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My free childbirth of

Long I read others stories and, at last, decided on the. I will try to describe the childbirth with humour though, I have a presentiment, I will periodically fall down in the melodrama and the tragedy.

3 years we with the husband were going “to do“

the child, more than once thought a lot (career uphill went, the husband is morally not ready), but, at last, decided. Half a year of attempts, acrobatic numbers after sex - everything is ineffectual. Business moved off dead center right after a trip with the husband to Diveevo to the holy sites and bathings in holy water. In two one or two weeks of a strip. The pleasure is indescribable! From this point life got a shade of infinite romanticism and importance.

Toxicosis me did not avoid

, for work went to other part of the city with fear - several times fainted even sitting in the bus, few times jumped out a bullet at others stop. Did not do without funny things - once came to work, but did not reach even a stop. I do not know what moved intestines on such meanness. Came back with a shame, choking with laughter. Washing in soul, washing, disguise - thank God, during the work with the free schedule and the understanding chief, could afford it.

Ya very much wanted the boy (continuous girls in relatives plus my concealed dislike for herself), but being sure that here nothing “shines“ me, from the first days of pregnancy at every turn “shared“ the burning desire to give birth to the girl with all. Trained herself morally thus. When the lovely man - the ultrasonographer a warm and steady voice told about the boy, and I will remember this minute pause between my question and its answer forever, I ran from clinic before work several stops and smeared ink on cheeks. The chief and colleagues, remembering my exclamations the girl, took my plentiful tears for a great grief and began to console sympathetically. It was necessary to finish the tragedy until the end of the working day, and in the bus to be given to the immense happiness.

As well as all young couples, expecting the firstborn, we were not slow to begin long-playing repair which was feverishly finished by the husband with the father-in-law already to my arrival from maternity hospital. Somehow at night after the next campaign in a toilet I is graceful with 8 - a monthly stomach jumped through a huge a lot of tools in the center of the room and flopped directly on a paunch from all move. My shouts, a face of the husband wild half asleep, my howls, terrible with fear, over a silent motionless stomach were farther. At last the son was tired of this masquerade and kicked me with a heel. All went to bed at once. Next morning the husband sorted a heap though before asked 2 months. There was one more falling in ice already on snosyakh at mother - happiness that she did not get heart attack. I as a ball, only jumped up on a stomach and stood exactly on a border.

At work boringly asked colleagues to open a window and not to stink of the potatoes - instant macaroni. Still now I do not transfer any artificial food.

In the beginning I studied all articles about childbirth and trained to breathe. But after the good oculist in paid clinic described to me horrors of my bad eye bottom (short-sightedness - 6) and threats of an otsloyka of a retina, I obediently began to read articles only about a kesareva.

long deliberated

Ya, to agree or not with the doctor and with whom exactly (on a registration I “was attached“ to good 7th maternity hospital of Nizhny Novgorod). In 4 mornings on January 12, 2005 at me waters departed though by calculations from monthly it was only 8 months. Doubts were resolved - it is necessary to give birth free of charge and at random.

there Came by the ambulance a wonderful man and brought us with the husband to maternity hospital. For some reason did not suggest to leave us things in a locker room, and the husband went home, having stuffed armpits my boots, a fur coat, a cap, tights - generally, all from me to a thread and all armpits. Poor.

the nice girl Made out me. My weight, here it is amusing, there were 66 600. Well just apocalypse. With my height of 153 cm and weight before childbirth of 50 kg. gathered decently. I received an enema, a terrible torn dressing gown and I was transferred to the grumbling granny who widely smeared me with brilliant green, having finished my smart dress.

Only then I learned that in this maternity hospital do not like to do Caesarian. Since the nice girl at registration and finishing several doctors in prenatal, all vividly and, seemingly, unostentatiously were interested as I want to give birth. I mumbled in reply since adoption of any decision always was a problem for me in view of my exclusively serious relation to life. Squeezed out only - to 3 500 kg I will try to give rise. And there consider, on how many it pulls. Though in my card black on gray the oculist`s verdict “only KS“ was written, tutoshny doctors did not believe local and called the oculist. Through a couple of hours the oculist approached. I writhed on fights in poses, convenient for me, and the oculist tried to glance to me in eyes. I strongly doubt that he something managed to see there, but its verdict “A remarkable bottom! With it ten to give birth!“ - though confused me, but also pleased - KS I did not want.

Me was laid on a bed, thrust a dropper. On my naive question “and what to me is pricked?“ received the answer of the nurse “not your dog business“. There was not less pleasant midwife and life hammered with a key. Further 7 hours in my memory imprinted as a continuous nightmare. I did not know that there is such pain. Never thought that I will shout so - the truth shouted I only on “urgently call the doctor and look at me-can, already?“ The doctor - the man at that moment at my natural bashfulness did not confuse me in any way. From my head pain only one thought “pulsed quicker to give rise and shob all survived“. There were many women in labor, doctors and midwifes too, on my requests “ishsho to look at time“ always somebody yes came, in this plan I not in offense. I will lower roughnesses of the midwife, though was offensively terrible.

were given a green light At last though disclosure was still unimportant, but I already just reached the doctor livers. Jerked in patrimonial with Schumacher`s a speed, having overtaken the midwife. Jumped on a chair, and was farther just a share - the woman in labor. Neither peep, nor a word, it is accurate at the command of “tuzhsya-not tuzhsya“. Gave rise to the half-heads and everything, hi. Attempts - on fights everything prodyshat that. It is more mute, the organism was tired. The doctor delivering rasperezhivatsya, cried that the child will choke, already becomes blue, and by the voice for some reason asking told about a section.“ Do everything that is necessary, the main thing - the child“. All of us amicably put pressure, and something jumped out of me and poured out. Silence. Some sounds also are farther the offended crying. I will remember these offended notes forever. Show: “your boy, mummy?“, - the doctor has already a mood raised, and there hangs in hands such Xing - is green - red swelled up, offended, awful. “What beautiful!“ - my delighted voice caused laughter. 3 500 weights, 53rd growth. Matvei, sun favourite.

Further I plunged into euphoria and a non-existence at the same time. I was sewn up, the midwife sweet-talked me, the doctor is for some reason guilty muttered about the anesthetizing prick, about beautiful seams (I had internal and external gaps besides a section), and to me was all the same. The main thing came true - it live and everything ended. My indifferent body was sewn up, washed, pomorozit, brought to chamber. After a while there was a nurse with a parcel (it is maternity hospital of joint stay of mother and child). “You as feel yourself?“ Sincerely I answer:“ I do not know“. She in thoughts stood in the doorway, then put a parcel to me and left. Sponges a bow, sleeps. Everything, euphoria full. Happiness is.

the Neigbour at me was remarkable and skilled. It taught to rastsezhivatsya, gave advice. Twice I changed chambers and neigbours - from - for numerous seams it was necessary to be late in maternity hospital.

the Nervous system after the delivery is something with something. I sobbed time 5 at the level of a hysterics. The child had once a diarrhea - I so cried out in the nursery, asking the doctor to help it that it looked at me in thoughtfulness to whom to help the first. Then delivered to the son “disadaptation“ (“You what, you do not see that at him the chin shivers and handles shiver?“ ), took away on pricks, and I hardly worried day without it, crying uncontrollably with pity and sense of guilt. Still there were couple of hysterics on a subject that is not written out. Awful cruel manager. doubtful office which left the holiday my last 2 days of stay in maternity hospital will remain in my memory for the rest of life. Well, time the Lord assumed that we with it did not miss each other in eternity, I mean it deserved. For what he so took a dislike to me? For the fact that at its first round I did a big stupid thing - began to argue that it is time to write out me. Its survey was after that we will commensurate only with rape, it is a gloom.

Apart from the rough midwife and awful the manager. office, I am immensely grateful to all rest. Though manager., and the midwife deserve the kind word - all did professionally, we with the child are living - are healthy, any postnatal troubles. I do not regret that I gave birth free of charge and so “thoughtlessly“. I lacked many conveniences - a ball in prenatal, an opportunity to go to a shower at fights, in general to go, but not to lie on a back, lacked the polite midwife, but... How many read stories about childbirth, understood that here the main thing - destiny though the second time I nevertheless will help it and I will think over the childbirth and the doctor.

Now I know that such happiness - when nearby something warm nestles on you and sponges a bow. I dream of the second. :)

A on the subject “impossible is nothing, trust only yourself“.

I rang out with

In 5 months with the most severe pneumonia in hospital. Treatment lasted 1,5 months. Me all amicably persuaded to tie up a breast, repeated that the child will not take a breast any more that I ruin the health and the immunity. But I was unshakable. Every day in hospital three times a day decanted on a drop milk, three drops in day. Cried, but decanted. Consolidations in breasts, reddenings were farther - coped and then fed to 2,3 years, it is more than enough of milk, all are happy, happy.