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Than the child played - if only did not cry?

Crying are the only possibility of the newborn to report to mother that to it it is bad. That at the kid the favorable impression about the world was created, any its request for the help should not be disregarded. The quicker mother comes to the rescue of the child, the his nervous system suffers less and the more favorable there is his impression about new habitat.

the Opinion that, crying, the child develops lungs, is not justified. The healthy well-groomed baby will not begin to cry without the reason. Either the sick child, or the child at inattentive parents can constantly cry. If the kid began to cry, so something disturbs him, and it is necessary to understand the crying reasons.

Possible reasons of crying newborn:

skilled mother can determine by

his reason By crying of the newborn:

Invocatory crying - the child shouts 5 - 6 seconds, then does a pause for 20 - 30 seconds, expecting result, then again shouts approximately seconds 10 and again calms down for 20 - 30 seconds. This cycle is repeated several times, at the same time the crying period gradually increases, does not pass into continuous yet.

Hungry crying - begins

with draft crying. If mother approached and took on hands, but did not offer a breast, then crying turns into the angry shout which is combined with the search movements by the head and during search movements the child becomes silent. If mother does not give also after that a breast, then exacting crying turns into crying with zakhlebyvaniye.

Crying at pain is a crying with a shade of suffering and a hopelessness. It is rather equal continuous crying in which periodically there are surges in desperate shout which, probably, correspond to strengthening of pain.

Crying at an urination
- is similar

to peep or a hnykanye which can turn into shout just before the urination moment if mother does not understand the child and does not give him help, landing it.

Crying at desire to fall asleep - quite equal hnykanye - the complaint, followed by yawning and frequent closing of eyes.

besides, the baby can reflect various emotional experiences in crying - offense, the complaint, alarm, sincere suffering, hopelessness etc.

of the Rule of conduct of parents when crying the child.

  1. First and the most important governed - if the kid began to cry, it needs to be taken on hands and to give a breast. And if he began to cry, being on hands, it is necessary to offer him a breast and to shake.
  2. If the child does not calm down or refuses to take
  3. a breast, and mother cannot understand nature of crying - to find out its reason. For this purpose it is necessary to try to land the child or to change diapers if he already made everything independently, to try to shake the kid and to put him to bed. If it does not yield fast result, it is necessary to check and remove the possible causes of irritation of skin: to check clothes, a condition of a carriage or a berth whether to check the ear of the kid was wrapped whether there is no intertrigo or rashes.
  4. Trying to calm the child, mother itself has to be quiet. Quite often children cry, reacting to irritation and nervousness of mother or the general spiteful situation in a family. Therefore the woman needs to calm down and eliminate an irritation source.
  5. If these measures do not yield result, so the reasons of crying are result of an indisposition of the child and it is necessary to call the doctor.

the Staff of department of children`s diseases of N3 with courses of endocrinology and homeopathy of FUV of the Russian State medical university L. I. Ilyenko and A. Yu. Kostenko.
Article from the book “The Book for Parents about Natural Feeding and Rules of Care of Newborns“.