Rus Articles Journal


Imagine the central street of the regional town. Evening. The tired people are brought up to the bus-stop. Many know each other by sight. There is a conversation about essential, people exchange news, gossips. The bus is late. The attention of crowd is drawn by the person who, holding a house wall, tries to reach an entrance with a speed, maximum for its state. The man is clean-shaven, quite good, on provincial concepts, is dressed. The pink bald head shines in a frame zolotisto - copper hair. On a face expression of impatience and determination. The chorus of female voices at a stop exhales:“ Again“! Representation begins. Red becomes before an iron door, strong plants the feet against asphalt, does fingers up and sticks with them into the coded lock. By. Shifting from one foot to the other and muttering itself something, “hero“ repeats attempt. Without results. Having turned to a stop he tries to find eyes a familiar face, but, apparently, today not its day. Who turned away, who giggles, who looks osuzhdayushche. Once again thumbs up unsuccessfully try to press at the same time the buttons, but come to full grief. Having stood, the hero decides on a last resort. He throws back the head, and, holding the door handle not to fall, shouts so that the frightened pigeons jump aside from a stop in different directions: “Lyusya!“ And in a second: “Lyuska!!“

On a balcony of the second floor Juliette years of forty in a smart silk dressing gown, hair curlers and a small doggie on hands appears. Madam considers the visitor, gradually her chubby face accepts victorious expression. The pause drags on.

It : Lyus!

It : Well!

It : Open!

It ( With boredom in a voice ): What for?

It : Open, I now here will make a pool!

It : Begin.

It : Lyusk ( the Punch at a door ), open, it will be worse!

It : To whom?

It : There is a bitch! ( New attempt to gather a code. Unsuccessfully )

It : Bitch! Here. Everything that in twenty years you can tell me.

It : Lyusenka, well you only let, I to you will tell so much...

It : Speak...

It : What?

It : Well, for a start - where you nakhryukatsya so... In honor of what. With whom.

It : Lyusenka, well you, well, at work for holiday was put down by Mikhalych...

It : And women were?

It : Yes what women, Lyus! Open!

It ( Addressing a stop ): And here so all life! Tell Mikhalychu that did not paint companies with lipstick when kisses you on a bald head! All from above is visible to me! ( Addressing a stop ) It whom it is necessary to be that to the man to make such setup! Here, where bitches - that...

It ( Grabbing a bald head ): Lyusya, it not that you thought! It...

It ( having Slightly looked narrowly ):“ Oh, a stench“ - a cyclamen with the shown effect. You were marked. My mother in the village of roosters such paint marks. On rejection.

It : You will open or not? I cannot any more! ( Repeated attempt to open a door ).

It : The last fifteen years from you only it is also heard.

It : That you before people dishonor me, the snake you is rattling...

It ( Addressing a stop ): Snake, bitch... Here, babonk, to us award for our love and fidelity. ( Addressing a doggie ) you me love One, the Sweetie. What? You sleep? Dozed off, small? Sleep, sleep. The dream in the fresh air strengthens health... And earlier he the lassie called me, the Snow Maiden... ( Cries ). I also thawed, the silly woman!

It : Lyus, well what you, well, was not women any there, well you think, well who will covet me?

It ( Stroking a doggie ): The Sweetie is a lot of silly women, however?

It : In total! I break a door! ( Hits with a leg into a door, the Sweetie half asleep hysterical screams, barks greedily ).

It : You, bandit! Frightened a doggie! Sweetie, small! What is with you? You shiver? Peed the pants, poor mine!

It : You feel sorry for him!

the Man continues to knock at the door legs. From the street the red girl approaches it.

Girl : Fathers!

It : And! About! Daughter! Open for me this: door! Placed everyones here!

the Girl ( With laughter ): Fathers, you what, the code forgot?

It : I remember a code! I cannot get to buttons! Open!

Girl : Fathers, there spirits from a new collection exposed: You will add?

It ( Removing all cash from pockets, but not giving in hands ): Door!!!

the Girl ( Opening ): I ask!

the Man quickly gives to

all money of the daughter, rushes to a door, but the girl stops it.

Girl : Fathers, and as usual?


It, having taken the father for ears, kisses it on a bald head. Lyusya observes this scene from a balcony. The father rushes to an open door. The girl raises the head.

Girl : Mothers, I forgot the lipstick again! It on a podzerkalnik! Oh, Stench firm, cyclamen!

of Lyusya ( Perplexed ): With the shown effect...

Girl : Well, now peep. Last night bought. By the way, tell the father, let the top of the head will wipe. Lotion. Water with soap does not take.

the Girl catches the lipstick thrown by mother, waves a hand, runs away.

of Lyusya : And all - women, silly women we...

of Lyusya turns around, faces in the doorway of a balcony the husband. He swings the head, embraces it for shoulders, takes away. The people at a stop applaud.