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The difficult child of

the Word of honor, I do not even know what to begin with... There is no doubt that children are happiness. Ryzhenky, tyomnenky, kurnosenky, clumsy, boys, girls - one and all. But there are such children with whom it is easy, and is such with which it is difficult. Here about the last the speech will also go.

our Daughter was a desired child, pregnancy was planned. Councils and appointments of the doctor were observed sacredly. All 9 months I felt perfectly, to the last crept for work. Also led very much active lifestyle (walked much, often met friends, was engaged in an apartment exchange). Later my rodstvennichka joked that the daughter turned out such because the mummy (that is I) at all not on a sofa lay, and “rushed sausage“. Also the version moved forward that I drank too much of vitaminchik :).

Childbirth took place

safely, the little girl was born with an assessment across Apgar 9/10. Pediatricians to us had no claims, and for the fifth day we safely arrived home. Here - that also began the most interesting... The daughter appeared not just with character, and about - go - go with what character! I will begin with the fact that our maiden required attention all the time (literally from the first day). If we though for a minute left its one in a bed, the invocatory cry was distributed at once. The silence came only when the princess was taken on hands. Or when fed. I honestly tried to implement all pedagogical recommendations (type to approach a bed - to rattle a toy - to talk - to sing songs). Vainly! Besides, the daughter was well very active child. Before the put term began to turn over extensively; lying on a stomach, made a start heels and so could “creep“ all bed. It was possible to leave its one only for very short time and only in a bed with a protection.

Approximately in four months our girl ceased normally (in sense as babies should) sleep at night. Our night dream (to be exact a nightmare) reminded me cut long loaf (40 minutes sleep - wakes up - complains - we are rocked to sleep - and so all night long). As it became clear then, the begun process of a teething was fault to it - the first tooth got out in incomplete five months. And this disgrace proceeded, all teeth did not get out yet. And I - naive, having read clever books about the fact that “since four months the baby can sleep all night long, without waking up“, from unfulfilled hopes it was ready to howl and to climb on a wall... whether

Should saying

that the daughter mastered all put actions before average norms. In 5, 5 months itself sat, in 6 - spread, in incomplete nine began to go without support, and 10 already ran. Eye yes of eyes... And did everything with such enthusiasm that all of us only wondered. Very accurately I remember how I envied mummies whose children all walk peacefully sat in a sandbox and molded a Kulichiki. Ours it is eternal where - nibud aspired, for an hour and a half we with it managed to run all over the half-area. On a lap she did not sit - is uninteresting; in a carriage it was impossible to leave far - got out and if bound a safety thong, all in the district precisely knew - Alyonka goes (the daughter cried out more loudly, than a fire siren). It is clear, that visits of policlinic or where - nibud still were continuous trouble.

Ya as the conscious mummy, frightened of any horror stories, dragged the child to different doctors for an exception of a syndrome of intra cranial hypertensia and a hyperactivity. But, fortunately, all conducted examinations did not reveal pathology. I remember, the neurologist told:“ Calm down, mummy, just the maiden at you painfully emotional and temperamental“. Very much I was glad to it! It is simply happy! But it was difficult to cope with the daughter all the same.

When it began to grow up, other difficulties began. It seems that the favourite word of my child was “no“. Also “I will not be“. And it is valid - not just spoke “no“, and at all refused to do about what it is asked. At the same time loudly asserted the right for self-determination. I tried to fight against such obstinacy in every way: both caress, and arrangements, and promises to punish, and punishments (the truth, never beat, several times slightly splashed on a bottom what I am sorry now about). Essential results were not. Here so, approximately till three years we also did with it everything through “I do not want“. And then she became more obedient child, but all the same still she at first should explain why something should be made quite so, but not differently (for example, it is necessary to put on panty hoses, but not golfs because on the street became cold; it is necessary to finish walk and to go to shop, and that for dinner is there will be nothing etc., etc.). Of course, all this is banal and and has to be, but, the word of honor, sometimes so there is a wish that the child satisfied a request AT ONCE. Without any arrangements and explanations...

of the Grandmother - grandfathers expostulated us on the fact that we with the husband badly bring up and too we indulge the child (and how not to indulge him?) . But they, it is necessary to tell, did not lag behind. What was cost by five kilograms of sweets brought by the grandfather (a pier, he dispute lost Alyone). I do not know what they argued on...

If it is honest, then it was very a pity for me when said to me that I badly bring up the child. I sought to do everything correctly, and itself was sometimes disappointed with result. It is necessary to consider also that we with the husband both very quiet (according to stories of eyewitnesses, in the childhood of special problems did not create). Therefore what our daughter not hearing, loud, talkative, too mobile, as they say, “with a pricker in a bottom“, periodically just unsettled. But we all the same were always firmly sure that it at us - the best. The most favourite. Just with it a lot of patience and desires to make so that then it was easier for her to study at school, to communicate with people is necessary (with this its eternal “no“).

Now, of course, it became better than

. Still, little girl 7 years. She at us the clear head (one of the best according to tests on preparation courses at school), the sportswoman and the dancer (does rhythmic gymnastics - gave to send energy to the peace course), very artistic girl (in a garden to morning performances it was always given the most difficult texts to teach), tries to be an assistant. And in general, the sympathetic and kind child, it has many friends. But all the same very noisy, loud, impulsive and passionate. If something does - that with all the heart!

Having overcome such hard period of infancy and the early childhood, we with the husband long time did not even think of the second child. And then there was something like passion - and others - that children (quieter and appeasable) at us can turn out? And we decided. Now our beloved daughter has a little brother. In spite of the fact that it still very small, it is already clear that character at it absolutely another, than at the sister. Let`s look how everything will develop farther. But obviously one - to our son was very lucky with the sister. Our smiling fidget... We believe that at our children everything will be good! We will make every effort that so was.