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Lessons of reading

the summer Flew by... But a window it is still dry and solar. And my daughter at all not before reading... Early in the morning it goes to a garden, and after - to occupations by dances, drawing, chorus and others important for the father with mother of action... And only when it becomes absolutely dark, we come back home. Sil already does not remain on anything and after an evening bathtub Diana herself chooses from the shelf some book thicker, comfortably settles in a bed and reads, reads... The fairy tale, probably, helps it to be disconnected from events of densely busy day and to remove the stress remains. And who will tell that our children do not test it?

she reads to

this week fat “The gold book of fairy tales. We are lucky enough to listen as Diana reads us fairy tales aloud... And it is surprising - all negative sides of fantastic heroes seem to us reasonable and justified, live reading so bewitches us.

As many “advanced“ mummies, since the birth of the long-awaited daughter I was afraid to miss something important in her development. Still when she crooled in a bed, I feverishly bought up book novelties about development of children. In spite of the fact that the contents of books often contradicted each other, I read them from cover to cover and paniced more and more - we will not be in time! Having read Nikitinykh, till the daughter`s birth, I fondly represented how I will temper her - to drive barefoot on snow, to put to bed in the cold room and not to overfeed at all. Certainly, as soon as we appeared at home, everything was right there forgotten. Especially concerning feeding and clothing. But some demon at heart whispered to me: “You did not make a path for crawling across Doman, you did not draw one thousand cards, you do not teach the baby to swim in a bathroom yet, you do not carry it in a sling - a baby sling closer to the heart...“ . Such minutes sense of guilt forced out all other feelings and there was a wish to begin all this immediately. At least since Monday.

of Nothing - that I was not in time. In six months I induced the father to do cards with the English and Russian words and to sheathe them polyethylene. Certainly, the child was cleverer than me - Dianka just thrust a card into a mouth. And sharpened teeth, were not cut through yet.

Then I bought

school posters: “Cultivated flowers“, “Animal Africa“, “Pets“, “Fishes“ and some else. And serially hanged out over a daughter`s bed. The neigbour - the teacher who worked all life at school told that the room became similar to a school class. As a result on my persistent question: “Where goat?“ at the end of the first year Diana pompously stuck lives with a finger into a required animal on the poster. And why it needed this goat?

Ya studied Doman`s books, Nikitinykh and someone else and constantly bothered the busy husband with schemes of children`s exercise machines without which, on my concepts of that time, the child is doomed to be undeveloped. It is good that it had not enough time. It was limited to the fact that established a sports complex which at us became dusty on mezzanines long ago.

Since one and a half years I tormented the daughter with the fact that showed letters and figures. I achieved the - having seen, say, a letter “A“, she surely called it. I bought up all books from quite confused series “Bear Cub Mischa“, and we studied pictures. Video as two-year-old Diana remained reads the alphabet and calls letters. Ah, as it was touching...

On it training in reading clogged. Syllables persistently did not want to develop. And Zaytsev`s cubes are somehow far from our province. Rumors about certain super - the teacher somewhere in distant part of the city which in a month teaches the child to read according to Zaytsev went, however, but then the necessary sum was called... Generally, it was necessary to forget about cubes. At last on the Internet I found preparations for cubes in the Word format. Found, downloaded and...

Ya really was going to make them, but here it became clear that the daughter will have a brother or the sister and to us not to cubes soon any more. The father helped out. It brought CD with “Alphabet“ and began training. More precisely, at all not the father, and a ridiculous hare learned. So Diana began “to work“ at the computer. In incomplete three years. On a chair enclosed it two sofa small pillows. When, deafened by an anesthesia, I came back home with Sasha, Diana decided to show the abilities. She took seat for the computer already only on one pillow, perfectly stuck into the necessary buttons, loaded the computer and started CD - a coloring. It did something like that there, I do not remember. I remember only that at that moment I sat and thought that I am not able to do it. But my advanced child in three years and three months still for some reason did not read. “As so! - I spoke, - will not learn to read? And so difficult modern school programs... We are not in time!“. And I got down to business.

In - the first, I ceased, showing to Diana letters, to say names of letters. Now we pronounced SOUNDS. Not “Be“, but “B“, not “Me“, but “M“. The neigbour - the teacher, looking at such progress, just be touched and presented us the cunning plate for training in reading and a notebook with methodical materials. And also gave couple of useful tips.

the Most valuable that was made (it in - the second) - we understood, than differ public and concordant. Vowels are able to sing. And we started singing: “And - and - and - and“, “About - about - about - about“... And here poor things concordant - are not able:“ Ä - ä - ä - d“. How to help them? And it is very simple - if the vowel takes the concordant for the handle, they will be able to sing together: “Ma - and - and“, “La - I - I“... As soon as Diana understood the principle of syllable formation, I palmed off on her listings - preparations of future cubes. They were printed badly, and I allowed it them to paint with paints. It painted as could, and then, even without having asked permission, cut out each syllable separately children`s scissors. It at us the maiden independent. And if syllables are cut out, it is only necessary to read them everything and to put from them words. In several days Diana already read words. Then - that books with capital letters were also necessary. “Chicken of Ryaba“, “Turnip“, “Teremok“... Further the avalanche of the read lines, texts, books and books swept. The girl read and read. And having read, retold. Once during a lunch Diana important told:“ You eat, and I read you“. She took seat, opened a book and is proud began to read rasskazik Lev Tolstoy about the angry owner who was killed by an elephant. She read this interesting story to us several days in a row. Last time we already choked with laughter, but very much did the serious interested look.

What we have now? Of course, holds apart me with pride when on a visit Diana in the four years shows fluent reading the thick book taken from the shelf at random or sings from the screen unfamiliar before a song when the videotape with a karaoke is included. But here houses...

She reads to

everything. Children`s and adult books. Fairy tales, magazines, newspapers... My letters when I type them. Once the collection of jokes left by someone from acquaintances got to it. Diana revealed him and thoughtlessly said something about “sucker“. I quickly distracted its attention and changed “Jokes“ for “Aphorisms“ of the same format. And my maiden continued reading by some ancient abstruse phrase. Besides she cannot fall asleep, without having read the book for the night. It does not need to tell fairy tales now, she reads that that will choose. Yes, it is very convenient. But even more often it seems to me that I hurried. We as if lost a piece of that life when it was a lovely silly little chap and, having opened a mouth, listened to mother`s fairy tales for the night. Now, when she felt taste to reading, we should spend huge efforts to tear off it from this sweet passive occupation.

Fortunately, my daughter has a weight more of other hobbies: dances, drawing, dolls, dresses, machines, designer... Computer, at last. So not all is lost. And I do not go in with it for mathematics at all though we bought the whole two textbooks for 1 class. I am afraid only that I will not keep also all - I will teach her to bases of algebra and geometry.

Familiar mothers very much envy

and often ask how we managed to achieve SUCH progress. And actually, what? I cannot understand in any way, how exactly reading will help the child to become happy, healthy, successful... If to remember my childhood, early reading only prevented occupations and communication with peers. Reading about others life covered with itself my own life. Besides whether the child needs to feel the imaginary superiority before not so widely-read, but more adapted children? Let him read less, but really understands sense read in connection with the reality surrounding it.

Now I begin to understand

a little that our parental diligence the ordinary fear of the seeming weakness and helplessness of our kids often moves. We would like that they became independent as soon as possible not to worry for them. Actually we worry rather about own peace of mind. But we entered this river - became parents and from it. We will get to anywhere any more and children let live each stage of the life in time necessary to them. Everything needs to be done in time - not to be late, but also not to hurry. And as it is good that children in the disobedience it is much cleverer than us - they do what is necessary him.

early enough taught the girl to read

Ya. Probably, could teach also the younger child. But I will not be. I will not hurry with reading, the account, I will early not put it so for the computer. He will learn all this. By means of the sister. Oh, as she perfectly explains - it seems, she has also pedagogical abilities. So, we will sigh more deeply, we do not give in, we do not force an event... Now I, without demanding special progress, I do of it the artist, the dancer and the gymnast, and then... Then it will go for figure skating and English. In ours - that time without it anywhere!

Little my girl as you were not lucky with us! You so try to conform to requirements of the immoderately competent fathers and mothers (and grandmothers with grandfathers), so try to keep step with us that in four both you look, and behave on all five - six years... And we, silly, will not think in any way to become ordinary normal parents for whom only you are necessary. Such what is - our daughter.