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Our “dairy“ history

Decided to send the history of feeding of my Hare. Maybe my experience will be useful or interesting to somebody.

to my daughter Lizonka 3 years, she is an adult and independent girl. History of “the dairy rivers“ in our relations ended quite safely (as it seems to me) for both of us when daughters there was a year and seven months. But all one after another.

the Consequence of my excessive honesty (when I came to maternity hospital, admitted that at me puts a nose a little) was that we were placed not in chamber of joint stay of mother and child, and in office of pathology, and the daughter to me was brought only on feeding. Though when you see this small and it is impossible a native lump, there is no wish to leave for a minute! But before you “see“ there were 23 hours of childbirth, sleepless night and experiences - I was initially ready that I will give rise itself, did not consider for myself accepted even anesthesia, but after 18 hours of fights was almost ready for Caesarian. However, everything ended safely, gave birth itself to the healthy baby weighing 4210 gr!

during fights I thought that I will hardly venture the second - to give birth to the first as - nibud, but only I heard shout of my girl, I, probably, for the first time in life felt such boundless, boundless, all-consuming happiness (though before considered herself as the happy person)! This second everything endured was such far and insignificant! The daughter was put to a breast in the rodzal, it, having slightly opened one eye, smacked the lips a mouth a little, to it the nurse squeezed out a droplet of colostrum in a mouth and carried away.

Then: when I see my baby again? The first 2 days I did not hear it. It was brought, she mute slightly opened eyes, in a mouth fell asleep with a breast. But about the day before yesterday daughter began to show character - she did not want to wait, so far mother to prepare for feeding. She demanded to eat and loudly cried. But never cried for the company with other children (we in chamber were five, and other kids, it was worth telling “ua“ to one, could not stop crying). Generally, since this period also it became clear that the mode - not our concept. Fed, the daughter I put to bed when she wanted. Because “peregulyat“ for us was something improbable! All of us adapted to Lizuni`s regime since differently - “rest only dreamed us“. Already then I read that doctors recommend to feed the child on demand.

was enough

In maternity hospital of colostrum for the child, I even few times tried to be decanted, but in a mug it turned out very little. Milk came as it is necessary. But days through 5 after the delivery, already at home, me it seemed that the child lacks milk. Listening to councils of the mother, I began to drink tea with milk (though before even the name of this drink caused in me practically disgust), jamming butter and cheese sandwiches, practically a vprikuska with walnuts. It already on the advice of the girlfriend that milk was fatter. Besides, I drank much. The pediatrician told that mineral water it is impossible, a dogrose with honey it is not desirable, juice not to abuse, only from green apple and that is not a lot of. Everything that remained - tea with milk and mineral water without gas - huge large bottles left just on “hurrah“. I do not know what helped, but there was a lot of milk. Besides on the advice of mother I was filtered, and not a milk pump, hands. It was the most unpleasant moment in feeding. In about 2 hours after the next feeding the breast was poured and if it did not manage to be decanted (for example if we walked), became just stone. And both mothers - mine and the husband - endured mastitis after the delivery, and I, having had heard plenty of terrifying stories, watched a breast carefully, sometimes even too! I gave rise in June, even in our northern region there was a hot summer. We went for a walk in about 5 days after an extract. I responsibly enclosed a terry diaper in a bra - not to chill a breast. And as to push the and without diaper become 5 - later began with m feedings the size moreover and with warming, in summer clothes not really - that turned out, it was necessary to walk in several layers of clothes. But for myself I drew a conclusion to the future that it is better not to be filtered (if the child copes and does not reach too large amount of milk, emergence of painful lumps in a breast) and to take a steam bath during such heat too superfluous (though after the delivery I felt 2 more years that immunity at me significantly decreased). And the milk pump at a spirit on feeding, probably, superfluous will not be.

Us quite often were abused by pediatricians that we arrive in weight much, but I fed the child only with a chest milk therefore I in it did not see a problem - I at it from a mouth in the course of feeding will not pull out a breast! And after a year when began to move, run actively, the excess weight and such lovely folds on legs left, now we are stroynyashka. Months with 3 began to taste fruit, then on the advice of the doctor began to enter other feedings up, but did not hurry to master new products and continued to be put to a breast actively. Though, from a position of today, I would not enter it feedings up longer, there was quite enough milk.

When to the daughter was 8 months old, she strongly got sick - vomiting, a diarrhea, high temperature. As doctors, “told this virus“. We did not get to infectious office only thanks to the attentive relation, professionalism and big humanity of our pediatrician. Treatment was followed by restriction in food - saw only a milk, were put often, but ate absolutely on slightly - slightly (literally seconds on 20 - 30 though normal feeding took 20 - 30 minutes). And as a result to recovery milk began to decrease, the remains she did not gorge on. I terribly was upset, even shed tears about it. But we began to be put often again, the daughter tried when I took a breast, milk returned in enough again.

in process of a growing and enrichment of the menu the number of applyings was reduced by

, but before a day dream, laying for the night and at night “sisya“ was obligatory ritual. It was difficult when teeth were cut. No, she did not bite, she tormented a breast - scratched desenka. In a night could ask a breast of times on 5, and even 7 (she was put to bed in the bed, but at night we took away it to ourselves). Sometimes it seemed to me in the morning that I fed her all night long. Generally, it did not tire since. in the afternoon when Lizunya fell asleep, I laid down too. But in its year and 5 months I came to work, and here then the question of a sleep debt became more sharply. But also need again “to drive“ in work, making up for lost time, experiences concerning accustoming of the daughter (though with it problems especially were not, nurses we had two grandmothers - were engaged in it in turn, she knows them since the birth and loves).

Having read clever books and articles in magazines, I decided to transfer an excommunication from a breast to later term when the child gets used to mother`s absence. Talked to girlfriends, to acquaintances, listened a story about an excommunication. The most part of acquaintances did it at one stroke. As a result - for the child a stress (at one mummy 1,5 - the one-year-old daughter so took offense that she did not make with her contact 2 days!) . For mother - torture, pulling of a breast, morbidity and tablets for the termination of a lactation, from which a heap of side effects … For me this way appeared we do not accept. The breast was still poured strongly and so I could not scoff at the child (quite so I regarded it). We went some other way. We gradually reduced the number of applyings. At first left “sisyu“ before a night dream and 2 times at night, then were disaccustomed to night food. Of course, she woke up and asked, but I said that Lizonka already ate all milk, it is not in “sisa“ yet. In the beginning she few times complained a little - for an order, designated discontent, but we embraced, mother regretted, sang a song, and after a while the daughter ceased to wake up at the nights.

Remained feeding before going to bed. We replaced it with milk from a cup. Told that Lizonke already adult girl also can drink as big. This idea very much was pleasant to it. But also with “SI“ - so the daughter called a breast - there was no wish to leave. Here we were helped by its big photos during an infancy time on a wall. I told that the milk left mother to the aunt at which such babies as Lisa small because Lisa is already able to drink from a cup, and “small lyal“ are able to eat only “sisyu“. Of course, not once was necessary to tell a story. But then, when she still wanted a milk, she showed on a breast, on the photo and spoke:“ Sisya - lyalya“. Of course, it was a pity for the child, sometimes felt like just the torturer. Sometimes I gave a weak point (especially if the child was very upset or teeth were cut): allowed to eat at night, before going to bed we checked and found out what a milk a little still remained, and ate. But gradually everything safely came to naught - and milk (and without pains, tablets and problems), and desires of the daughter. Of course, process at us turned out longer, but for both of us more comfortable.

B the period at us still was one amusing case. The daughter very much loved when read her books. And in one rhyme there were lines that “we took a hedgehog home and gave to drink him a milk from a bowl“. On these lines Lizunya began to cry sadly. And this verse was pleasant to it, she asked it to read, but began to cry every time. As we thought then, Hare decided that sisyu already took away from her, and now and other milk the hedgehog will be given! We told it, explained that Lizankino a milk will be only for it, and the hedgehog will be given another. After that she quietly perceived this rhyme. Here such at us history turned out.

And leaves - at first you do everything that milk was, and then you do not know how to get rid of it (and that from this it is more difficult - unclear). Without looking on any “but“ I dream of pregnancy, childbirth again. Also I want to endure once again these with anything incomparable feelings: you and your kid - a whole, and you feed the small and incredibly native Miracle!

I Wish all good luck in this hard business - breastfeeding!