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The surprise for favourite

dreamed me the sand sparkling on the sun At night, I heard rustle of waves and shout of seagulls, felt a sea smell. There was a wish to move from reality to this paradise, and before the planned holiday there were long months. The picture of desired rest became all navyazchivy, without giving the chance to concentrate neither on household chores, nor at work. And here still came nearer 35 - the anniversary of the husband, the gift did not manage to be thought up in any way. The inspiration came suddenly. I will arrange to the husband, and at the same time and myself, an unusual gift. Let`s celebrate birthday at the sea! It in Moscow now dank March, but is many beautiful warm places.

my imagination was limited by need to keep within two days off. From a ratio the price - quality - proximity - climate the choice fell to Egypt. I decided on hotel quickly. Found the five-stars hotel, nearest to the airport, according to the catalog, every minute was of value. Unfortunately, our family budget allows to fly to hotels of lower category when it is necessary to pay for two-week travel four together to expensive season (as a rule, we have a rest with children before academic year). Now outside not the season and hotel is necessary to us only for two days, here I also decided to choose expensive option which under usual circumstances could only dream our family.

it is A lot of time and forces took away search of airline with suitable time of a departure and arrival. However most difficult it appeared to hold preparations for a trip unknown to the husband. It was necessary to go after work to travel agency, to shop behind summer things for itself and the husband. On inquiries of the husband about the reason of late return muttered something muffled about load at work and traffic jams, in 15 years of joint life I had no need to learn to deceive intelligibly.

Me and washed away

prematurely to open to the husband the preparing surprise. I heroically held on till the Saturday coinciding happy birthday and, respectively, with day of a departure. On Friday evening brought daughters for the weekend to the grandmother, went to bed, waited until the husband falls asleep and quietly went to other room to pack things. Collecting a suitcase inexplicably dragged on till the dawn. At 5 in the morning woke the darling and reported a joyful message. Instead of delight the horror was reflected in his face. Shock did not pass long, the poor creature wanted to sleep, but not to accept happiness which fell upon it. I did not expect similar reaction in any way. Wiping tears, it was necessary to dress himself and the husband. “I hate five-stars hotels!“ - the being husband was never indignant in them and made desperate attempts to remain under a warm blanket.

phone Rang out, there arrived the called taxi. The driver did not even try to hide surprise when I pushed the resisting husband in the car. To the airport I listened to “weighty“ arguments why we cannot fly anywhere: the planned festive visit of restaurant, a traditional Sunday bath with friends, and, at last, favourite tennis on the TV. I patiently explained that its plans do not change, just are slightly corrected: today`s dinner at restaurant is transferred from Moscow to Charm - Ale - the Sheikh, the bath, as well as TV, is in hotel, and it will be possible to play tennis. I providently chose hotel with a tennis court and put our rackets in a suitcase.

On the plane we overslept

before landing. Having gone down on a ladder on the landing strip which is filled in with the sun, the husband lit up. We quickly passed boundary formalities, received baggage, got on a bus and soon appeared in hotel. I though saw photos on the Internet, but did not expect such luxury. What to tell about the husband! He with admiration admired magnificence, is unceasing kissing me and repeating compliments. In number we were expected by the table served in honor of birthday with champagne and fruit. We have hastily a bite and ran to the sea. With weather it was lucky, my fears about the winds blowing here at this time were vain.

Having bathed and having lain a little on the beach, went to study the well-groomed territory of hotel with the numerous blossoming beds and bushes. The husband could not believe in any way that all a few hours ago he, dissatisfied with my surprise, under the drizzling cold rain left the house. It seemed, we were had in space and in time.

All became more beautiful suddenly than

: and the world around us, and our feelings! It were the days off which are most sated in our life. We managed to dive in the sea, to drive on the yacht, to do some flying with a parachute, to play tennis, to visit a sauna and a gym, to dance in a night disco, to buy souvenirs to daughters and friends. Had supper at restaurant, having for the first time tried to smoke a hookah. There was not enough time only for a dream what we were not sorry seconds about.

On the plane on the way home I reflected, than to surprise the husband at the following birthday. Having decided that on reflections and preparation of the next surprise there is the whole year, with pleasure fell asleep.