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Independent travel to Croatia of

In June, 2008 our family as a part of 3 children (12 years, 7 years and 6 months) and their parents undertook an independent trip in. Went on Makarska rivyere. Having chosen according to reviews the place, began search of apartments, using data of the Russian-speaking websites. It was very important, considering ignorance of other language, except Russian. The choice was stopped on a country house “Aria“ as the most inexpensive at the price. Having written off with owners, we received requisites for accommodation payment. And the promise to send the invitation. Entry into the country visa-free (in the presence of the tourist voucher or the invitation). By the way, the invitation went days 30. During this time we managed to be fidgety fairly. As it appeared, absolutely in vain. Owners were absolutely strange people. Holding the baby, we did not decide to fly with change and bought tickets in travel agency for a charter flight. Flight took place without incident, according to the schedule. At the airport met the taxi called by owners of apartments. In honor of arrival waited for us with coffee and home-made cakes.

Apartments represented 2 rooms with a shower and a toilet. Offered us a children`s bed, but we refused. The ware and toilet paper was available. Just as means for washing of ware, a sponge, bed linen and towels which changed 1 time in 3 days. From windows there was a smart view of a massif of Biokovo and the sea.

Ya never thought that it is possible to fall in love with mountains so... But there it happened to me. The sea at the coast not deep and very much - very pure. Pebble, it is difficult to go. But after purchase of slippers of it you do not notice. Since the beginning of our stay and until the end of rest, and it was from June 8 to June 20, to the people there was a little. Weather stood warm, the sea was warm too. And after June 20 the heat and such number of the people began that it was only possible to come to the beach quietly to 9 and to leave by 11 o`clock, and then only after 17 - 00.

Along the sea of kilometers 8 goes the embankment on which practically there do not go cars, but it is good to ride bicycles and rollers. Hire of the bicycle of 100 kuna a day. However, for ours 7 - the summer son of the suitable bicycle was not. We entertained ourselves. Organized excursions for us were ordered from - for presence of the chest baby. Therefore we rented the car. It is good that it was made of Moscow: I would not decide to take the wheel, having seen a local mountain landscape. And as it is paid, it was necessary to develop roads. Owners provided the parking at the house free of charge. They in general differed in hospitality. Free of charge we used a grill, received 1 liter of red dry wine a day, were periodically treated with pancakes, a strudel and even received a package of cucumbers.

Having received the car, we made voyage to Dubrovnik. Rather interestingly, but, probably, it is better to approach it from the sea. The type of completely remained fortifications has to be especially magnificent. And here Diokletian`s palace in Split just shook. As well as medieval city Solinus. Excursion to Tsetin`s river was still undertaken. Beautiful views of rocks. Here to children allowed to drive the boat. It especially impressed them. Also very much the trip to national park KRK was pleasant. However, with weather it was not lucky there, there was a rain. But it did not spoil impression. On park a wooden planked footway under which water flows are laid, being going to falls which merge to falls higher, and over you a continuous tent from green branches. Near falls the mill where for entertainment of tourists grain is milled is arranged. The plan of park is in Russian.


From entertainments by us it was still mastered weeds on a parachute. Especially successfully it turned out that at the boat gasoline reached a limit, and we were carried to refuel on the island. It very much diversified our rest.

also the museum in Makarskom where there is an exposition devoted to inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea was interesting to

. Who there only does not live! And sometimes even reaches the huge sizes.

our rest took place

very monotonously. Without adventures. And in the light of what we prepared it left very inexpensive for a family of 5 people for 28 days. The country it was pleasant extremely. People are unusually benevolent. Cheese, wine, olives very tasty. There is a strong wish to return. Owners will be glad to us. During this time we very much made friends.