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Notes of two Ural mountaineers in the country of wild monkeys

“we Go!!!“ - the husband exclaimed, pensively thumbing through the geographical atlas. In my head the thought of unfinished repair flew. Repair or holiday, holiday or repair? - here a dilemma, the devil would pobrat it! But holiday together at the world`s end especially as we are NEVER married 16 years and (!!!) without children were not chosen anywhere, sounds very invitingly, whatever one may do.


It is solved! We go to Brazil! Having got individual round in travel agency and having bought plane tickets, we went to our travel. From Yekaterinburg to Moscow, from Moscow to Paris, from Paris to Rio - - Zhaneyro and we on the place. It is possible to tell long about stay in this wonderful country, I will stop only on what struck me and surprised most of all. Besides the unusual atmosphere, the surprising nature, tremendous kitchen I was surprised by people. Yes, Brazilians. I, of course, suspected that they are such cheerful and cheerful pepper (I am a lover of the Brazilian series), but that so … Their goodwill can envy, especially when continually you hear their lingering tender “at crew“ - thanks. They much are similar to us, but, unlike us, do not attach significance to many problems from which at us often the head goes around.

we did not begin to order

of Excursion in travel agency, and on the advice of the friends decided to buy them on the place. And decided to reach local sights by ordinary regular buses too. Buses in Rio should be stopped as a taxi, otherwise they can pass by. On some stops there are special uncles whom it is possible to approach and they will stop the necessary bus and will warn the conductor that reminded us where to leave. Drivers of buses drive across Rio as “shumakher“ or as though the bus evades pursuit of police officers. And in Rio traffic jams still those. And so, we went with the husband to Korkovado`s mountain where there is Jesus Christ`s statue. We go by the bus and where to us to leave, we do not know. Began to ask local population (to ask it it is loudly told, showed the card and tried to discover the necessary phrases from a phrasebook). We went in back part of the crowded bus, and all local tried to us though somehow to help. One woman even got up from the place, ran to ask the conductor and returned back. When the married couple from Argentina assured us that to them too there where both to us and that reached us at last where to us to leave, “all bus“ raised hands up and cried “ÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓ“. It was something. We never experienced such positive emotions.

On Korkovado`s the mountain we got acquainted with the Russian girl - Masha who was in Brazil in business trip. Masha, in turn, in the same place got acquainted with the girl and the guy from Moscow who came to Rio to study at university for two years. Here the truth is told, rouge knows another. It was very pleasant to meet compatriots in Rio. Our new friends came to look at a statue together with the woman - the Brazilian at whom they stopped. That, in turn, brought the acquaintances - Brazilians. So, in these more than two hours our international cheerful company was formed.

With the husband we oblazit all Rio. Were also in a botanical garden where all species of plants of South America are collected, and at jeweler factory “Stern“, and on a sambadroma where were photographed in carnival costumes, and at Maracana stadium were noted, visited the Catholic cathedral “Kandelyariya“ where listened in the evening as play the real Brazilian guitars. Somehow, walking on Capacaban`s beach, incidentally came into de Capacaban`s Fort where employees of the Brazilian army were photographed. I could not miss such moment.

- Good afternoon! Children it is possible to be photographed with you?

- Of course no problem!!!

Should be told

, we communicated with military on English mix (which left much to be desired), Russian (!) of languages and a makhaniye hands (and that, nobody cancelled a sign language). Here also such photo turned out. After we were photographed, just incurred me. I began to shout:“ Russia, Brazil - friendship for ever“ and all in such spirit. Generally emotions were the most positive.

A still I on the beach got acquainted with the woman who was called Patricia. She told me that in it there are too Russian roots as the grandmother and call her sort from Russia her Oksana. In our opinion, the attitude towards Russians in Brazil very good.

Me many ask

how you communicated with people, without knowing Portuguese at all? Yes I also do not know as. Certainly, language should be learned, it expands borders in communication, but, probably, when people are happy and benevolent to each other, all and is so clear without words.

Would like to visit Rio again, and if our dream is fated to come true, surely we will go there still, but already not together, and four together!