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About pair of harmonous legs

“Hardly you will find Two pairs of harmonous female legs in Russia whole /“, - A.S. Pushkin wrote. Possibly, the poet searching met insuperable difficulties...

I no wonder! In its time did not carry pass. Another matter modern women moreover in the summer... It is a high time to think of the legs.

Behind legs needs to look after not less carefully, than the person. Legs should carry the weight of all our body. Our health and beauty depend on our legs much more, than we assume. According to yoga, on soles of legs there are all important points of our organism. About 72000 nervous terminations are the share of them.

In a day our legs are tired and often swell. When you come back home, do not hurry to rush to a plate or another household chores at once. Of course, in us long time was inspired about the value of “mnogostanochnitsa“, even songs were like “I will call you zorenky, only you get up earlier“... It is possible to continue a poetic row by something it seems: “I will call you a horse, only you more pasha...“ I suggest to take care of myself favourite - one and only.

Slowly drink a cup of green jasmine tea and lie down for 10 - 15 minutes in the dark room, having enclosed the roller under legs. Blood will rush back from tired legs, having reduced fatigue and puffiness. For the night make a tray. If legs strongly sweat, on them there were cracks, drip in warm water several drops of oil of a tea tree. Well the tray with broth from mint works.

Hot bathtubs are contraindicated to

at varicosity and weak heart. Besides you are going not to cook legs, and to rejuvenate and revitalize them. Hot bathtub is required only at callosities. It is necessary to do it regularly at least once a week.

Antiseptic action the tray with calendula broth addition possesses. She removes irritation and helps healing of microscopic wounds and attritions.

Infusion with addition of a camomile pharmaceutical in the same proportions softens with

skin of legs. National doctors recommend garlic for data of callosities. Juice is squeezed out of garlic, the wadded tampon becomes impregnated with it and it is put to the callosity which is previously steamed out in a soda bathtub. Procedure is carried out for the night. A leg cotton and the woolen sock from above is put on it. A course - 15 - 20 times.

At the grown nail: the fingerstall (some handymen adapt a condom) undertakes, it is filled with butter on ¼ also it is put on a sore finger on all night long. From above - a woolen sock. When the nail otmyaknt, it is carefully raised and enclose sterile bandage.


At the increased perspiration of legs are well helped by trays from oak bark.

recommends to do

For the night massage of feet. It is necessary to sit down conveniently on a chair, having crossed legs in Turkish. Slightly to develop feet to itself. The left leg is massed the right hand, and right - left. Massage is begun with grinding of a surface of feet. Grinding duration about a minute. Further the razminaniye of fingers follows, since a thumb and finishing a little finger. Then in line razminany surfaces of foot, and in end - heels. Duration of massage is 5 minutes. Before procedure of a hand it is necessary to grease with the moisturizing cream or special foot cream.

Daily massage strengthens blood circulation and by that removes feeling of fatigue, helping the woman to feel for many years young and healthy.

if you want

A that your legs were soft and smooth, as at the baby, then for the night after a tray oil them castor with 1 drop of rose, lavender or jasmine attar and put on cotton socks on all night long. In the morning, having got up, on tiptoe walk on the room to and fro. Try to hold a back directly. Strain and relax muscles of legs of 5 - 6 times.

in the Spring and try to go more barefoot at home, at the dacha on a grass, on the river bank or the seas on a sand in the summer. Circulation on smooth round pebble - fine massage for legs.

Can take stones from walk, to bring them from rest, to take in a vessel with potassium permanganate, and then to pour out in a basin or in the bathtub filled with water and to go on them minutes five every days. The improving effect of similar procedure is guaranteed. If, of course, you carry out it regularly. Let your harmonous legs as long as possible run on a path... and not only.