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About travel with the kid of

the Sea as long I dreamed of you. The whole three years I could not please myself with a holiday on a seashore. But pleased itself and the family with the birth of the beautiful kid. To go with the small child for me without being represented possible - the hardest childbirth and a long course of restoration. But thank God, all already behind.

U us with the child`s girlfriend - coevals, and to approach of summer we began to think of a trip with children on the coast. Thought over different options: the trip was cast away by train at once as for one thousand kilometers with our fidgets we would only namuchatsya. By car option interesting, but the daughter of the girlfriend by car constantly travels to the village and in three hours just exhausts all around and herself too. The only option, in our opinion, travel by plane. Having learned ticket prices and sanatoria of Russia, at once understood that we financially will not pull and began to look for tour operators and options with Turkey. Options can be found, but faced one small but: rules are introduced that to children after two years almost overall cost is paid. Of course, it is convenient that the child will have the place and a bed, but it is notable on money. While we dreamed and planned, we managed to escape with children on a camp site near the Akhtuba River.

To our huge surprise, children in general refused to bathe, played on the coast, and as soon as we wanted to swim for a while with them, arranged a terrible hysterics. It very much afflicted us, just a year ago our kids with pleasure swam, and my son fearlessly came into water up to the throat. Without having attached it strong significance, and, having written off everything for the next whims of kids, we with the girlfriend continued to dream of Turkey, did not go for several days to Lazarevskoye yet.

At the husband of my friend week, free from work, was given, and they decided to wave at the sea though for several days. Their daughter stayed with the grandmother in the village, and these they decided to present several days each other. Decided to go by car. That the road was not so unprofitable, suggested me to go with them. I very much was delighted, took with myself the son, and we went to the sea.

the Husband of my friend never at the sea drove the car, and the girlfriend volunteered to be a navigator. She several times went to the sea by bus and, to my astonishment, could even remember the road.

Usually all come out to the sea at night, but we sense of the road did not know and left at 12 in the afternoon. Rushed on the route towards Rostov, our driver did not cease to abuse roads of our area. As soon as we drove to the Rostov region, the road became absolutely another, even the face of our driver lit up.

Getting ready for a trip, from products for the child I took his favourite juice, “Biolakt“, cookies, I risked to take nothing meat. The son was sated quite “Biolakty“. He still drinks from a small bottle therefore problems how to drink not to spill, were not. Of course, I with myself took the first-aid kit and all necessary drugs, but the son on the way with pleasure slept and felt perfectly. Especially he liked to examine passing trucks and cars. We went on the route M4 and reached Krasnodar. Having curtailed on pleasures at the first index Dzhubga, we got to the city of Krasnodar and there got lost a little. Thanks to the help of locals we appeared on the route again and already rushed towards Dzhubga. The only minus - began to darken. About the road we did not doubt, and were upset that in the dark good we will not find the place where to stop.

At first we planned to stop in Dzhubga, but as from us there nobody was, we decided to go further. My friends had a rest in Lazarevskoye, and very much it was pleasant to them, but from Dzhubga to Lazarevskoye 120 kilometers and the road on the mountain serpentine. Everything was solved when we several times stopped along the route where yet not sleeping locals offered housing. The price - that was normal, but here their answer that to the sea of only 10 min. walking, guarded. And at night not really clear, how many to the sea. Decided not to risk and go there where precisely you know how many minutes of walking to the sea.

So we appeared

in Lazarevskoye. Having decided to try destiny once again and to learn the prices, we stopped about the young man offering housing. He was very much afflicted, of course, by the term of our stay in three days. There were few offers, we already decided to find housing, but it stuck as a bloodsucker with different options. The main thing that surprised me: if you agree, I call owners and I say that you at them stop. As it is possible to agree if we did not even see housing. Probably, counting that night, and it will be inconvenient to us to refuse, and we will remain. Having fairly painted with us dirty Lazarevskoye and having told that all drains come directly to beaches, advised us very pure town nearby (according to him 4 minutes from Lazarevskoye). We were intrigued by 4 minutes from Lazarevskoye, and we went. But when passed not only 4 minutes and the city, it very much was not pleasant to us any more. Our guide did not pay attention to all our signals to stop and rushed with might and main - probably, very much wanted to bring us.

As our guide did not react with

to our desires to stop, we were developed and decided to try the luck and find housing. Went to the main street of Lazarevskoye. Of course, as well as on all coast, hotels were everywhere. But our minus was that there were two o`clock in the morning and practically all already slept moreover and term strongly saddened three days the woken locals. But not in my rules to despair and the savage I went any more not once therefore it was interesting to me to consider different offers. And here for my friend who got used to care for everything still at home the campaign on different hotels was very difficult. What is interesting, even in such time of day it was possible to find many options. It was possible to curtail from the main street and to get to badly the smelling marshy place where too there are hotels and offer housing, but it is absolutely impossible to be in such smell.

generally, having wandered on back streets, we returned on the main street and again decided to try the luck. What to us was only not offered! The most surprising that all these hastily constructed hotels hardly held on at least to three stars. And here behind the price, as they say, nobody will stand - tore up on full. Even it is necessary to pay in addition 200 rubles for a separate folding bed. We even met the girl who arrived with the company, and they a vvosmer huddled about one room.

We already agreed

to everything as suddenly we were lucky, and we having in the dark reached already the sea, came across a charming three-storyed lodge. To our pleasure, owners had a billiard room, and they did not sleep. They had a free good room and at the price us arranged. And when we saw our apartments, did not regret the spent forces and money at all. Apartments consisted of two rooms, a corridor, a balcony and a bathroom. Also there were a refrigerator, the conditioner and the TV. Generally, very much it was pleasant to us, especially to my kid who began to run joyfully on rooms at once.

the Notch we very much were delighted to

that from a balcony the remarkable view of the sea opened. Even, taking a shower in a bathroom, it was possible to look in a small window at the sea. Also there was the general balcony on the other hand from which the view directly of the beach opened. I even photographed friends directly from a balcony as they swim in the sea. Owners were very good-natured: we parked the car in the yard under a canopy, and I with the son even a carriage was given.

of Problems with food was not too - literally continually there were dining rooms offering the big range of dishes though quality of these dishes leaves much to be desired. Having taken, for example, and having seen okroshka on kefir as as it is cut, it having not felt hungry any more. Greens were cut together with fruit stems, and cucumbers together with the turned yellow skin. Mashed potatoes were in general without taste, it turned out that it from powder. The majority of dishes prepared from semi-finished products, and here the price, I will tell you, definitely not for a semi-finished product. About samosa and rotten belyashes I in general am silent. So, is it was ceased to want after visit of the first dining room.


Ya on searches of “Biolakt“ or “Bifilin“ for the son at once, but it was succeeded to find such product only in “Magnet“ in 40 minutes from our housing. The first time since reorganization I saw almost empty counters in shop. Workers did not manage to expose goods as it was instantly sorted.“ The magnet“ - the only shop kept the normal prices in this town. Whether other small shops wound on food slightly hundred percent, especially by the sea.

Of course, July - August - the season. From - for an increase in prices it is harder and harder for much to come out to the sea, especially with children every year. It, of course, very few people worries - the main thing to profit, so far there is opportunity. I very much regretted that I went during this period to the sea. Earlier we always tried to have a rest not during a season. But so there was a wish that the kid swam for a while in heat the sea! And the son, to my disappointment, did not want to bathe at all. As soon as I took it on hands and bore at the sea, he suited a terrible hysterics. Even did not release me to swim for a while, sobbed while I did not come back. Having looked at all this, I decided not to injure the child, and we just sat on the beach not for long. But, coming back to the house where we rented the room, the son just changed in the person and began to run, jump, rejoice. Generally, I swam only in the afternoon when the son slept. And our three days behind festivities on the coast and day swimming flew by.

the local children have the entertainment to throw up the passerby under legs the thousand note (naturally, artificial) and to look at reaction of passersby who understand not at once that it is draw.

Having been tired in three days of such number of the people, but all the same happy, we went home. Having learned what awful traffic jams happen on Sunday, we left at 4 o`clock in the morning and at 6 o`clock in the evening were already at home.

the Son, on a question we will go to the sea, “Nea“, here so answers. We with the girlfriend drew a conclusion that kids still early to carry at the sea. And now we only dream of a new trip.