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The stick, stick, ogurechik … is pleasant to Draw

to all children without exception. Perhaps, for this reason while parents do not guess to buy paints, the kid should draw the first etudes make-shifts: cream of wheat or soapsuds in a bathroom.

If you noticed thirst for such drawing at the child, so it is time to take this process in hand. Drawing is not only fascinating, but also very useful occupation for the kid.

Graphic activity promotes development of emotional responsiveness and education of feelings fine, to development of imagination, independence, accuracy, diligence, ability to finish work.

In order that occupations by drawing were more interesting, we suggest you to use syuzhetno - game tasks which cause desire to perform the work in children as it is possible better. “Balls for kittens“

For occupation it will be required by

to p: album sheets, porolonovy tampon, gouache, pan with water, a soft toy - a kitten.

Read to the kid some poem about a kitten (for example, V. Berestova “Kitten“ or a fragment from “Moustached - striped“ S. Ya. Marshak). Ask the kid to guess who will come on a visit now. If he guesses - tell: “Correctly! Well done! To us the kitten on a visit came! But it is very sad. Let`s ask what at it happened. It appears, it is boring for a kitten, he has nothing to play. And what the kitten likes to play?“ (Balls, balls of threads, strings).

Put an album leaf before the kid and suggest to draw a ball for a kitten. Show how it is necessary to hold foam rubber how to gather on it paint.

At first suggest the baby to be trained by

- to draw balls a dry porolonovy tampon in air and on a sheet of paper, and then already - paint. At the end of occupation tell the kid:“ Now our kitten became cheerful - he has many beautiful round balls!“

“The aquarium with small fishes“

is required to


For this occupation: an album leaf on which wax crayons drew small fishes, water color paints, a brush, a jar with water, a toy cat.

Put before the kid an album leaf with the image of small fishes. Show a toy kitty. Cat: “Hello! How many at you small fishes! I want to eat somewhat quicker them!“

Suggest the kid to draw with

an aquarium of rounded shape and “to pour“ in it water (to paint over). Explain that, drawing water color paints, on a brush it is necessary to gather more water - then small fishes will remain not painted over.

at the end of occupation praise the kid: “What you well done! the Cat did not manage to eat any small fish!“

For occupation it will be required by

“Autumn rain“ to p: an album leaf about the image of a hare and cloudlets, colored pencils, a toy hare.


to the kid of a toy hare and read A. Bartho`s poem “Hare“. Ask: “Who was thrown by the hostess? Where there was hare? Why hare got wet? What hare became?“ Suggest the baby to draw a rain. Show how it is necessary to hold correctly a pencil and to draw it short strokes.

Remember that one occupation with the kid should not be more than 15 minutes. Do not forget to praise the young artist even if not everything turns out!

of Good luck and progress!