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Fishing before and after 6: rods, places of a biting, a nozzle, feedings up, other nuances of

Probably, any hobby does not cause so many disputes as fishing. Inveterate fishermen are ready to discuss rods, places of a biting, a nozzle, feedings up, other nuances day and night and to sit for days on end ashore, being fried on the cold summer sun and feeding with itself mosquitoes and midges. It if in the summer. Fans of winter fishing for hours sit on ice - both in a frost, and during wind, and during snow. In the spring rescuers remove especially keen fishers from the thawing and fragile ice floes, and even get from an unnoticed ice-hole.

Opponents of fishing declare that silly whole day to look at a float, turn pale at the sight of worms or other low-appetizing nozzles, and say that this time can be spent with bigger advantage. Probably, it so. But what will be compared to pleasure of a long-awaited poklevka, or passion of catching of large fish on a spinning? And to fishing it is possible to go to days off all family - not only small fishes to catch, but also fresh air to breathe.

Summer fishing: before and after 6

It is very widespread type of rest. During week-end to leave the city, to find the cozy place at the river, to catch a small fish, to cook a fish soup on a fire, well, and of course, to play, be bought, sunbathe and to receive the sea of pleasure. Summer fishing does not demand difficult equipment or special preparation. The rod can be bought in shop or to cut out from a hazel grove. A scaffold, a sinker, a hook and a float - that`s all that is required to us. And it is possible to do usual “zakidushka“ - a scaffold with a hook, a sinker and a float, but without fishing-rod. However, for the handling of such tackle some skill is necessary. Therefore it is simpler to buy a rod

can be Watched a float independently, and it is possible to involve the beloved child in this important and responsible issue (if it was already run and gamboled).“ To the adult“ to the fisherman 6 years are more senior it is possible to give a rod in a hand, for secure having put in water, near the coast, the flyer on which it is possible to put a fishing-rod to give rest to hands. And to give a rod to little fishers rather early - will not hold therefore it is better to strengthen it on the flyer, and to strengthen the end under other flyer, or just under coastal roots.

If the fisher absolutely small, then it is not necessary to depart from it far. He will look at a float, and you - on it that he did not get into water, did not leave where - nibud, having started missing from a monotonous show. However, usually children of years from three - four love fishing and to tear off them from this occupation can be difficult.

the Clothes for successful summer fishing clothes for fishing are better to choose in the Summer


closed, with a long sleeve, and to fill trousers in boots. Such clothes will protect also from solar burns, and from midges and mosquitoes, there are always a lot of available for any reservoir. There should not be clothes for fishing and too bright and light - some species of fish are quite capable to make out a bright light spot and to leave the unlucky fisherman.

Fishing on a spinning: when “dances“ begin?

is more senior than

For boys summer fishing on a spinning will approach. Here and skills is necessary more - still it is necessary to manage to cope with the inertial coil. Bezinertsionny it is simpler, but also it can throw several surprises. Besides, if you want to catch fish on a spinning, but not just to shower a spinner in water and to extend it back, it is necessary to look for places of a biting, to study different types of spinners, balance weights and a set of other devices constructed for attraction of fish. But both passion it is more, and adrenaline and rages when you get large fish.

One of the most interesting fishings seen by me was on a spinning. Caught a silver carp - large herbivorous fish. This fishing looked from outside very amusingly. At first fishermen - and them gathered on a small site of the coast of people five - tried to throw tackle (a tee with a sinker) directly in the middle of the flock of fishes which is grazed at a water surface. Later, if the tee took production, the vyvazhivaniye began. As the fisherman did not know, fish on a hook and a scaffold, even thick, for a large silver carp - not an obstacle fits how well, it is simple to pull fish to itself it is impossible. Also “dances“ began … Slightly - slightly to choose a scaffold. To give out a little back. And even to be run with a spinning on the coast to and fro couple of tens meters. And all again. Sometimes it proceeded before half an hour. But honor pride and happiness of the fisherman who caught the big fish in the growth, it is impossible to describe.

Of course, not always fishing on a spinning is so difficult, some species of fish are caught far more simply, but and it is less passion in their capture.

also sports summer fishing - both with a rod, and with a spinning Is. And even with the special gun for spearfishing. Also competitions are held - who will catch most fish or will extend the largest.

Winter fishing

This type of fishing very strongly differs in

fishing in the summer. Other tackles, clothes and, of course, weather absolutely another. Frost, wind and snow, but any mosquitoes. In the water covered with ice you will not put out a feeler. To have on winter fishing to take the special tool - the drill and to drill in hole ice - holes. The scaffold with a hook - a mormyshka on which the small worm - a crank, color beads or multi-colored rags from the burst ball is got falls to a hole from which all splinters of ice are accurately chosen. There is no float too. Instead of it - “nod“ from a spring or a rubber tubule on the end of a short winter rod. The rod is left in an immovability or slightly twitches, forcing a bait “to dance“ in water. The attracted fish rushes on a bait … and it appears on ice. Winter fishing demands considerable patience, and still special clothes.

Clothes for winter fishing: it has to be warm and convenient

the Clothes for fishing have to be warm in the winter not to freeze, having stayed several hours almost not movably, and easy that it was possible to pass several kilometers on ice searching of the “cool“ place and not to sweat. It is desirable also that it did not constrain movements therefore the layered clothing can become the good choice of clothes for fishing. Thin and convenient, it will not allow to freeze in the most hard frost if it is correct to pick up it. The layered clothing and thermosocks can be found both for adults, and for little fishers.


Krom of clothes for fishing to us needs footwear. Here, probably, you will think up nothing better than old kind valenoks. If they are absent, then it is better to choose boots on the size - another more and to put on in addition pair of woolen socks. The main thing that to a leg it was not close in footwear, differently it will freeze.

One more cunning for parents of young fidgets. Take skates on winter fishing. Then having been tired to sit not movably, or just having slightly frozen, the boy will be able to change the shoes in them (or just to tie to valenoks, there are also such designs) and to be warmed, sliding on ice around. Of course, this option is good to start winter when ice already is, and snow were mashed by a little - skates do not stick and the holes drilled by other fans of winter fishing it is visible from far away. Well, and of course, the thermos with tasty tea and a bag with sandwiches, pies and other delicacies - appetite in the fresh air at boys just remarkable will not prevent.

I summer, and winter fishing - remarkable rest and entertainment for boys. If to look for a suitable reservoir, to choose and carry with itself rods, kettles and other equipment there is no wish, it is possible to find the firm which is engaged in the organization of fishing. Convenient platform with stools, rods, a bait, a sunshade - all this will offer you in the next Moscow area. And if you want, the hooked fish will be prepared right there by the real cook. Such fishing enjoys the increasing popularity though to me it seems that it is more useful and more interesting to boys to make a rod with own hands, to hook fish, to kindle a fire, to cook a fish soup (certainly, with active participation of mother or father). And to spend night in tent ashore is already real adventure. The choice, certainly, depends on many factors. It both existence of free time (mothers and fathers now seldom have it in prosperity), and skills of parents (both fishing, and tent with a fire demand some abilities), and others, small and big, important and not really details. At any choice fishing - it is healthy, interesting and fascinating. And, in end an old fishing wish: neither scales to you, nor tail!