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Sailing: in the footsteps of the fifteen-year-old captain of

Probably, all boys dream of sails. Hundreds of books, movies, songs tell them about the sea, brave captains, and proud silhouettes of sailing beauties - brigantines continually are disturbed by boyish dreams. And whether they can become a reality? Where in reality to find sails, splashes of waves - even if unsalted, wind and the true man`s friendship? Of course, in sailing! Here sport for real men - fight against rivals, wind, speed, adrenaline. Here all really - both wind, and friendship, and rivalry.

Where to find dream?

Many are sure by

that in our world of progress, high speeds and enormous ocean liners of the place sailing yachts did not have. Unless in movies. But it not so - sails are and will be always while romantics who do not need cruises and hotels with restaurants exist, and are necessary - wind, difficulties, adrenaline and the exciting pleasure of a victory. it is simple to p to Find

them - to come in yachts enough - club. Often at such sailing clubs there are sections, or schools for boys who dream to sail. Sailing is practically everywhere where there are sufficient water spaces, are not an exception and yachts - clubs of Moscow and Moscow area. Their addresses and phones can be found in reference books or the Internet, and then, having communicated, to take an interest whether they are engaged in education of young captains. Most likely, in most cases the answer will be affirmative, and will remain to you, having found the most suitable on an arrangement, finance and other criteria club, to arrive there together with future yachtsman. Yachtsmen are people usually not too bureaucratical, and the dreams of sails understanding and dividing therefore, most likely, will estimate thirst for yachts and will not repair obstacles. Further depends more on the most future captain. to

It is easy to become the captain

there is among adherents of sailing such introduction, or a saying:“ Sails white only published“. Sense at it two. The first - a straight line. Sails do not store behind glass in the museum. They are wetted by a rain and splashes, frays wind, they are enough with hands, besides not always washed up with soap - in such conditions it is difficult to remain snow-white. And second sense figurative. It is good to dream of sails, quietly staying at home on a soft sofa with the book or in front of the TV. But if sailing came to your life - do not wait for rest. Sails bring with themselves cold wind and splashes, tension of all physical forces - in control of the yacht during strong wind, and intellectual - in attempts to seize all theoretical knowledge. Yes, except sliding under a white sail, many hours should be spent ashore, learning numerous and various objects - from types and classes of yachts, to their device and repair, history of sailing, bases of navigation, sailing directions, meteorology, alarm flags, tactics of races and many other.

A after studying - to take the most real, very serious examinations to prove the knowledge and abilities and to acquire the rights of the helmsman. Besides, in the majority of clubs care of the vessel, its repair and maintenance in a good form lays down on crew shoulders too. That is it is necessary to learn to hold in hand the screw-driver, a skin, brushes, a needle for sails and to handle fillings, paints and glues. The real captain of the yacht has to know and be able all.

You remember

how everything began...

all begins

A usually with shvertbot. Children`s or youthful shvertbot is such small a yacht point, calculated on crew from one or two people. It has no Kiel as at the real sailing yacht, and instead of it into a special opening of a shvertovy well it is inserted similar to a fin shvert.

Yacht points such usually have less than

, it is easier and simpler in management. Even having turned shvertbot, the crew can return by own efforts it to normal situation, and, indifferently, continue swimming. The most young helmsmen train usually on “Optimists“, and, having become more senior, pass on “Cadets“, “Beams“, “Beams - 2“.

“Beams“, by the way, already participate in quite serious competitions. And further there are already quite adult “Finns“, “Solingi“ and others, up to the ocean yachts participating in round-the-world regattas.

the Main distinction between “nurseries“ and “adult“ sailing yachts - their windage, that is the area of sails. The more the area, the more difficult will cope with such “horse“, the bigger weight has to have crew to correct a dangerous list, or to return the turned-over yacht to normal situation. The area of sails is specified also in the rights for controls of sailing vessels. For example, the helmsman 2 classes has the rights to steer the vessel with windage to 22 square meters. There are also other restrictions, for example, for circulation in a night-time or in independent swimmings. whether


And all it is possible?

Sailing is quite loyal to

to the followers. Even girls, despite a popular belief that the woman by the ship - unfortunately, often sail and take prize-winning places in sailing races and regattas. Sometimes, that frail, weak boys, “having got sick“ with sails, forgot about colds and cold forever. And it is valid what can temper health better than fresh air, the sun, water and active physical activities? However there are people to whom sailing is not that contraindicated, but demands big efforts or investments. For example, people who do not distinguish color. The system of the alarm system is founded on multi-colored flags, and distinction of flowers is just necessary here. However this problem is easily solvable - it is possible not to go alone. And friends from crew will always prompt what is hoisted the colors.

Still restrictions concern to people to whom in principle water sports are contraindicated. For example, at some diseases where overcooling is contraindicated. Here already the doctor to whom it is necessary to consult before to choose sailing solves. And here danger of circulation on sailing yachts is a little exaggerated. Of course, if to speak about big-time sports, round-the-world and transatlantic regattas, ocean yachts, then danger is present - the ocean remained the ocean, and it is as severe as when its waters were plowed by Magellan and Krusenstern, however children`s sailing on water open spaces of Moscow and Moscow area can hardly constitute serious danger. In - the first, in the absence of big water open spaces the big winds and a wave constituting danger to the sailing yacht have no place to undertake. And in - the second, children are issued on water only in life jackets. This general rule. And on water or at the mooring the vessel capable to render to the crew suffering disaster, any necessary help nearby is on duty. By the way, if to speak about children`s sailing, then and this sport is called the most expensive look unfairly - in some cases children`s sailing schools train young captains of yachts almost free of charge.