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Nature miracle, or Rhoda in Volkovysk I Will begin

from the very beginning. From my pregnancy. Everything turned out from the first. I did not know, there will come pregnancy at once or not, but just in case at work when we noted something, wine refused.

Usually monthly at me begin

with morning in strictly certain days. But here not! After work came, bought the test. Came home, it was closed in a bathroom and began to wait. On the test in Russian it was written: “To watch a test result in 3 - 5 min.“ I passed these words. In the beginning one stripe seemed. The second was also not trace. I who is a little afflicted put the test in jeans and started wandering to change clothes. In the evening the husband was also afflicted with test results.

the Next day was day off (Saturday). I gathered on shops. Began to put on, and here the test fell out of a pocket. Decided to look at it once again. And - oh, My God! Two it is bright - red strips. It I, the little fool, in a hurry did not wait for the put 3 - 5 minutes and decided that on it the test is finished. On the same day bought the second. Decided to check whether it is glitches at me. The second test also was positive. From this point my pregnant life began.

At first my Vanka wanted

the girl, the daughter, but then suddenly declared that all - at us will be the boy. In 2 days I went to the doctor, but he sent me and told to seem in 2 weeks since he groped nothing probably term very small. Then I handed over a lot of analyses, bypassed all necessary doctors.

Toxicosis did not torment me with

any day, the breast did not hurt. Generally, I was absolutely not pregnant. There was only a wish to go quicker for the first ultrasonography (in 12 weeks) that everything will make sure of “situation“. There I was pleased, having confirmed it. Told that the child already 5,6 cm. In 16 weeks I felt the first stir. On the second ultrasonography (in 18 weeks) my kid already turned over. When I asked who I will have, the nasty ultrasonographer told:“ Your child not so lies“. It is clear. Thanks for kindness.

Everything was good

till 35 weeks. Then at me hemoglobin “fell“, protein raised. Then the first time I also laid down on preservation. In maternity hospital got acquainted with many little girls. Closely I communicate with some still. Generally, put me to remain almost before New year - on December 21 (PDR - on January 19). After me on preservation put only 2 little girls.

Since 26. 12 we slowly wrote out home for New Year`s holidays, and after them wished to see again. I was not wanted to be written out home from at all - for hypostases, but I was in a forceful mood and every time before round on half an hour held legs on a bed back (that hypostases descended down, however, if to lower legs, they appeared also quickly, as well as disappeared). In the same place, in maternity hospital, me made ultrasonography, told that there will be a sonny. And that the fruit weighs already 2 kg 800 g

All - I left maternity hospital. And here still the husband persuaded to go for New year to his parents for 300 km from our city (6 hours by train with change). I agreed. Thank God to what did not give rise there since the town at them small, I know nobody, about the attitude of doctors towards patients in their maternity hospital I do not know too. Generally, our trip passed successfully, and we came back home on January 8.

A already on January 13 I went to maternity hospital. Expected childbirth there. By this moment at me the stopper already departed. Came to maternity hospital, met familiar faces. Here it will also be good, not so boring! We became friends with one little girl (Natasha) especially. It still lay on preservation since she should have given birth at the beginning of February. The last before childbirth days were especially disturbing, there was a wish to meet quicker the masy and to go home to the daddy.

on Natashke`s round was told on January 17 that it has an opening 3 fingers, and she will go to the 5th floor to give birth. And it had 37 weeks! Nobody thought that he so will turn out, and all began to empathize Natasha amicably. I empathized most! In the evening she gave rise, and she was brought on our floor to postnatal. I and one more little girl went to ask her as everything passed, on feelings. By the evening I understood that at me the stomach aches a bit. All chorus told that following after Natasha I will give rise.

Night passed

quietly. In the morning the stomach did not cease to hurt, and on round I told about it to the doctor. She looked at me on a chair, but opening was in only 1 finger. By a lunch I began weak contractions. The doctor (Berezovskaya Elena, a middle name, sorry, I do not remember), having looked at me once again, told that the same opening. But fights were! And every 5 - 7 min. on 35 - 50 sec., though still very weak. In the evening change exchanged. Other doctor - Rybczynski (a name I do not remember) came, and fights did not disappear anywhere. In 22. 00 on January 18 I was looked already by him (the man of years 35, quiet, kind, inspiring trust), told that opening 2 fingers, and me are better to go on the 5th floor under supervision of the midwife. I packed things and went to the 5th floor, and all little girls from chamber wished me good luck.

B patrimonial literally in 1 hour of fight amplified incredibly. In 23. To 00 me punctured a bubble, waters (it is not sick at all, not to watch the main thing at the tool which this serious work is done) departed, and in 2 minutes I was ready to climb on walls from pain. There was an evening, there was a wish to sleep, but fights did not give, there was a wish to approach to look in a window at passersby, but was dark. Periodically the midwife (Irina Tadeushevna) came, said that I deeply breathed and went more, then I will quicker give rise. But legs did not obey me - I could only lie, for as. T. abused me.

me was watched Each hour by the doctor. Disclosure went well therefore fights did not stimulate. Pricked only glucose and something there still. When I was even more - less in consciousness, asked what to me is done, and then to me was all the same - if only it ended quicker. In 2. 00 once again on survey the doctor told that if so is further, then in an hour we will go in he rodzat. I already hardly suffered fights and began to postanyvat a little. I spent all remained time for beds. Between fights I fell asleep and when all squeezed me from pain, woke up, without understanding where I. I. T. did not leave me any more. Persuaded to go more, but I could not. Having collected the last puny strength, I all - got up that process went quicker. I. T. asked all the time whether there is a wish to me in a toilet “on - big“, and I was hurt by all body, and I did not understand any more where what and as hurts. And what I want more. Though I also did not want “on - big“, but I answered the next question of the midwife:“ About - about - about - very much I want“. Only then I understood that all - was early, and I had no attempts. I do not know how many it still would proceed if I did not tell lies. I was looked by the doctor and told that the head already goes, and in 3. 10 we went in rodzat.

I Made an effort, of course, not correctly. At me it was impossible to make an effort 3 times for fight since they quickly passed. Then I declared:“ In total! I cannot any more! Do to me Caesarian“. The doctor did not give in on my arrangements and began to press on a stomach. You do not even represent what is it when the adult man on you presses from all force! It seems that now your interiors will get out through eyes. I felt how the head entered patrimonial ways, and from all forces constrained myself not to squeeze it.

the head Seemed to

, and I heard cry, and then I gave birth to all kid. To it cleared a mouth at once and tied up an umbilical cord. Told that masik it was strongly twisted: for a neck, under handles and for legs. But nothing, everything managed. Then it was highly lifted, showed that the boy. Having squeezed out several drops of colostrum from a breast, brought it. Masik greedy ate everything, and he was carried away to measure and weigh. By the way, my kid weighing 2600, 47 cm in height - absolutely a crumb was born. And I - was long sewn up for a long time (there were many internal cracks). When sewed up, it was sick, but it nothing in comparison with what I already endured. Then I lay 2 hours with a hot-water bottle on a stomach. There were 5 o`clock in the morning. Brought me phone, and I congratulated Vanka on the fact that he became a father.

Soon me was transferred to postnatal. I lay and thought of when bring me my kid - so there were a wish to look at him. In an hour to me it was brought to feed, showed how correctly it is necessary to do it. I could not see enough of this miracle of the nature. At 8 o`clock in maternity hospital rise, and soon all 4th floor ran together to congratulate me. Then relatives, friends and all others began to call.

my pleasure was saddened by

next day - the masik had an alfalfa butterfly, and it was appropriated on other floor for a dropper. Three days at me were broken off heart from the fact that all mothers have kids, and mine not with me now. This day gave birth to us three, but all the same we were written out before others.

After we arrived home: I, probably, chilled a breast and could not feed normally the kid - pain was infernal. Then the sonny mixed day with a night - the whole day slept sluggishly and immoderately, and did not allow to sleep at night. And still to me there was no life from (apologize) hemorrhoids. Next day after the delivery he began to be ill so that I what to sit, could not even stand. Thank God, the husband brought sea-buckthorn candles - it became easier, but for a while. So I was tormented 2 months until mother bought me other candles. Only then I forgot what is hemorrhoids.

Now to us 2 years and 6 months. Our Egorka already absolutely big and independent. Will go to a garden soon. We with the husband want more the daughter, but year through two. Pregnancy and childbirth - the finest time in my life.