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Turkey - Antalya - we Will begin Rose Beach (May)

with the fact that we went to Antalya unexpectedly, according to hot permits. I had no international passport and I, having rummaged in an old dresser, found the passport of a maiden name. And because, that I went as the bride, (3 years being married) and according to the “false“ passport, our trip promised to be with adventures already in advance:)

the plane to you could not be told

of Missile defense, flew by through clouds, waved to the native capital and “Hi, Turkey!“

Temperature behind a board of 30 degrees. The good season (the end of May), and in August at them happens 50 - 60 degrees in a shadow!

the ROSE BEACH Hotel fettered

us the brasletika at once, inspiring in tourists that this measure is necessary not to mix us (tourists who ate free of charge, how many, wanted) with those who came at the left and ate for money.

First that my husband saw, looking out in number window - it is a huge hairy paunch of the man living opposite! Windows left in a small corridor and met windows of neighbors. We were upset a little, and decided not to remain to contemplate a view from the window in hotel, and at once went to the sea (the benefit it to be near hotel and from bar it is possible to come to the beach at once).

We were similar

to northern white seals among suntanned backs and a coat hanger of vacationers for a long time. Beer, wine, vodka, cognac, juice, to a forfeit etc. it was possible to drink absolutely free of charge therefore soon our mood soon improved.


Practically in all hotels of Antalya to tourists offers “buffet“. In our hotel the food was rather sharp and acetic therefore I was glad that we did not take children. But for adults everything was very tasty and much.

Kemer - or, in Turkish, “belt“ - the city which was near our hotel and we there often visited. Locals just grab you hand and drag in the shop. All speak to you “Dobry vichir“ in Russian and advertize the goods. At first very much irritated me because so far you will answer with everything “to no - no - no“ will pass a lot of time until you reach the end of the street, but then got used.

it is possible for

In Turkey and it is even NECESSARY to bargain. In the market, we looked at leather panties (which initial price was $150). The seller danced around me until I measured them, and the husband appreciated results. You know, for how many we they were bought? $75!

the Aquapark

the Entrance on one person - $9. And if to consider that there you spend the whole day, then also for lunch you will spend for the person about $4.

the Aquapark in Antalya is almost considered

same, as in Spain. It is big, hot and watery.

my first hill. I sit down with horror looking down, the hand of the Turkish employee stacks me as to sit, it appears, it is impossible. I lay down, thinking that if I die, the insurance company has to pay to my husband a round sum... I fly on water with a speed of a mad sea eel. I see nothing, I fly to the pool. Coming up, I see joyful faces of gapers and to mine of the husband showing something and floating to me. It turned out that I came up without the top part of a bathing suit. After that I changed clothes of a bathing suit on conjoint more with this hill did not ride:).

There we flew from hills of huge height at whom it is even impossible to shout because water in a mouth splashes. There we in the inflatable boat, holding legs the friend friends, flew on a water path, turning over headfirst. There we sat in the water bar where it is possible without getting out to sip juice from water and to sit at a rack. There we the FIRST TIME KISSED.... under water:) . And the children`s town is available there where on small gorochka and short flights of stairs kids jump.

In the Aquapark we strongly sunbathed as we were the whole day among water and the sun, and burned as forgot to be smeared with cream. So we had to cancel the Turkish baths planned next day with massage: (. Next day we only sighed, shuddered and cheeped, turning over on the beach.

of the Adventure

Turkey the country though which is famous for tourism, but filled with wild Turks (yes Turks “house“ will not take offense at me).

Once late when we well estimated free wines of our hotel, we wanted to go to bathe. We departed from hotel and came to the empty beach.


heard the disco music reaching from hotel, the sea sparkled fires of a son of lumiere. We decided to be bought by the naked child. Was around nobody and it was very exciting to us to float in dark waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Suddenly, having turned back towards the coast, we noticed that our clothes “leave“!!! The Turk pressed to himself our clothes (everything, up to my elastic golfik) and receded back where in the dark he was waited by two companions. We with the husband try to explain something, and I do it at the top of the voice. In several seconds we understand that we understand nothing, that is they do not understand Russian, and we - Turkish. The Turk tycht on me and tells something from what I understood only the word “madam“. Whether they were going to exchange our clothes (in which, to stat there was almost all our money and cellular) for me, whether still that. But I was going to defend. At me there is not a lot of force, but I bite well:) Here the husband says to me that I went to hotel and asked for help.

M - yes. I went, of course, on the road considering as I will explain sekjyurit which does not know Russian all situation moreover in such look too! And how I will pass by all disco? I hope that the security guard where - nibud near the beach. Here I was also caught by my husband. He told that as soon as Turks saw that I approach hotel, they threw clothes and were washed away. The adventure came to an end well, and we with triumph passed through a disco and bar in the dressed look. “All these people could be the involuntary audience...“ - I thought about myself:) Since then we became more careful.

Then we went to Kekov, the flooded city remained to our vsermen since the 6th century B.C.! There we even dived and looked for pieces of amphoras, but they are forbidden to be taken out. Saw still the city of the dead (where from the rock tombs are cut). Were in ancient Greek theater. But photos did not print yet therefore I will tell about it then if there is time and you want to hear:)