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across all Moscow area Now there are more than 700 cottage settlements. Nevertheless, the country real estate remains to bulk of Muscovites still inaccessible. We decided to find out what can be bought for MKAD, having sold the standard one-room capital apartment in the dormitory area which cost does not exceed $200-220 thousand.


Of course, our attention was drawn by a segment the house-keeper - a class.“ The house-keeper - a class in the market of country cottage construction are the objects to $400 thousand executed under final finishing including the cost of the earth and communications, - considers a press - the secretary of the MIAN - Real Estate Agency company Svetlana Fufayeva. - Within 80 km from MKAD for this money it is possible to get the small house with the land plot to 15 hundred parts, or a townhouse which metric area and quality of construction will be better, but with the smaller land plot“.

Still a small amount of offers and in the price range of $250-280 thousand is, but all of them are presented on removal from 60 km from MKAD. Nevertheless, in areas, adjacent to Moscow, with the developed infrastructure for accepted for buyers the house-keeper - a class money it is not enough available offers.

the Solution of all household problems in such settlements - garbage removal, snow cleaning etc. - as a rule, lays down on shoulders of owners. The infrastructure in settlements the house-keeper - a class minimum is also quite often limited only to protection. Finishing and gardening - also at the expense of the owner. At construction of houses of a similar class cheap construction materials are used: foam concrete blocks with facing from a brick or plaster, are much more rare - a removable timbering and “sandwiches“.

“The offer price in settlements the house-keeper - a class in many respects is defined by the earth cost as, generally cost of construction of cottages in these settlements quite low ($400-600 for sq.m) “, - Maria Litinetskaya, the executive director of the Blackwood company tells.

However if the buyer wants to build the house independently to save several tens of thousands of dollars, then it is waited by disappointment. According to Gennady Teryaev, the director of development investment - construction holding Rodex Group, all settlements the house-keeper - a class are realized with households, at the moment sites with the contract in this class practically do not exist. The matter is that from the point of view of profit it is favorable to builder to build standard houses on debugged technology and by that to reduce their prime cost.

When the purse is small


We all - decided to find out

that the country market of real estate can offer the buyer with the budget up to $200 thousand“ At such cost households about 200 sq.m, on a site of 12 hundred parts are offered. Standard planning, the block base, building materials from a tree. The settlement will be supplied with various elements of infrastructure, for example, the sports center“, - Dmitry Kotlyarenko, the CEO of the RIGroup company assures.

cheaper offers are submitted to

in east part of Moscow area - there it is possible to find options of the households which are on border of the “business“ and “house-keeper“ segments at the cost of the last. That costs of construction and leading of communications were justified, houses in such settlements build usually much - about 200 - 300.“ In the closest Moscow area of offers in settlements under construction the house-keeper - there is practically no class“, - Saveli Orbant, the CEO of the MIEL - Country Real Estate company claims.

I it is valid how it was succeeded to find out, today, households worth up to 200 thousand dollars in organized cottage settlements are presented generally on remoteness more than 90 km from MKAD. Settlements on the Simferopol and Kashirsky directions can serve as an example (“Veligozh“, cost of households of 160 $000-200 000; “Taraskovo“ - 145 $000-234 000), and also projects of distant dachas on Yaroslavl (“Reserved“, the offer price is from $113 000;“ Tatyanino“, the cost of cottages is from $150 000 to 170 000) and New Riga the directions (the settlement “Red stream“, - the prices of 130 $000-140 000 for the house).

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“House-keeper“, but it is not a shame

the World practice shows that the sentence structure in the market of real estate in general repeats social structure of the population. Thus, limitation of solvent demand in segments business - and a premium - a class will promote increase of interest of builders in a segment the house-keeper - a class. According to Maria Litinetskaya, already now some developers who were earlier specializing in construction of elite real estate declared the intentions to master a low price segment (for example, the company “Elite the System“, Inkom corporation).

Today a segment business - a class is oversaturated by

that leads to falling of rates of sales (2 - 4 houses a month). On this background settlements the house-keeper - a class, on the contrary, show increase in rates of realization of constructed facilities. On average in such settlements from 10 to 17 houses a month are on sale. Certainly, this indicator positively influences project economy. Besides the low cost of the earth in distant Moscow area also increases profitability of the project, doing it more favorable. Now in a segment the house-keeper - a class the low level of the competition, high level of demand. In Moscow area of rather free earth which can be built up with settlements the house-keeper - a class. One of striking examples of similar projects can give settlements of RODEX GROUP which are on sale less, than in a year.

in general, one may say, that in 2008 a segment share the house-keeper - a class will increase. The main volume of the offer will move for 50 km from MKAD, and also the “distant dachas“ segment will develop because to plan projects the house-keeper - a class near Moscow today to developers it is unprofitable. The high cost of the land plot and leading of communications, receiving duration initially - allowing documentation on the project - all this does cost of construction very high and actually the house-keeper - a class from the next Moscow area washes away.

“On average on the world the cost of the land plot makes from 8 to 15% of project cost. At us this figure reaches 40%“, - Saveli Orbant, the CEO of the MIEL - Country Real Estate company tells. Besides, in the West, where the economical segment exists, the land plot is usually got on proceeds of credit, that is on cheaper money. In Russia the credits for acquisition of a site give extremely reluctantly and only to the large companies therefore developers usually use own means taken from a turn for acquisition of a site. Then these means are actually frozen for receiving initially - allowing documentation, that is on a year and a half then the company can already carry out sales and receive refinancing. Such state of affairs considerably influences prime cost of the project and the house-keeper - a class in near Moscow area does unprofitable development of the market.

the Most perspective in the local plan are territories, considerably remote from Moscow, on coast of large reservoirs or being about forests. Increase in activity of builders is observed on southern, east and North now - east directions: Simferopol, Kashirsky, Yegoryevsk and Yaroslavl.


At the moment time in a segment the house-keeper - a class of country real estate generally construction companies which need to load the capacities, and a number of the companies wishing to get the corresponding experience work. But, certainly, the situation will change and in the near future the house-keeper - also large construction companies will be engaged in a class.