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And - alternative to breastfeeding: is or not? (the alphabet of breastfeeding)

Instead of the preface

the word “alphabet“ is treated by

In “Explanatory dictionary“ of Ojegov as “the same, as the abc-book - the book for initial training in the diploma“. In figurative sense the alphabet we call “the main, elementary beginnings of some science, put“. Therefore at once I will make a reservation - in this sense no Alphabet of breastfeeding can be. The nature took care of everything that is connected with the birth of the person: pregnancy, childbirth, feeding by a breast are three components of a whole. “The training programs“ are put in each woman at the level of an instinct, a reflex, something else that it is difficult to describe words - it is just necessary to learn to use them.

For this reason questions “and suddenly I will have no milk?“, “feed or not nurse?“ or the statement “at me will not turn out“ are a little abstract. In chest gland of each pregnant woman milk is produced . All have it. As what is programmed initially can not turn out: there is a breast, endocrine glands producing hormones, the special mechanism of production of milk at each stage of life (the first hours, days, weeks) of the newborn “is developed“ - in a word, everything in a female organism is arranged naturally. Unless it is possible “to give birth or not to give birth“? Or “to stop“ pregnancy on the eighth month, having decided that “I was tired“ or “it is impossible to me“? On pseudo-modern argument: “there is no U me milk therefore anybody does not have it “, look in a different way:“ I have milk because all young mothers have it“.

If everything is so simple and natural

, then why there can be difficulties when feeding by a breast? In - the first, they arise not at all . In - the second, any new business demands some skill and practical applications. In “Alphabet“ the numerous “technical moments“ with which, I will repeat are in detail described, you can never face.

B - the third, life is dynamic and diverse : circumstances change, so it is necessary to look for new solutions of new situations. One business if you stay at home with the kid, you have a husband, the nurse, the grandmother - everything together they will help to cope with other efforts that you quietly were engaged with the baby, including, and would nurse it. And absolutely other situation when mother, with the tongue hanging out, has to run for work in a month after the delivery...

the Lion`s share written to you should not be read to

because you and so perfectly know it . Some “letters“ of the Alphabet, perhaps, will dispel your doubts, will confirm guesses, will arm with knowledge in which, as we know, force. I am sure that the most important is transferred from the person to the person in direct communication - books, magazines, correspondence courses, videotapes can be considered only as “intermediaries“ but in any measure do not replace communication between people, the live speech. Large volume of this material is determined also by a problem of such direct communication (I do not know as far as I will manage it).

the material Offered today can consider

only as the first part - process of “writing“ of the Alphabet of breastfeeding continues.

A - alternative to breastfeeding: is or not?

it is correct to b to answer

this (not such idle time as it seems at first sight) a question each mother has to. Least of all I wanted to agitate for breastfeeding or in some way “to point to mistakes“ by that who feeds kids with artificial mixes from a small bottle. Time so it turned out, so for certain you had serious reasons and circumstances for adoption of such decision...

the term “substitutes of women`s milk“ are not used by

In Western Europe in the last several years: for the name of artificial nutrition (not a feeding up!) the phrase “dairy mix“ is applied. After long-term discussions the World Health Organization (WHO) achieved such situation. Because the term “substitutes of women`s milk“ - inexact: literally nothing can replace breast milk. Yes, the chemical and food industry do not stand still, the dairy mixes which are more and more adapted and confidants on structure to women`s milk are created. But! Experts are sure that in the next century it is artificial it will not be possible to synthesize analog women`s milk. It is all about an insuperable biological barrier - in biological activity of breast milk which cannot be created. As my friend told, the nature is able to keep the secrets...

it would Seem to

, everything is simple: the composition of women`s milk is known, “is literally classified“ - so many fats, proteins, carbohydrates, such - that vitamins, amino acids, mineral substances.“ The embankment“ in a jar of all is more yes than excellent quality - here to you and “women`s“ milk... But, it turns out how vitamins - carbohydrates were “included“ into an organism, so and “left“ it. Yes, the child will not remain hungry if to feed him with artificial nutrition, but it is necessary to understand: it occurs due to more intense efforts of an organism (digestion, allocation of “waste“ etc.). The players of chest milk are constantly changed, it is able “to adapt“ to change of circumstances: the child was born in this or that climatic zone; the kid was born premature or, on the contrary, with a large weight; the child got sick or spent more energy, than usually; the season etc. changed - the structure of breast milk will be a miscellaneous.“ The composition even of the most remarkable artificial mix is not possible to reconstruct“ every time! In this sense of alternative to women`s milk is not present. Certainly, instead of breast milk the kid can eat something else - artificial dairy mixes, vegetable and fruit purees, kefir, cottage cheese etc. It is a subject of separate conversation.

By the way, about the name, “substitutes of women`s milk“, “dairy mixes“ etc. In our country there were certain shifts too - probably, you noticed that on each packing of baby food there is an inscription:“ Maternal milk - the best food for the baby“.

Everything about what it is told above, connected with the physiological party. But there is still a set of other important points. And it not only “banal“ emotional connection of mother with the baby. I want to share with you opinion of two remarkable people who made impression on me the image of those perspectives of breastfeeding to which it is not accepted to pay great attention.

Vilen Garbuzov, children`s psychotherapist, professor (St. Petersburg):“ Value of applying to a maternal breast is so deep, big and is various that the fact of food by breast milk, as if it was useful not, remains minor. Sucking of a maternal breast - the most ancient natural, natural rhythmic act. Channels of a female nipple are narrowed or extend depending on identity, temperament and need of the specific child. This rhythm promotes formation at the kid an alpha - a brain rhythm, influences its intellectual maturing. The pacifier from a small bottle with milk in this sense is unnatural. The opening in a nipple big - the kid chokes, narrow - he suffers, hardly getting the food. Rhythm is perverted, is not individual.... Anyway milk from a small bottle is always only food. Milk from a breast - the greatest maternal caress. The maternal breast - what belongs only to the child cannot be replaced with anything, leaves a print for the rest of life“.

Donalds Woods of Vinnikot, the largest English children`s psychiatrist and the psychoanalyst, from the book “Small Children and Their Mothers“:

“I not especially am zealous

with the recommendation to nurse. Though I hope that the general orientation of what I tell about it year after year, leads to this effect - just because it is natural, and what is natural, has under itself a strong basis...

Should not doubt that considerable number of people in the modern world safely grew up also without experience of breastfeeding. It means that the baby has also other opportunities to test physical proximity with mother. However, if you are interested in my opinion, then I regret for each case when mother could not nurse the child, just because I consider: mother or the child, or, both mother, and the child, lose something, without having endured this experience. I speak not only about an illness and mental disorders; it is about wealth of the personality, about a strength of mind, about ability to test happiness, just as about ability to rise and revolt. It seems that true force consists in direct link with natural development of an individual, to it is that we just and aspire. In my opinion, mental health of an individual from the very first days is put by his mother... Breastfeeding, of course, is the integral party of a big problem of the successful beginning.

... I will remind: all trifles of relationship between mother and the child at the very beginning of their communication are significant and do not lose value because at all that seem self-evident. Thus, I approach the statement of value of breastfeeding, going from thought that breastfeeding is not absolutely necessary, especially for mothers having with it personal difficulties. But hardly someone will object if I tell: completeness of the experience endured at the time of natural feeding is immense. The child is awake, is brisk, all his engendering personality entirely is involved in process. The most part of wakefulness at the baby is connected with feeding process at the beginning...

Along with the experiences of the child richer at feeding with a breast, but not from a bottle, we will remember what feels and tests during feeding mother. Hardly it is possible to describe feeling of achievement which can test mother when own physiology at the beginning throwing her into some confusion suddenly finds sense... The feeling of maternal satisfaction has special character in case the woman provides to the child part of herself. Feelings of mother connect in her to experience of own infancy, and this cumulative experience goes to depth of times when the sort homo was only allocated from a class of mammals... “.