Rus Articles Journal


Boy Lived once, Vitya: Shestiletk`s
, brisk, fast.
I went, of course, to school -
In school new, big.
There gray-haired Mar Ivanna
children`s operated the Class.
I told Mar Ivanna: - Get
, children, paints,
We will paint
our first picture today.

“Class!“ - the boy Vitya thought.
“Paints is that it is necessary!“
he always with big hunting
Drew flowers and palm trees,
of Tigers, lions, rockets, mother... it Took
paints, and paper.

- Stop! - Mar Ivanna told,
- I See that not all are ready. we Wait for
! - and the boy Vitya
With a reluctance closed paints.
- Now we with you
will Draw flowers, - told
Mar Ivanna when children
everything Were already ready.

“Wow“ - the boy Vitya thought,
It - that could in two minutes
I of a camomile, and a geranium to draw peonies,
I with big enthusiasm
He in an album began right there
to Draw big and bright
the Delightful bouquet.

- Stop! - Mar Ivanna told.
- I will show you at first! she drew with
On a green leg red
Very unpretentious tulip.

- Now, - she told, - Begin
the Boy Vitya,
Looked in an album at first.
There, of course, flaunted
of the Rose, an aster and a camomile -
Was a bouquet its beautiful. Vitya did not tell
was Pulled out by a leaf, and started over again
Drawing a flower on a leg,
On a green leg red,
Very unpretentious tulip.

The next day the boy Vitya, Shestiletk`s
, brisk, fast,
Again in school on the lessons
ran Early in the morning.

I was told by Mar Ivanna:
- We will be today, children,
to be engaged in the Moulding from
plasticine At a lesson.

“Class!“ - the boy Vitya thought.
It - that could Mould from
plasticine houses and mountains,
I of green little men.
Took rather the box of
With multi-colored plasticine...

- Stop! - Mar Ivanna told.
- I See that not all are ready. we Wait for
! - the boy Vitya
With a reluctance closed a box.

- Now we with you
will Mould a cup together, amicably, -
so told Mar Ivanna,
When everything were ready.

the Boy Vitya with ecstasy
Began to knead hands
Fragrant bars
From color plasticine.
I in two minutes
Moulded such cups What
in life did not see
Mother, the father, Mar Ivanna.

- Stop! - Mar Ivanna told.
- I will show you at first.
I it stuck together right there
the Cup tea, simple.

- Here such we will do, Begin
! - the boy Vitya
the cups that on a school desk
Were built a motley row, For a start inspected

It were a miracle - cups. Vitya did not tell
Also silently in a sphere colourless
Plasticine rolled the quickly,
I stuck together such cup,
As wanted Mar Ivanna.

Day after day, there passes time.
the Boy Vitya learned
to Wait for others, to watch how it is necessary,
to Draw, mold and glue.
I any more is never more than

Somehow time went Vitya
With mother, the father, the younger brother
To the city of Kharkiv where the apartment
New was now.
the Boy Vitya, a shestiletka,
It went, of course, in school,
In school it is even more former -
With a garden school, stadium,
I pool on Wednesday morning.

Young Les Mikhalna
the Class children`s operated

I was told by Les Mikhalna: - Get
, children, paints,
we together
Will Draw today flowers!
“Well, cool“ -
So thought the boy Vitya,
I began to wait when the teacher
shows All how what to do.

Young Les Mikhalna
On passes moved ahead,
I looked on children
In their cheerful albums.

- to Twist

, Les Mikhalna asked,
- You do not want with us together
to Draw?
- I Want of course! As we it will do

Les Mikhalna Smiled to

- I do not know... How you want? you Will draw
, and we learn!

- I can Take any
paint? - with a doubt the boy Vitya
- Well, of course! all children from a class will have
I different drawings.
, think, it will be difficult to Guess
where whose drawing,
If all of them are similar?....

Vitya did not tell

the word.
It opened an album, took paints:
On a green leg red
began to draw a tulip.

to Help the child to reveal, in his aspirations and interests, but not to change it “under itself“ is a task of any teacher. Look for such teacher who will not tie your child to a certain model, but who by means of DIFFERENT models will help the child to find the way. Good luck to all kids going to school.