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Gymnastics in a bathtub of

Daily after the unlucky working day and household chores it is possible to warm up tired muscles and to ensure a good dream. The gymnastics in a bathtub will help with it. It is available practically to each person, for it there are no contraindications. It is recommended even to the people recovering after a serious illness as in water it is much easier to do exercises.

So, water in a bathtub has to be pleasant temperature, about 37 - 38 ░C. Procedure has to last about 15 minutes. It is possible to add to water broth of a camomile, marjoram, a St. John`s Wort or favourite essential oil which several drops need to be dissolved in 100 ml of milk and only then to pour out in a bathtub.

the Purpose of water gymnastics is in that though somehow to warm up the muscles tired of a long static stress during the working day. It should be noted that the set of exercises yields result only at daily performance.

needs to Begin with
  1. water charging with exercises for a neck: standard smooth turns to the right - on the left and up - down.
  2. Then to warm up shoulders roundabouts at first forward, then back.
  3. to Connect palms before a breast to the quiet pressing movements to feel all muscles of hands and a breast.
  4. Sitting directly, shoulders are lowered. On a breath to cramp shovels together. On an exhalation - to return to a starting position.
  5. to Bend legs in knees, a back direct. To put hands on knees and to execute the following exercise: to try to part knees, but so that at the same time the palms lying on them did not give it to make. To do the same exercise, having put the clenched fists between knees - to try to cramp knees, at the same time hands counteract this movement.
  6. to Extend legs on a bathtub bottom, on a breath to pull the right sock from itself, left - on itself, on an exhalation - on the contrary.
  7. Holding
  8. the left hand edge of a bathtub, to raise a direct right leg, holding it the right hand, to try to touch by a knee forehead. To repeat the same for the left leg.
  9. to be taken by
  10. by the edges of a bathtub, legs are bent in knees. On a breath as much as possible to cave in back, at the same time the nape reaches for a backbone. To be late in such situation for several seconds. On an exhalation to return to a starting position. The thorax has to be completely opened. After an exhalation it is possible to be late with the lungs filled with air.
  11. Sitting in a bathtub, on a breath to be twisted to the right side, trying to get the opposite edge of a bathtub. On an exhalation to return to a starting position. To repeat exercise in other party.
  12. to Get into a bath directly, whenever possible to extend legs on a bathtub bottom. Diafragmalny breath: to inhale, having completely expanded a thorax, at the same time the stomach is pulled in to a backbone. Then the breath delay, an exhalation with relaxation of a diaphragm follows. Then before a breath again small delay of breath.
Such breath promotes

not only enrichment of fabrics oxygen, but also to strengthening of muscles of an abdominal tension.

Despite the seeming simplicity of exercises, first it is rather difficult to carry out them, especially for people unprepared physically. For a start it is necessary to repeat each exercise no more than 10 times. Gradually increasing the number of the carried-out approaches, it is possible to achieve very quite good results. Of course, this set of exercises can be expanded on the basis of own knowledge and feeling of what muscles you need to knead and ôrecoverô.

Actually, complexity of these exercises is only that they need to be done every day. For many women who do not have time or forces on visit of sports club such pass - occupations can be the only way out. Short warm-up in a bathtub quite perhaps will be in the evening more useful, than you think. On time, for example, the gymnastics in a bathtub takes 15 - 20 minutes - depending on that, how intensively to train. The same time can be found and the general toning of an organism - for a bathtub can prepare special mixes. Even the most usual salina has the toning effect and beneficial influence on body skin.