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Household trifles of

it would Seem that can be simpler in keeping of rats: good big cell, regular walking and communication, healthy nutrition, timely veterinary service, love of owners. But after you will live near them some time, you understand that there are important household trifles...


the Cage and its equipment

Choosing a cage, pay attention to material and a covering of its details. The painted twigs beautifully look, but if the pet has a bad habit to gnaw twigs, then they will appear without covering soon and will begin to become covered by a rust, and the rat can receive problems with digestion.

Galvanized cages have shortcomings too - from rat urine they can begin not just to rust, but also to emit harmful substances. Therefore pay attention to both quality of a cage, and the pet`s habits - it will help to make a right choice. By the way, low-quality “colored“ cages have also such problem as not soldered twigs - unfair producers “paste“ them paint. Such cages very quickly begin to be scattered literally!

Obligatory elements of a krysozhilishch - floors, shelves, lodges and gamachka. The main problems can be with floors and shelves. The floors made of integral pieces of plastic usually are included in the package of on the sale cages (I mean the cages suitable for rats by the sizes - in the small cages calculated on mice or hamsters floors in most cases trellised). On the one hand it is good since big or old rats are inclined to education on hinder legs “natoptyshy“ (peculiar callosities on the lower side of paws), and such floors serve as quite good prevention. But on the other hand plastic serves as the place of a congestion of urine and various garbage that leads to fast emergence of an unpleasant smell and, respectively, to insanitary conditions. The same and with wooden floors and shelves - they in addition also urine absorb. They cannot be washed soon.

Therefore almost ideal option can call

trellised floors and regiments: they do not absorb and do not accumulate garbage and waste, remain pure longer. Do not forget only, as on them dirt collects over time.

to Make them more hygienic, it is possible to delay the next washing and to increase their convenience to rats very simply - having put on them or pieces of corrugated fibreboard (a packing cardboard) or disposable diapers which are applied to schooling to a toilet of puppies (or nurseries which are put under the child on a pelenalny little table). These materials can be cut the pieces which are completely repeating a form of floors and shelves: they will protect pads of rats from contact with metal twigs, well absorb urine and hold a smell. And in several days it is possible to throw out and lay them new!

in order to avoid the increased interest of rats who can aim to drag such cool pieces to other place them can be recorded clothespegs, office paper clips or “krokodilchik“ for curtains.

Unfortunately, many rats possess an unpleasant habit to write directly where sleep (in a dream, for example). Therefore lodges and gamachka have to be or very easily and often washing, or very easily and often utilized.


From wooden it is better for p to refuse at once (of course if your pet differs in phenomenal cleanliness and accuracy) - all aforesaid about wooden floors belongs also to wooden lodges. Besides rats will hardly refuse idea to make the changes to architecture of a lodge, having tasted it.

Quite good, recently appeared in our market, but short-lived idea - straw (grass) lodges. With them still, as with wooden, but cost much cheaper and it will be less a pity to throw out such lodge. Such lodges usually well are suitable by the sizes for several rats and cause in them insuperable interest and delight.

of the Classic - lodges from plastic. Minuses: it is necessary to wash very often, it is quite difficult to find suitable by the size even for one rat (will be suitable for a hamster or a mouse more). Pluses: it is easy to wash. it is quite easy for p to avoid

of Frequent washing too, having put inside toilet paper (to change daily), or the same disposable diapers.

one more option - lodges from ceramics appeared Recently. Minuses: the big cost, fragility (it is better to put only at the very bottom of a cage), the small size. All the rest - as with plastic.

the simplest option - cardboard lodges. They, of course, are absolutely short-lived, but such lodge can be made, or to use as its usual small packing boxes. At the same time follow the elementary safety rules: not to use a box from - under chemicals and strongly smelling substances, not to use a box with unstable and plentiful coloring, etc.


This piece of rat “furniture“ cannot brag of a variety of forms. It or the rectangle suspended for corners, or the rag lodge executed in the form of “box“ or something else (as far as the imagination of the master will clear up). Ideas and projects of various gamachok can be found on the websites devoted to rats.

the Main subtleties trap in ways of fastening and the choice of fabric. Ways of fastenings exists much: and on paper clips (the design maintains quite solid krysoves), and on special carbines (for example, used for leads at dogs), on “krokodilchik“ for curtains or just on strings - zavyazochka.


Choosing fastenings, it is necessary to remember: the hammock has to be mobile - that at any moment of it it was possible to remove easily and conveniently for washing, replacement, etc. Fastenings should not do harm to inhabitants of a cage - there should not be sharp elements, life-threatening and health of coverings etc.


At the choice of fabric: you should erase or throw out it in process of pollution. If to erase - that should be chosen soft fabrics. I do not recommend such fabrics as, for example, jeans. It, of course, is durable, strong and quite pleasant to the eye, but to erase it manually - real torture. The main reason for which you should not erase krysogamak in the washing machine - availability in them of the small shavings, blades and other delights which are carefully accumulated by rats and not giving in to a qualitative vytryakhivaniye. But at the same time fabrics have to be strong not to creep away under the weight of inhabitants of a cage. For winter various flannelette materials, for summer - flax, cotton, soft flannels well approach.

do not forget

that a gamachok, as well as the lodge, becomes soiled and demands regular cleaning and washing! With purity maintenance you will be helped by toilet paper (rats will estimate such addition to a hammock) and the same disposable diapers.

of the Pan and a drinking bowl


Choosing pans, especially drinking bowls, pay attention to the size and a gigiyenichnost. An optimal variant - ceramics. Plastic can emit harmful substances and will go after food to teeth of rats soon.

of the Drinking bowl happen different: nippelny (a flask with a tubule in which there is a special ball), bird`s, pans with water etc.

At each rat the preferences - someone likes to bathe in open water, someone prefers to steer clear of it. Therefore ideal option - existence of two drinking bowls: nippelny and usual container with water.

For drink it is better for p to use the filtered, bottled or spring water - they are useful to health and do not leave on walls of drinking bowls of the unpleasant difficult washed raid (after use of tap water such raid is formed within several hours).


pans and drinking bowls, do not forget that for the majority of rats the saying is fair “there is no bigger beauty, than to write from height!“ therefore it is worth having them so that animals, pissing from floors, did not soil a forage and water.