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new academic year will begin Soon. I am pleased by that mood with which mothers and fathers write about study of the children as they choose school and teachers. It is visible that it is the loving, careful and reasonable parents. Under their many words also I am ready to subscribe. But these councils of parents of first graders or pupils of elementary school. Parents of seniors for some reason do not share experience, and now pupils often change school after the 9th class when make the decision to be trained in profile classes. Here also I want to meet this lack.


So, to parents of seniors (and all first graders will become them finally) it is devoted.

Most often with the class teacher one of the pupil`s parents keeps in contact. So was also with one my pupil - the tenth-grader. As the class teacher I was familiar only with Slava`s father. The father went to PTA meetings and was when presence someone from the teenager`s parents was required. Once he made serious offense and was called on conversation to the director with parents. For the first time his mother came. Together with it we came to the common decision of a problem, but if offense repeated, Slava would be threatened by expel from school. Unfortunately, it happened, and teachers` meeting to which I invited parents was called. Mother came, but I did not recognize her since it was other woman, not that that came last time. It turned out that Slava gave the acquaintance for mother. It aggravated his fault, and 10 - y it finished a class at other school. Since then I try to get acquainted with both parents of the pupils.

First council: mothers and fathers, you exclude an opportunity to give other person for you if both you are familiar with the class teacher of your child.

for anybody not a secret that pupils within academic year hand over money in “fund of school“, for “cool needs“, “on a gift to the teacher“, “on repair“, “on the photo of a class“. Parents are indignant with the size of the sums, but all the same hand over. Seniors prefer to ask money from parents and to hand over them. But the required sum is overestimated, as a rule, sometimes and by 2 - 3 times. I somehow on check collected diaries 10 “D“. And in everyone the record made a hand of pupils:“ 100 rubles on a gift to the teacher“. Remembered that in a week on March 8: And in holiday day received as a gift from a class a chocolate “Alpen Gold“. I not from those who live gifts from “grateful pupils“ and even rejoice to their absence since I always feel awkwardly as though I take a bribe. And took this chocolate, for it each parent gave 100 rubles. Just next holiday became an occasion to demand money for pocket expenses from parents.

Second council: do not trust children money for school needs, hand over them, and then your expenses will considerably be cut down.

Sometimes parents are not interested in study of the child so that just you wonder. “Why you did not look in the diary to learn about estimates of the son?“ - we are interested with the director of studies at Konstantin`s mother and we hear words of surprise on the fact that diaries still are at schools. Yes, diaries did not cancel, and even eleventh-graders are obliged to have them and to show upon the demand of teachers and parents (the truth, is schools where diaries are replaced with record books or other documents where marks of pupils are fixed). Every third senior at the beginning of academic year has no diary since parents just did not buy it or did not check the fact of its purchase by the pupil. At our school we solved this problem with the help of free distribution “poor“ diaries which as charity were provided by one political party. Diaries were with the photo of their leader on a cover therefore children preferred to buy the diary if it till that time was not yet.

Council the third: learn, how exactly at your school inform parents on progress of children, and if by means of diaries, then periodically look in it.

Mobile phones are practically at each senior now, but switch-off them during unit lesson. Therefore learn the schedule of calls accepted at school, and you ring change time, during a lesson all of you equally do not talk, and the remark will be made your child.

Council the fourth: you do not call the child during lessons, wait for change.

By preparation for final examinations parents often address tutors, and for rather big money, as a rule, teachers from other educational institutions try to fill gaps in knowledge of seniors. But very few people know that at many schools absolutely free circles of fans of this or that school subject where just the child also can be prepared for examinations still function. Units therefore almost individual approach turns out go to such circles. At our school besides such circles on sheer enthusiasm of the teacher hold weekly consultations on preparation for examinations, are engaged with the interested pupils during vacation and after lessons. But only what it is necessary to pay money for is for some reason appreciated, and parents employ tutors, but do not look for the help at teachers of the child. Once my schoolgirl - the eleventh-grader approached me and asked to prepare for a payment it for final examination. I do not teach private lessons with the pupils essentially therefore I suggested it to work after lessons without payment of my work. She refused.

Council the fifth: learn about work of circles and carrying out additional classes at school in those objects which knowledge is important for your child.

Parents still consider that in practice their children learn about sex not earlier, than “after a wedding“. Sad statistics: two of my minor schoolgirls of the 10th class did not graduate from school, having left it on early terms of pregnancy (I was in the decree by then, differently would not allow it since for pregnant and young mothers at schools the individual schedule of training is provided). Somehow time two mothers of the most rowdy-dowdy pupils of my 11 “B“ of a class were late after PTA meeting. One of them complained that her sonny brings home for night of girls and began to ask for suggestions how to stop this business, to nurse grandsons in 35 years did not include in its plans. And diseases around darkness - every time you will not demand the reference about health from the next girlfriend. Mother of the second pupil to her advised to get qualitative condoms and to silently put them in a box of a computer table of the son since the young man will not cease to be interested in girls under no circumstances, and on expensive contraceptives of money can regret. It also regularly supplies the son with condoms and that does not object. I completely agreed with its council.

Council of the sixth: if you do not want to become early the grandmother or the grandfather or to treat the child for STD, take care of contraceptives for the child.

Each person can get sick with

, and children are ill more often than adults. As a rule, parents report to the teacher about the come illness of their child, and here about the termination of an illness - no. Happens that pupils after an illness do not want to come back to school and begin to shirk occupations. There was in my practice such case. One pupil, Sasha, seriously got sick, his grandmother warned about an illness of the grandson. I regularly called and was interested in its health, but about date of an exit in school the grandmother told no word. And here Sasha unexpectedly quickly recovered, and in school was not: went on a visit to the sick companion. Together they decided to joke, and the companion called the grandmother, having told that that her grandson is in an imprisonment, and for it it is necessary to bring repayment (the concrete sum and the place where she needs to be brought were called). The grandmother, having called school, learned that Sasha is not at lessons, and asked for the help in militia. Someone warned my pupil that he is searched by militia, and that hid so that he was found only in a day. This situation could be avoided if Sasha knew that at school know about the termination of his illness, and in case of its absence at lessons the class teacher will call home at once.

Council of the seventh: it is important to class teacher to know not only about the fact of an illness of your child, but also about date of return to school.

For the time being me even did not come to

to mind that the parent can even not know in what educational institution his child is trained. But during practice understood that it happens rather often, and not only to parents. So, in our city there are two schools at number 12: SOSh and OSOSh (average general education and open replaceable general education respectively). Pupils of both schools, if to ask them about to what school they study, will answer that in the twelfth. From - for it there are many mistakes. So, the new set of educational furniture instead of OSOSh was delivered in SOSh. Having undersigned for receiving furniture, the administration of SOSh refused to give furniture of OSOSh. Scandal was of Committee on Education at the level. Also also parents, especially are mistaken when ring a teacher`s room or on watch for to communicate to the class teacher of the child, and the help service especially is not interested what phone from 2 - x the twelfth schools is necessary to them. At our school, for example, 3 educational buildings located in absolutely different places of the city. There was very unpleasant case when the ninth-grader`s mother, without knowing in what building her son (and it was necessary to her to take flat keys) is trained, told a heap of mucks to the duty teacher of our case since that assured that mother`s son in this building is not trained. Naturally, all cool magazines were searching rummaged and the teachers working in 9 - x classes are interrogated. Mother accused teachers of nonprofessionalism, swore at the duty teacher and even promised to write the complaint “to whom it is necessary“. Literally in half an hour she called back in school to report that the son was and really studies in other building, as well as the duty teacher assumed before.

Council of the eighth: remember the exact name of educational institution up to each letter in which your child is trained, understand all his cases and branches, learn the exact address and phone numbers of watch and a teacher`s room, it will never be superfluous.

to Someone these councils will seem to

banal or superfluous. Partly I also will agree with this opinion, but in practice enough many problems it would be possible to avoid if parents at least in some measure adhered to them. And, as one my colleague speaks, communicating with parents of careless pupils: “I am responsible for your child 1 more year (2,3,4,5 years), and you all the life. Draw conclusions“.