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Desire to feed with

I Want to share the experience breastfeeding in the presence of huge desire to feed the child with breast milk.

I Gave birth to the sonny herself in natural patrimonial ways though it was given me very difficult, and any offer on Cesarean section was not even considered by me. Childbirth was with the long waterless period (19 h) weakness of patrimonial forces, with the long potuzhny period and, respectively, with a sharp hypoxia of a fruit and therefore to feed the child right after the birth it did not turn out - it was taken away in children`s reanimation. The pediatrician decanted colostrum in the syringe and gave to drink them the kid. Less than in a day we reunited in postnatal chamber and were at once fed. Upon the demand of the kid I fed him from that moment both in the afternoon, and at night.

Were here and the difficulties, but who did not have them? For example, the first two nights had to be finished feeding mix (the kid shouts, and there is no colostrum), after that always took a mix small bottle for the night just in case - very much helped: you are not nervous. The milk was enough, and returned happy with itself in the morning that was not useful. I and houses used this reception then. Were written out home for the 5th days. Itself thrust: obstetricians did not want to write out, but persuaded on condition that I will be observed - the uterus was not reduced adequately terms. Here also my drudgeries began.

“Postnatal endometritis“ - my diagnosis so sounded. In gynecologic office refused hospitalization flatly. Doctors met requirements of me, allowed to come to survey and to receive treatment. The husband, when it was possible to escape from work, brought me to the doctor, and itself sat with the child in the car and when he could not help me, it was necessary to reach most and to ask mother to stay with the kid of the house. Happened, procedures dragged on, and fed the sonny with the decanted milk, and sometimes and mix if was not enough. So there passed five days, but the carried-out treatment did not bring considerable results. The uterus was still not reduced according to terms (in a cavity contents accumulated, and the internal pharynx was closed). And it after 2 manual inspections of a cavity of a uterus and vacuum - aspirations against antibacterial preparations. For the 10th day the decision once again to carry out necessary manipulations and to strengthen antibacterial therapy was made.

to Tell

that I was horrified, it is not enough. For me it was the tragedy, treatment by these preparations assumes temporary interruption of breastfeeding. They influence formation and development of cartilaginous tissue in the child and can be the reason still of very many severe defeats of the central nervous system, digestive and urinary systems, the expressed allergic reactions. Calculated on the period of semi-removal of a preparation from an organism after 3 - x day reception the minimum term for which it is necessary to stop breastfeeding, and I began a hysterics. It seemed to me that 10 days of a break are the whole eternity and that will be then? How the kid will transfer a sharp excommunication from a breast? Whether the kid will refuse after to take a breast? Whether will actively suck or will grow very lazy and will decide what let further itself drips from a small bottle? How to restore in full breastfeeding? And still the whole lots of questions haunted me.

Questions questions, and that it is necessary to live-. Also these 10 days began to flow... You will feed the kid with mix and let`s be decanted, and itself you cry, you understand that everything will go to the earth (mother told that breast milk to pour out a sin somewhere, it is necessary under a tree, to the earth - the mother). One breast you will decant, then another, and here and again the first it is necessary. Decanted long, to the last droplet, at first hands, and then a milk pump which considerably facilitated so labor-intensive process (thanks a lot to my girlfriend for such gift). Most it was awful at night: my child continued often to wake up and ask to eat, I fed him with in advance prepared mix, and he fell asleep for 2 - 3 hours, no more. And I during this time prepared mix on the following time, decanted a breast and drank a cup - another of tea. But only reached a bed, and everything repeated at first.

Despite all my attempts to keep milk in former volume, its quantity steadily decreased. It well was visible from those records that I conducted. Every time, having decanted, I wrote down amount of the decanted milk. At the end of the day summed up the result and compared to other records where I kept account consumed by the kid of mix. And if at first indicators of decanted were higher, then then were made even and steadily decreased in relation to the consumed mix. Also my mood changed: initial hysteria was replaced by despondency of monotonous everyday life with painful expectation of the termination of the compelled break, unfavourable data of my supervision and physical fatigue. So there passed all 10 days.

I will Never forget the first feeding after a break! Now I can feed the sonny herself. What is pleasure! And at the kid eyes began to shine. He forgot nothing: he is glad to work and suck! Oh, what this happiness! I cry with happiness...

A then - we diligently restored day after day breastfeeding in former volume. Yes, there were days when it not absolutely turned out, but in one week it was restored completely - the kid ate when he wanted and how many wanted, and I was glad to give it it when necessary and some. And already one year and two months the sonny still very much - very much likes “to eat mother“, despite a feeding up (from 6 months) and 3 - x single food.

I Want to tell words of gratitude to my relatives, especially to mother and the husband, for the help and support. It is not an unimportant factor of successful breastfeeding.

Here, perhaps, and everything that I wanted to tell you about our practice of breastfeeding. It would be possible to add, of course, still the story about the happened two cases of infiltrative mastitis, but all this already trifles, we have something to compare to. Besides breastfeeding not strongly suffers at mastitis (if it not purulent) more likely it even is method of its treatment. This my opinion, and it is possible not to agree with it. But it is already other subject.