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Juice for the baby of

Fruit and vegetable juice by right is considered as the tasty and useful products traditional for the children`s menu. For this reason many young parents seek to acquaint with them the kid as soon as possible. But whether it is worth hurrying and how it is better to organize introduction of juice to a diet of the baby?

Earlier juice was the first product other than breast milk which was received by the child. But, considering their low nutrition value and high risk of development of allergic reactions, today refused this rule. Also at later introduction of juice (in the second half of the year of life) the best shipping is noted them. It is explained by maturing mucous zheludochno - an intestinal path and its readiness for digestion of juice. But even at introduction of juice after 6 months of life the child can have pains and an abdominal distension, vomiting, violations of a chair. It is connected with existence in juice of organic acids which renders an irritant action on zheludochno - an intestinal path.

is recommended to acquaint the kid with juice after introduction of first courses of a feeding up Now: not earlier than 6 months to the children who are on breastfeeding and not earlier than 4 months - to children on artificial feeding. The difference in terms is explained by distinction in functioning zheludochno - an intestinal path at children depending on a type of feeding. The children who are on natural feeding together with milk of mother receive enzymes and partially split carbohydrates and fats that promotes their easier assimilation. Respectively, maturing of own enzymatic systems and mucous at such children happens later, and readiness to acquire alien food is late.

Why juice is necessary?

Juice is sources of natural vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the growing kid. Natural vitamins are easier acquired by an organism. Juice possesses a liquid consistence and is convenient in use for small children.

Juice happens clarified and to pulp. In pulpy juice there are more food fibers and pectins. Introduction of these products is traditional begin with apple juice. It is a source of vitamin C, iron. Vitamin C is necessary first of all for normal activity of immune system that promotes protection against an infection, strengthens walls of vessels. Also vitamin C contains in pears, citrus juice, but its most high content in blackcurrant juice.

When? Now, according to the recommendation of World Health Organization, the child who is on breastfeeding does not have
need of introduction of any dishes of a feeding up till 6 months (including juice).

the Source of iron are garnet juice and juice of a kiwi. Iron is the main component of hemoglobin which transfers oxygen to all cages of our organism. At its shortcoming anemia and, as a result of it, oxygen starvation of bodies develops.

Peach and apricot juice - sources a beta - karotin which are very useful to eyes promote growth and strengthening of bones, health of skin, a hair, teeth and gums. But the maximum quantity them contains in carrot and pumpkin juice. Pumpkin is also a source of vitamins of group B. All vitamins of group B (B 1 , B 2 , B 3 , B 9 , B 12 ) participate in many exchange processes of our organism. At their shortage pathology of nervous, haematogenic, respiratory systems develops, there can be diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path and skin.

Potassium which is the main microcell of an organism and supports normal work of cardiovascular system contains in apricots and bananas. In bananas there is also a magnesium also necessary for work of heart and nervous system.

Juice not only is sources of vitamins and minerals, but can be used as regulators of motility of intestines. So, juice from plum, a peach, apricots stimulates intestines and causes fluidifying of a chair, thus, they are more preferable to children with locks. Pear and garnet juice, on the contrary, can fix a chair at the child.

Freshly squeezed juice contains much more vitamins, organic acids, pectins, i.e. their useful properties are higher. However from - for the high content of acids they have expressed irritating effect on mucous intestines, i.e. possesses the worst shipping. It can be shown by the increased gas generation, an abdominal distension and pains in it. Therefore they are recommended to part with water - in the ratio not less, than 1:1. However the diluted juice contains already twice less useful substances. It is also necessary to remember that this juice needs to be prepared from products as which you are sure, and the nobility where they were grown up.

Juice from jars of industrial production undergoes testing for quality and is balanced on the content of acids for children till 1 year. They are easier had, cause irritation mucous zheludochno less often - an intestinal path. However from - for processings which they take place this juice loses considerable part of natural vitamins. Once you remember that need of use and that, and other juice at children till 1 year is doubtful.

With what to begin


the First juice which is entered to the child is apple clarified, from green grades of apples. It possesses the smallest allergic activity. Can juice which contains only vitamin C or lemon acid will be suitable for the first introduction. Other components (sugars, treacle, starch) should not be. When you enter new juice, it is necessary to begin with the clarified option, and at its good tolerance it is possible to try the same juice with pulp.

can try Further juice from pears, plums, prunes, banana. Juice from the fruit and berries relating to obligate allergens is entered into the last turn (most often causing allergic reaction): peach, carrot, apricot, berry, juice from exotic fruit, a citrus. Never begin acquaintance with mix of juice. In - the first, you increase risk of allergic reactions (rash on skin, swelling and belly-ache, violation of a chair), and in - the second if such reaction arises, then it will be impossible to define what became allergen. Only if you are convinced that juice is well transferred separately, it is possible to give their mix.

Juice is entered between feedings in the first half of day. Begin with 1 teaspoon, daily adding on 1 spoon, on condition of good tolerance the child i.e. if are absent rash on a body, swelling and belly-aches.


the Approximate volume of juice in ml which can be given to the child per day, is determined by a formula n × 10, where n - age of the child in months.

it needs to dilute

At introduction of juice with water in the ratio 1:1 for the best adaptation mucous zheludochno - an intestinal path. When bringing volume of the diluted can juice to its age norm it is possible to cease to dilute with water.

you do not strive for a big variety of juice in baby food: juice is potential allergens.

can pass

When bringing volume of juice to age norm to introduction of the second juice, following the same rules.

If the kid is sick with


the Children having any diseases have some features of introduction of juice. As a rule, juice to them enters later, out of an exacerbation of a disease. Recently the number of the children having pathology zheludochno - an intestinal path increased. It and functional immaturity which is expressed in violations of digestion and assimilation of food, and various motor violations leading to vomiting, an abdominal distension and enzymatic frustration at which activity of enzymes (the substances promoting digestion of food) or their development is broken. Introduction to a diet of any new product is a heartrending experience for a gastrointestinal tract of such children. Considering that juice possesses the minimum nutrition value and does not replace feedings, they are recommended to be entered later. Sometimes this moment is postponed until the end of the first year of life of the child. If the child suffers from locks, then the sequence of introduction of juice can change: prunes juice, but not apple will be the first in a diet.

later introduction of juice is recommended by

also to the children having an allergy. It can be also in 9 - 10 months. And the question of terms of introduction of the juice relating to group of obligate allergens is solved individually.

But it is better than

that juice introduction, as well as any change in food of the kid, happened under control of your pediatrician. He knows features of health and development of the child and can advise when and what juice to enter. Each person is individual, and taking into account these specific features and requirements the diet of the baby has to be under construction.