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The Moscow vacation of

of Travel - travel, but sometimes in the summer and it is necessary to work. We have no giving, on weekdays the daughter entertains herself, and here during week-end we try to make rest saturated and interesting. The second half of July did not indulge us good weather, but in three Moscow weeks we managed to visit in Kolomna, Arkhangelsk, Tsaritsyno and a landscaping competition in park 50 - the anniversaries of October. As the first three objects all are well-known, I will tell about these trips briefly.


B Kolomna where we are annually, surprised us and a little strange restoration of many objects upset. In particular, Pyotr`s lodge, seemingly, simply - naprosto was sorted and built something new. Old logs lie on the earth, and the new lodge is built from absolutely other logs. It is Pyotr`s lodge? It is restoration?


However, it is even worse when restoration goes for years as it happens to the main palace Arkhangelsk. It is unknown when it is open for visitors. But, despite it, visit of a manor of Yusupov - huge pleasure. Wonderful park with numerous sculptures, arbors, colonnades, cozy Archangel Michael Church, the river - and all this is absolutely close to water-lilies and lilies from Moscow (15 minutes by bus or a minibus from the Tushino metro station).

One more day off we carried out

to Tsaritsyno. Concerning restoration (or constructions anew?) palace complex many opposite opinions are expressed, and I grudge original ruins too, but to walk in the well-planned park now much more pleasantly. And the exhibition in the Big palace was rather interesting to the daughter and the niece.

of the Most romantic and beautiful (metro station Vernadsky Avenue, an exit from the last car from the center, avenues of park begin directly at an exit from the subway). This year the exhibition is devoted to year of a family, from here - the corresponding subjects of numerous compositions. In park it is possible to carry out quietly in the afternoon, here it is very good to children (several playgrounds with locks, a swing, attractions, the platform with growth figures, an athletic field). And, of course, a competition - paradise for photographers. Here and we “photographed“ in plenty there, I bring part of photos to your attention. So, near an entrance to park of visitors meets an original symbol of a family - four huge palms which with pleasure children and teenagers climb. However, there are much more opportunities for outdoor and role-playing games - in the wooden fortress located slightly far away.

2008 - not only year of a family, but also year of a mouse therefore “mouse motives“ are present at many compositions. However landscape designers “occupy“ the compositions and other representatives of the animal and magic world - storks, swans, bees, ants, gnomes...

the Favourite of many audience is the composition “Seven - yo“ where pass - klumbochka are made in the form of amusing ezhiny family.

the Rare family does without family feasts, here and among flower beds did not do without family table and huge fried eggs.

Among composition can be found

also flower beds in the Japanese style, and in techno style (even with electronic doggies). And I most of all liked this, with a crib.

the Moscow summer - short. If there is a wish to remember in the winter not only the Moscow summer rains and bad weather, it is necessary to use in each serene afternoon to arrange itself wonderful Moscow vacation. And, it seems to me, at us it turned out! I advise all to follow our example - Kolomna, Arkhangelsk and Tsaritsyno wait for visitors all the year round, and here the competition of flower beds will last till September 12. Descend - you will not regret!