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The story about pregnancy and childbirth in the 26th maternity hospital of

As I want the child - these ideas were not dismissed me for a minute. Eight years in marriage with the beloved husband so so far also did not present us with long-awaited addition in family.

At work in free time continuously as the handle I write names, and the despair already lodges in the head that nobody ever will call me mother.

Visits to the gynecologist poured out to treatment of some there infection and cauterization of an erosion. The doctor with confidence says that in it and there is a reason, but is trusted hardly for some reason. A prizhgla erosion - terrible feeling, we will tell directly, so still after that two weeks just continuously and in catastrophic volumes pour out some water. But for the sake of long-awaited pregnancy it would be ready to jump with a parachute and to rise by Everest.

It is improbable

- two strips! The shivering hands and with alarm in soul in a trice I put on and I fly to a drugstore behind three tests for greater confidence. With tears in the eyes and in a state of shock I see two strips on all tests - it cannot just be then, the next month after all executions. I register in reception to the gynecologist. As the waiting time is painful, two days lasted as two months. But here it is this day: again fear inside, the device ultrasonography, a smile upon the face of the doctor and in a hand listing of such tiny speck, my kid. Happiness does not have a limit, it was never tested by me, it cannot be described. Ahead of nine months of expectation, representations and new feelings.

All pregnancy I flew as on wings, lived from visit before visit to the doctor to hear as the small second heart fights in me - it just there was music for ears. Put on in dresses that the whole world saw what wonderful tummy at me grows. Nothing could sadden my state, even these continuous testing. Of course, I had all fears of pregnant women too. In nine weeks sent me to hospital with some otsloyka of fetal egg, punctured to me but there - to a shp and something there also in two weeks sent home.

Months flew as days, the tummy grew by leaps and bounds. In 16 weeks on 3D ultrasonography I was told that I have a daughter: here her hands, a leg, tiny fingers - it is hardly believed that I carry all this under heart that there such miracle, my half and my Vanechki grows and develops.

of Already 30 weeks, search of maternity hospital, the difficult choice begins. Initially the choice and free did not face paid childbirth, only for a fee and under the contract. At last a choice is made: in the 26th maternity hospital according to the description and according to me everything arranged. I had a spirit only on epiduralny anesthesia, especially after I heard by phone terrible shrill shouts of my little sister at the time of delivery. She gave birth to mine a plemyashka to Stepushk together with the husband without application of any anesthesia. Not to be late with epiduralny anesthesia, I decided to lay down in maternity hospital, day for two before PDR a bit earlier.

of 38 weeks: begins to sip a tummy, rather already more likely so there is a wish to see the daughter, the Daisy already. A daisy we with the husband decided to call at once as we were told that we have a girl. So, from 16 weeks I also called the daughter of Margoshk. Went to a maternity welfare unit that looked whether I am ready already to childbirth or still it is necessary to wait. After survey the doctor told that I can already give rise the other day, and I as mad jumped home to be going to maternity hospital. To the next morning with the husband went to maternity hospital.

In maternity hospital me was put in pathology to wait for approach of fights and in parallel treated for pyelonephritis, something did not triple them in my analyses there. As it is heavy to wait for it all the time and to hope for each pricking that here it came. Doctors did not watch me any more, gave tablets, weighed, did KTG every other day, measured pressure and took analyses, every day put droppers. On droppers all went as on a holiday as beds in chambers were such inconvenient that not pregnant person cannot sleep that here to speak about the woman with puziky. And in chamber for droppers there were just imperial beds so when we were called on droppers, all took the pillows and blankets and with pleasure went to sleep off under a dropper.

the second week of my stay in maternity hospital Began to come to an end. All this time I went for the doctor and begged me to look whether there are what shifts to childbirth or not. Constantly refused to me, speaking, wait for fights, and fights were not. At night I talked to Margoshka, persuading her to hurry that mother already very much wants to see it and very much waits for it the birth. On the twenty first of May I started arrangements of the doctor again to examine me on what again the face of the doctor was writhed. But my persistence at last was awarded and I was sent to viewing to wait for the end of some consultation of doctors. Having stayed hour or so about viewing, I, at last, saw how the lot of doctors leaves the elevator and goes to viewing by me. My doctor, without having told anything to me, comes together with all. The despair began to visit me that today there is a fiasco too, I decide to sit even minutes ten. And again my hardness is awarded, and I am called on a chair. The manager examined me. office. In a minute after my difficult landing to a chair I with pleasure am told that I in labor and will already give rise today. To confusion and feeling of incredibility of the events there was no limit, I was ready to kiss all doctors, but restrained and just ran to pack things and to pass into patrimonial. Pain any was not.

nothing awful I in it saw

After all actions for preparation for childbirth. I was given a shirt 58 of the size and a terrible dressing gown at which the belt on the one hand was torn off, and it was not buttoned. I was led on the second floor in paid patrimonial.

Patrimonial was separate of all - there you lie with fights and in the same place you give birth, the bed is remade in a chair in 5 seconds, all equipment on the place, very conveniently. There I was examined once again and suggested to acquire fights or at once to put epiduralny. At that time I had no pain in general, I decided to acquire fights to understand what is it. My circulations along a corridor to and fro began: on the right give birth, at the left accepted the baby, ahead the little girl shouts from pain in fights, and I have nothing. The fear began to creep in, as if I was not sent back and my childbirth would not stop. I go, I go, I go, I fray by phone. Take away me to have a look at a crumb which was just born: it is washed water and dressed, tears in the eyes, really and my daughter here - here will see the light. I go further, became it is sensitive to sip a stomach and to release, Here they! At last it becomes more interesting, I go further, fights amplify on feelings, but not painfully absolutely. I decide to go to the patrimonial and to take a look in a window. Went, fights went, is sure, but is not sick.

the nurse Came and suggested epidural to put, I thought that I already understood everything and it is possible already just to roll about and agreed. So serious man came, I turned a back to him, something he conjured there, at all felt nothing, it was even pleasant to a back. That`s all, epiduralny anesthesia costs, it is even surprising how everything is simple and is not sick in general. I lie, I wait when legs refuse, terribly sounds, of course, but it was interesting. Did to my husband it during operation in connection with a fracture of the leg, and I had no fear of epiduralny anesthesia. The pricking in legs began, then pleasant warmly and gradually legs began to grow dumb, and here I do not feel anything below a navel at all. The feeling is strange, but pains any in general during all fights. So I lay 7 hours. Doors were open everywhere, and directly opposite patrimonial the general was patrimonial, and I during the whole time observed how kids are born on light.

doctors came From time to time, watched how there is a disclosure. They look, and feeling such that nobody and a finger touches you, just fine. Here the doctor says that disclosure full and now attempts will begin. Again in me some incredibility that and so also everything is simple provalyalas to give birth. In minutes 20 all will end, all nine months of expectation will stop. The nurse turned off epiduralny anesthesia, and I began to depart from it and gradually pain came.

is a feeling and pain it is difficult to call, it has to have a feeling other name, it cannot be compared to anything, to a cut of a finger or a fracture of a hand.

I Tell

for myself, so it was not sick, it very much - is very notable, but I did not make a sound during the last fights and after approach of attempts. According to the decision of doctors I was decided to be cut slightly that the child passed quicker, and I did not tear. You do not feel a section in general, strangely enough, cut on live, but against attempts it is not felt absolutely.

All this

lasted minutes 20, and on the fourth attempt I gave rise to the treasure, the Daisy. She was born in 19 - 45 weighing 3300 g and 52 cm in height. It was such tiny as it seemed to me, such pretty. To me put it on a breast, and I could not see enough, at once there were a wish to tell the whole world that I gave rise that here it, my dream came true.

it was carried away to wash and dress, to me entered anesthesia again, the afterbirth was born. Began to sew up, long sewed, only 4 stitches, but for some reason they so long did it, and I and wanted to call already the whole world and to tell. At last sewing ended, I was imposed all with ice, I so froze that tooth on tooth did not get. Brought to me hot to tea - it was pleasure. I spent two more hours to patrimonial and I was transferred to postnatal chamber.

the Postnatal office was separated by

from free, it looked so: separate chambers on each woman in labor, in chamber a bed, usual not hospital, a pelenalny little table, the TV, a teapot, a wash basin, two chairs under skin, a coffee table and still a small wall. Generally, as in budget hotel, simply, but does not remind hospital at all. There it was necessary to spend the first five days with my daughter. Visits it was allowed, and to me next day at once there had to arrive my husband. All night long I watched TV as in the first night kids are in the general nursery to allow mother to have a rest. I did not want to have a rest at all, I was ready to run cross-country, however, if it is honest, after an anesthetic dose. I asked it at once as soon as I was translated because seams very unpleasantly hurt. I had a sleepless night, at first kids cried, and I endured everything that it is my daughter. When it became silent, I began to dream that came tomorrow rather and to me there arrived my Vanechka and saw our daughter. There was a strong wish to look at its reaction and his look. At daybreak I fell asleep.

there Came the 22nd, to me still was not believed that all behind. Horror as there was not enough pot-belly to which very much you get used during pregnancy, and here in five minutes it disappears. Of course, waists, such as before pregnancy, no, but in comparison with what was, apparently, that a flat stomach. Having had a look in a mirror, I got up as driven: on a face veins, a vidukha just horror cracked, and I began to try to bring a cold towel the person though into some appropriate look at once, but it not really - that helped.

to Hours brought to 11 me in a cradle my baby, she all was rolled up in diapers as the tell-tale lay, slept and slept, and I could not see enough of it and waited for 16 hours and arrival of my husband to us.

Never I saw the husband such confused, he so was nervous, was afraid to take on hands, it was necessary to persuade, looked at it with such tenderness and smiled, more than ever. Now we real family. I write this story, and my miracle near snuffles, and happiness does not have a limit.

of P/S. The husband decided that children we will have at least three.