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Rest for beginners. Part 1

Having waited for the moment when our daughter year was executed, we decided to go to travel to the sea. Having armed with a suitcase of baby food, toys and drugs (just in case), having taken with itself a pack of good mood with careful optimism, we went to the airport.

You remember

how everything began?

Rest for us began

with definition of the country in which we could have a rest of terms of stay in it and the choice of decent travel agency. Further - only the question price. Having read various reviews of hotels and councils at various forums, for some reason we stopped the choice on Turkey. Just it seemed to us that in this country quality of service is slightly better for that money on which we were able to afford rest. And to children there the adequate relation, especially to small (but we should be convinced of it only). On the advice of acquaintances “Fremad Russia“, a host in Turkey - “The Union Travel“ became travel agency for us. There was a trifle: to choose hotel.

As I already told

, for a start it is necessary to claim “the holiday budget“ with such calculation that 200 - 1000 c.u. (everyone for itself(himself) defines itself) should be taken with itself(himself) on possible excursions, shopping and other pleasant trifles. You can safely declare other sum in travel agency, and they will choose for you alternative options. Do not forget that in the majority of hotels there is a system of advance booking i.e. if you order round in March - April, then it is possible to count on a discount which fluctuates in the range of 5 - 20% depending on hotel. Within the budget offered us at choice 3 hotels and we, having studied (as far as it was possible) merits and demerits of each of them, stopped the choice on Limak Arcadia Golf & Sport Resort (it is located in 35 km from the airport of. Antalya, in 1 km of. A baby seal, on the seashore). The preference was given owing to the following major factors:

In a day or just before a departure you receive the voucher, an insurance and air tickets from travel agency. Attentively study these documents! In them surnames leaving, requisites of passports and term of stay for which you paid have to be precisely specified. It is necessary to check that in the voucher the name of your hotel and term of accommodation was specified, and period of validity of the insurance policy has to be from the date of an arrival to the country before date of a departure from it under tickets. I recommend to ask these documents at least a day before a departure that (if that) there was all the time to correct. We all package were given on the eve of a departure. Also ask for them all contact phones which it is only possible, including phones of a host and phones of consulate of the Russian Federation. In total - others country. When you receive air tickets, take an interest what model of the plane will whirl away you up. If you travel with a baby carriage - this information can be for you very useful, but about they are slightly lower.

Turkey - the country visa-free, but for passing of border control in any of the Turkish airports it is necessary to get special visa brand worth 20 dollars at first (hereinafter all prices are specified as of 01. 06. 2008) . It to you will be pasted on any of pages of the international passport, and only then it is possible to get in line for an exit. When you travel with children (especially with small), it is good to minimize process of idle time in turns. Ask in travel agency whether they (or to present as was in our case) can sell these brands. If can - you do not hurry to paste them in the passport at once: our frontier guards can have excess questions, and it (besides) - time. You will get into the plane, fly up, you will get passports and you will paste. You precisely will have time for this two-minute process.


And well - collect the small suitcase...

Travel with the small child adds additional accessories to baggage of parents. At the same time it is necessary to understand accurately where you go in what conditions you will stay during rest. For hygiene reasons we took with ourselves two bibs, a spoon, a fork and a cup for the child, and various plates borrowed in hotel. Just in case took also the blender. Now about the main thing. Even if you chose five-stars hotel with mega - the ultra included food, it is worth thinking about even the formed gastrointestinal tract of the child. The matter is that for the smallest (to 2 - x years) kids, the so-called “children`s table“ in our hotel was limited to standard and almost invariable set of dishes which our daughter just rejected. And food in Turkey, as if who did not speak, prepares specifically and suits not all children. Not to spoil to itself holiday, we took with ourselves soluble porridges and soups, and also ready mashed potatoes and juice. When in Pulkovo - the 2nd suitcase passed on an examination tape, we were asked to show what boxes are we carry. But, having looked at the dozing child in a carriage, lovely smiled and asked to close back. Running forward, I will tell that we slightly did not calculate with porridges (having counted upon “a children`s table“ of hotel). But also we resolved this situation.

Still we took

with ourselves a heap of drugs which also took an important place in baggage, but it is worth it. The matter is that can happen to children anything, they are children. Parents can just distract for a second, and the child already cries. Here - the first-aid set also has to help out that. The address to the doctor will cost to you money, but if a situation serious (God forbid) - it is necessary to address. Before it surely remember about an insurance which you were given in travel agency. Call by phone specified in the insurance policy depict a situation, and they will prompt to you as how to do. The following scheme practices in the majority of insurance companies. If you address the doctor independently, then your expenses will be hardly compensated and if you at first phoned to the representative of insurance company, he sent you to that doctor (to that clinic) with whom they have some relations, - here quite another matter. For this purpose you also have an insurance policy.

Finally two more words. In addition we took with ourselves usual packing packages (100 pieces in a roll) for sealing of the used pampers outside number. It is also possible to take with itself a film for packing of a suitcase and, after examination passing, to wind it with this film and to hand over in baggage. It is not necessary to pay 150 - 300 rubles and (that it is the most terrible) to stand for this purpose in a queue. Next time I and will do.

Airport! I stand at a plane ladder!!!

In the majority of the resort directions during a tourist season charter flights ply. Their distinctive feature from regular is that the exact time of a departure can be transferred for an indefinite term within 24 hours. Therefore if your charter flight, it is necessary to be ready to everything. For informational purposes: the departure of our flight to Antalya was transferred with 14. 00 on 16. 00, and flight which had to take off before us for the same Antalya in 06. The 00th mornings, took off all for an hour before ours. In what the true reason of a delay - nobody, except pilots, knows, and they will not tell. The official version, as a rule, sounds so:“ Late arrival of the plane in airport of departure“. It I here to what. Just in case it is necessary to think of that the child was not hungry in case of a flight delay. Just prepare “unit of fire“ and put it not on a suitcase bottom, and in hand luggage.

have some

about sad. The hall of air terminal of Pulkovo - 2 is filled into a season with a huge number of the departing tourists therefore it is uncomfortable to be in it with the small child, to put it mildly. Noise, din, bustle and vanity... Therefore, having learned about transfer of flight, the spouse went for a walk with the daughter (in sense to put her to bed in a carriage) on the street, i.e. on the parking. Further we were waited by cheerful procedure of examination. Only the daughter fell asleep as suddenly, unexpectedly, opened registration for our flight. We, of course, from fright got in line, with the Sleeping Beauty approached a tape and a frame where to us it was told: “The child - on hands, a carriage - on a tape!“ . For reference use: at the airport of Antalya we appeared approximately in the same situation: flight in 00. 45 it was detained approximately for an hour. But to the children sleeping in a carriage there other relation for some reason is perfect... The employee of safety hands probed fabric part of a carriage, looked attentively at the sleeping child and, having pointed to a frame, told: “O`key!“. Moreover, when we took a carriage with the daughter through a frame, it reduced volume of sound. It I so, to a question of humanity in relation to personal and others` in the country and beyond its limits.

we woke the Daughter (she has a sleep only 40 minutes!), passed a frame and a tape, opened a suitcase, showed baby food, hardly closed back and went for registration. Other fear joined:“ Now will take away a carriage in baggage“... But all fears which were cast by posts at various forums were defeated utterly. The matter is that we flew on SILT - 86, and at it, it appears, in salon there are so-called service premises in which it is possible to go down and put a carriage independently. Therefore attached some coupon very similar to our carriage on luggage, and gave us tickets together with boarding passes. As the situation is by other planes - it is necessary to learn specially. In any case, according to rules of transportation, the passenger has the right to take with himself one children`s road cradle (unlike a children`s road cradle, the baby carriage is surely transported in a cargo compartment) and hand luggage which sizes do not exceed 45ő35ő15 cm I.e. if it is not provided in the plane such pass - luggage compartments, then the carriage, most likely, should be handed over in baggage. Still advised to us that it is possible to persuade girls on a front desk and then to agree with stewardesses that they put a carriage in some more convenient place. But this council was not useful to us though we also took with ourselves for this purpose a couple of big chocolate bars which safely ate then during rest.

For passing of passport control just in case take with yourself the birth certificate of the child. I still took the marriage certficate since at us is with the spouse of a different surname, and the daughter with my surname is entered only in the international passport of the spouse. But nothing from listed to us, fortunately, was required neither in Pulkovo - 2, nor at the airport of Antalya.

the companion departs To strange lands...

Flights there and was back served by Russia airline. The child appeared on the plane for the first time. Of course, there is a lot of impressions. Pleasantly dressed stewardesses, the running children and just a heap of the new unfamiliar people. It I to the fact that it is not necessary to create illusions on the child`s dreams during flight. We have, of course, a daughter still small and still on periodic breastfeeding therefore mother managed to lull her, feeding. To lull this one, and to sleep here to the child in a semi-curved state - absolutely other song. And periodically between rows of seats with a lyazganye pass carts with food and the corresponding smells, and stewardesses, looking at the sleeping child, for some reason ask even more loudly: “Meat or fish? What juice?“ ... Would kill... So prepare also for this test because flights to tropical countries, as a rule, long.

By the way, each airline has rules of transportation of children under 2 years therefore before booking surely be defined, you need the certain place for the child or you will be able to transfer weeds with the child on hands (in this case try to elicit a window seat on registration, is cozier there). And here the certain place on the plane is provided to children from 2 to 12 years, at the same time it is transported with discounts.

the Meeting was short


Having passed the Turkish passport control, we saw the representative of the party accepting us at once. He asked to stand 2 minutes, we waited 3 more families. All together went to the small bus. The baggage was quickly picked up by the bus driver and very competently everything was laid. And here such small company we went to a half-hour way. The only minus which we had to face is the so-called conditioner in the bus. It or works for all power, or does not work in general. Other options in this bus were not. Therefore it was necessary to ask to switch off at first it, and after a while to include back. Also we were told a little about the country, that everywhere it is possible to pay off with both local liras, and dollars, and euro. Still we heard that here very much love tip.