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And suddenly infertility?

Infertility - a problem not rare. According to modern data with it about 30% of married couples face! Infertility lack of pregnancy during 1 year of regular sex life without protection is considered. If you faced such problem, it is not necessary to despair! It is necessary to begin inspection of BOTH spouses since for lack of pregnancy - a problem as soon as possible, not only female. In half of cases doctors face man`s factors of infertility. I

In what the reason of lack of pregnancy?

At women to infertility impassability of uterine tubes and soldering can give violation of a hormonal background at which process of maturing of an ovum, endometriosis is broken in a small basin. In certain cases myoma of a uterus and malformations of genitals can interfere with conception.

To decrease in fertility of men are led by diseases, sexually transmitted and inflammatory processes, and also the wrong way of life. A part is played also by genetic factors.

immune incompatibility of partners when owing to features of immunity interaction of a spermatozoon and an ovum is broken Exists.


In the Perinatal Medical Center conducts the full examination allowing to establish the infertility reasons. We manage in the minimum terms (2 - 3 months) to conduct examination and to appoint the corresponding treatment to both partners.

With what needs to be begun with


the Man, first of all, needs to hand over to

a spermogram and MAR - the test and to consult at the andrologist.

the Plan of inspection of the woman at the initial stage includes hormonal inspection and an assessment of an ovulation, ultrasonic research of bodies of a small pelvis for 5 - 7 day of a menstrual cycle, inspection on infections and immunological markers of infertility.


At violation of a hormonal background carries out the treatment directed to its normalization and restoration of an ovulation.


At suspicion on impassability of uterine tubes, the patient can recommend a gidrosonografiya, a fertiloskopiya or a laparoscopy for an assessment of their state. Our experts carry out division of solderings, restoration of passability of uterine tubes, treatment of endometriosis. In the presence of myoma of a uterus the organ-preserving treatment allowing the woman most to take out and give birth to the child is carried out.


In view of the fact that any future mother aspires to the birth of absolutely healthy kid in the Perinatal Medical Center, besides obstetricians - gynecologists, such experts as geneticists, ultrasonographers and molecular biologists work.

If, despite all efforts, independent approach of pregnancy is impossible for

, the auxiliary reproductive technologies (ART) come to the rescue. They allow to solve an infertility problem even in the most difficult cases.


In office of EKO carry out all types of auxiliary reproductive technologies. It is worth referring modern equipment of the center and continuity in work of all services to indisputable advantages of work of office.