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Hairstyles and hairdresses for the boy - to a lump of ``dandy``, and whom ``mohawk``?

Hair. Tufts, hedgehogs, ringlets, ringlets. Until recently the care of boyish hair was limited to washing and an “authorized“ hairstyle of the boy “as it is possible well“. For the hair which are slightly closing ears it was possible to take off easily from a class with a parting word “you will not have hair cut yet, do not come“, or a call of parents for conversation. However, time of school uniforms and short hairstyles for boys behind. What now problems at children`s heads of hear what hairdresses and hairstyles the boy can make?

of the Hairstyle and a hairdress for boys

of the Hairdress for boys grow at

together with them, becoming more difficult with age. Really, the newborn boy does not need a hairdress, because of lack of hair yet. And after them it is possible just to cut that they did not prevent the kid to sleep, play and go about the own business. The child grows, his hair grow too and become more rigid. Now time of selection of a hairstyle for the boy comes.

One of the most popular hairstyles - “hedgehog“. Having become current in 50 years of the last century, it remains popular to this day. Fine option for hot summer - on care of hair time minimum, and the head not too hot even under a headdress is spent. However short hairstyles for boys have one unpleasant feature - they repeat a shape of the head. If it is ideal - well, perfectly. And if is not present - better to choose a hairdress longer.

the Hairstyle of the boy has to be procedure regular and quite frequent, experts say. Even absolutely young young people have to visit the hairdresser of times in two - three weeks. And short hair need a little more frequent attention of the expert, than longer. Choosing a hairstyle for the little boy, you should not follow the tastes of fashion and new trends - “dreads“, African braids, “mohawk“ or the shaved drawings on the head of the child look, to put it mildly, unusually, and the excessive attention, not always positive, can become the reason of a psychological trauma. Time of such “self-expression“ at the boy ahead.

In children`s halls of hairdressing salons or salons to the boy can set hair by means of special means. For a holiday a hairdress of the real dandy - it is remarkable, but you should not be fond of such laying - means for laying not in the best way influence children`s skin and hair.

Teenagers - hairdresses and self-determination

the Teenager - a being gregarious. To it is quieter if it is in a circle similar. Usually it is the same teenagers who are united by a certain general outlook or occupation. Often such groups have, other than others, a dress code. And hairdresses at such groups differ too. Especially it concerns hairdresses and hairstyles for boys. The shaven heads of skinheads, “dreads“ of rappers, long hair at hippie, “mohawk“ at punks closing a floor - persons of a bang at emo - gym shoes. Such hairstyles of boys already question not so much personal preferences, convenience, functionality, how many indicator of belonging to certain “caste“. And a hairdress or the boy`s hairstyle at this age as ridiculous or defiant it would not seem to parents, not a subject for disputes. Having shown persistence or aggression, you more likely will spoil the relations with the teenager, than will achieve change of a hairstyle. However, most often, this stage passes in development of the teenager quickly enough, and the hairdress is chosen by more reasonable criteria again. And peace in a family is worth it to suffer a little.

Care of hair - how to avoid problems

Long or short, hair require attention and leaving. And this leaving is not limited to washing of the head and combing though it and important components of the beautiful, decorating the boy hairdress. If hair lost gloss, and elasticity, became dry and fragile, perhaps, it testifies to anemia or problems with endocrine system, or just to shortage of vitamins, minerals or even fresh air.

Vitamins and minerals which are necessary to hair it is chrome, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, selenium, iodine, sulfur and zinc, a beta - carotene, vitamins of group “B“ (B1 - tiamin, B2 - Riboflavinum, VZ - nicotinic acid, B5 - pantothenic acid, B6 - a pyridoxine, B12 - kobalamin) and biotin. Pay attention that the diet contained in enough yellow and green vegetables and fruit (a beta - carotene), oat-flakes bean, walnut nuts, brown rice and beer yeast (biotin), beef and pork fast meat, a liver, fish, milk and dairy products, bread of a rough grinding, a radish and greens of garlic and onions (vitamins “B“).

If hair dry, or the boy had a dry dandruff, tea and coffee in the menu should be replaced with compotes or juice - it is possible, the organism lacks liquid, and the caffeine which is contained in coffee or tea aggravates dehydration, forcing an organism to remove more water. Also you watch that in a diet there were always first courses. The added some salt liquid is acquired better, and, besides, broths are very useful to digestion.

One more enemy of children`s and adult hair - the sun. The ultraviolet flowing from the sky on the children`s heads leads to drying and burning out of hair. If adults are protected by the balms, skins and mousses for laying incorporating UV - filters, then such means are contraindicated to children. The headdress - the Panamanian, a cap, a bandana - anything can help out here. And in the city it will help to avoid still hit on hair of various harmful substances with which exhaust pipes of cars sate air.

of Hairstyles and hairdresses for boys - a set. At the choice it is important to consider that the little boy will not be able to stack a hairdress therefore it has to be the simple and not demanding big care. And here having become more senior, the little boy will want to participate in the choice of a hairstyle. And parents, of course, should listen. To carry - that it will be not parents, but the child - to him and to choose.