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Maksimkina stories. As I went to the first class

As I was going to school

Ya could not wait when I, at last, go to school. We with mother already both bought a form, and a portfolio, but the summer did not come to an end in any way.

- Maxims, tomorrow - The First of September, - mother reported once.

awfully was delighted to

Ya. I jumped from a sports corner on a mat and shouted:

- Ur, tomorrow in school! Hurrah, tomorrow in school!!!

Mother could not calm me in any way. Also told:

- needs to buy flowers.

I we went to the market. of Bouquets, and all - such big, magnificent and beautiful was p> there. I chose huge roses with gold and silver spangles! But for some reason they were not pleasant to mother. She told that the bouquet has to be small and accurate, otherwise I will be tired to hold it during a ruler. What else ruler? And still mother told that spangles on flowers - it is not really natural, and suggested me to choose a small basket with orchids, lilies and small white florets. I glanced in a small basket how there flowers keep and do not fall?

A inside, and directly in it flowers in plastic thingummies were thrust. The seller told that it is special containers with water, and flowers in them will long stay. And I agreed.

Mother paid

, and I incurred a basket with flowers to the car.

in the Evening the grandmother baked cake, and we with Nika laid out from above berries “September 1“. There was a strong wish to try at once, but mother told that it is necessary to go to bed because to get up early.

Ya laid down, but long could not fall asleep, I so wanted that morning came somewhat quicker!

on September 1

- Maksimka, wake up, in school it is time, - mother woke me in the morning.

Means, I all - fell asleep. I quickly jumped and ran on kitchen. So, a bouquet on the place. Cake in the refrigerator, a portfolio...

- Mother, and where my portfolio?

- As where? In your room. You brought together him yesterday.

- And yes.

decided to take

Ya with itself the favourite teddy bear, he wants to look too how there, at school. Mother noticed, but told nothing.

- to Have breakfast! - mother called.

Pancakes already smoked on a table. Cottage cheese, yogurt, tea...

But nothing was hungry

. I could not even eat up a pancake. The grandmother was surprised:

- Maksimka, where your appetite?

- I do not know, it is possible for me piece of cake?

- it is good

, only eat at least couple of spoons of cottage cheese, - mother asked. - It is impossible to put sweets in an empty stomach.

- is not wanted by me cottage cheese. Same my holiday! Why I cannot eat cake?

Mother shrugged shoulders:

- As you want. Here to you a saucer, here cake, only do not complain if the stomach aches then.

could not eat up

Ya and cake. So in school there was a wish.

Took a sip of

tea and went to put on.

- Mother and what to put on?

- Trousers, a white shirt, a butterfly, a jacket, - mother listed.

I I saw at once that all this already hangs on a coat hanger at a bed.

Ya pulled trousers. Buttoned a shirt. Butterfly...

Looked at

on himself in a mirror. Horror. And it is called “beautifully“? These adults understand nothing. Beautifully - it is my favourite beige trousers with a heap of pockets and a red t-shirt with tropical small fishes. Or yellow shorts with eyelets for arrows and an orange undershirt with the inscription “Bad and mad“. And it... Horror. Nightmare.

- Me what, all the time it will be necessary to carry it?

- Yes, Maxim, at school the rules. All children wear a uniform.

the Mood was spoiled by

. And here also the stomach ached.

- It is time for p to leave, already the ruler begins, - mother told. - It is good though school nearby.

the Father helped me to put on a jacket and a satchel, and mother brought a basket with flowers. And we went to school.

Ya took several steps and sat down on a bench.

- I cannot go. The stomach hurts.

- Well, here, I and knew, - the grandmother became agitated.

A mother embraced me and told:

- I will incur flowers, the father - a satchel, and you go by a hand with the grandmother and Nika. School nearby, in a trice we will reach. And the stomach will pass soon. Suffer a little. Well?

the Ruler

Which - as I dragged p to school. There were already a teacher and all children, and still there were many adults. Parents, probably. And all with flowers. Mother told that flowers should be presented to the teacher, I approached and gave it, and she told that after a ruler. That I on a ruler need to be beautiful and with flowers. Well, what here beauty, in such clothes?

was surprised to

Ya that all boys are also ugly dressed. Only girls were pleasant to me. They were in short skirts, with big bows, with pink briefcases. Why I am not a girl?

Mother something told

to the teacher, and that took me by hand, constructed other children in couples and moved on the platform before school. There were already all children from other classes. They were built such rectangle, and the middle empty. Also brought to this middle us, first graders. There is such ruler. Music played, all photographed us. And me it was not cheerful at all. The stomach hurt. Mother somewhere was lost. Father too. And grandmother. And Nika. All right, though the teacher held me by a hand.

my teacher is called Alla Petrovna. And it is very beautiful. It was pleasant to me, on testing at once. And mother with the father. Therefore we also chose this school.

Then the teacher departed somewhere, and I became very thirsty. And bothered to stand. What interest? There are adults, something is told in the microphone, and we stand and we stand. And we hold portfolios. And flowers. Better I would remain houses.

I I went. To Posheliskat mother, the father, and water.

But I only slightly - slightly managed to depart, and to me some elegant strict aunt jumped up.

- You where?

- I want to Drink.

- Wait for

, after a ruler. You from what class - “And“ or “B“?

- I do not know.

But here Alla Petrovna suited

and took me by hand. Also took away into place. Also told that it is the director of studies was. What else director of studies?

looked at

Ya around and saw, at last, mother. It stood opposite, through all area, and photographed me. And encouragingly so smiled. And the father near it - filmed with the camera. And grandmother...

- Maksimka, on, drink, - it to the grandmother was succeeded to make the way to me. She stretched a bottle with water.


Ya a little. Still stood. And we were led in a class.

I remember

Ya that mother said how to fit on the first school desk well. All is visible. Everything is heard. And it is very convenient.

I I came, and sat down at the first school desk. Directly at doors. Honestly, conveniently.

then mother glanced

A and photographed me. The stomach already passed, and I even smiled, so behind a school desk it was pleasant to me.

in the evening mother told

A to someone by phone as there passed the first day in school that I sit at the last school desk. Also laughed.

Ya itself also long laughed when learned that my school desk - the last. It it from a door the first!

But I did not begin to change because I like to be the first, and so - I always on a break the first jump out!