenly I feel - “hlyup“ - from me it was watered, all tights wet. The midwife speaks: “Remove, now I will give them to mother“. Went to give, here I hear, mother washing with her speaks: “You be surprised to nothing - the daughter at us the alarmist and the hysteric woman a little!“ And yes really it was watched me earlier. And here it became so a shame to me, I think: “As if it was not bad and painful to me - I will not shout“.

Lidiya Mikhaelovna (midwife) on the second floor documents Led me to fill. I sit, I try to answer distinctly questions though painful feelings every minute increase. Lidiya Mikhaelovna speaks: “We go, it is necessary to do an enema!“ And as if I did not refuse, as if did not plead that I had only breakfast and any more the whole day ate nothing (well, I did not want), - she insisted on the. I think now, can do it and it is correct since girls told then that at those who refused this procedure on a maternity table often an embarrassment happened.

Acquainted me with the doctor on duty who had to deliver me... “Oh, My God, he is a man!“ On hours - the 10th evenings. Led me in prenatal where one of two beds (heavy, iron, an old sample) was already occupied by the woman. Checked disclosure - very painful action, I will tell you in confidence. Speak:“ Lay down, have a sleep a little - till the morning we still have time“. Aha, you will have a sleep here! The woman on the next bed groans, hands seized iron crossbeams of a bed, shakes it - the roar costs incredible. There were I chamber, from - for next doors is heard as the medical staff snores, my doctor removes roulades. And I in a toilet constantly want, sweated, the person red and wet, I go to a toilet - result zero. So twisted a back, from pain nearly I faint. It seemed that the backbone will be shattered, vertebras in different directions will scatter. Laid down on a bed, to myself I mass a back, fists I try to press a backbone (next day after such “massage“ of a hand so were ill that could not take the child).

All night long did not close eyes: went along a corridor, to a toilet and back, the nurse looked out: “And well, go to sleep!“ “I will not go, - I say, - it is so easier for me“. At 5 in the morning my campaigns in a toilet and twisting on a bed in fights in intervals brought the expected result. I knock on chamber where the doctor sleep with the midwife, I am on the last legs, I speak: “Check disclosure, apparently, already I give birth!“ Checked. Remained a little more. “You want, we to you will enter medicine that quicker business went?“ “Medicine is not necessary, itself I will give rise“. They took me by arms, conduct to the operating room, hardly climbed on this foolish table. Here they made something (as I understood later - the bubble was punched), from me the stream of waters rushed. Process of childbirth began. Made an effort - thought that I will burst... In breaks between fights tried to say prayers (words somewhere from memory evaporated), linked teeth not to shout, from a throat roar escaped. Vadim Nikolaevich (doctor) speaks: “What you on me growl as tiger?“ I answer:“ I shout so constrain it!“ Lidiya Mikhaelovna laughs, it is visible remembered that my mother told her. After 40 minutes of my tortures on a maternity table, felt how there was a head of the baby My God, such powerful shout by a bass on all chamber did not manage to get out completely and already! And afterwards already and all little body. The truth is said that the main thing “to give rise to a head“, and then the body itself leaves. The doctor with the midwife were surprised that did not manage to clean to him airways, to splash as other babies, did not manage to pull out at once, and he shouts. Told:“ Shalyapin“!

my boy was born

weighing 3. 650 gr., 51 cm. Sweetie favourite pie, blue-eyed! I write - tears gather in the eyes... The fact that at once did not put the kid to me on a breast afflicted, took away to measure, weigh - at, monsters! The door to the room where took away my Yaroslavushka, is open. I lie, I look at him shouting, heart is broken off, tears flow. Here delivered me on a stomach something cold, on feeling as a heavy ice block, felt how there was me something. Told that a placenta, considered - the whole cover. Began to impose to me seams (3 - 4 gaps were small, the child pressed the right handle to the head and so went forward). Yes, it is sick, but in comparison with pain during fights and childbirth - an utter nonsense. Many were surprised then when said that they sewed up without anesthetic.

Left to

me to lie on this table, it is cold - tooth on tooth does not get. I ask: “Bring a blanket.“ Bring a sheet, cover. Eyes are closed, I fail in a dream - I hear, finger me: “Do not sleep, do not sleep, you lost a lot of blood, want not to wake up?!“ Hardly I open eyes. Shift me to a stretcher, transport in chamber. “Where my sonny? Bring it!“ I do not calm down, do not bring Yaroslavchik who is already wrapped up in diapers yet. I put it near, I admire. What it pretty, not red, as most of newborns, and with a white face, light volosika, brows and eyelashes. I kiss it. Dear mine! I try to give a breast, grabbed greedy a mouth, buried - eats. Kitten small! What this happiness - to be mother!