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On heels!

What high heels mean to the modern woman? The model footwear on a high heel is visually more slim silhouette and, of course, an essential increase in length of legs. And what heels mean to future mother?

Many women, having been “in “family way“, could not refuse carrying footwear on heels. Any troubles in health which arose on different terms became the reason of replacement of a heel by a flat sole, generally.

Psychologists commented on this situation so: during pregnancy the woman is deprived of much what got used in everyday life to. Often the first pregnancy even if desired, causes in future mother many fears concerning her further life and essential changes in appearance, in the presence of such fears desire as long as possible to keep former appearance quite often forces the woman to carry the accessories not peculiar to the pregnant woman. At the same time the woman can not know about potential harm or not attach it due significance.

foot Anatomy

the Structure of foot is really unique

, and the functions which are carried out by it. are invaluably important for an organism in general. Foot consists of 19 muscles. 26 bones (plus 2 sesamovidny - very small stones), 33 joints and 107 sheaves, sinews and nerves. In forward department of foot 5 plusnevy bones which, actually, and maintain the weight of our body during walking, 2 sesamovidny bones and 14 phalanxes (a bone of fingers) are located. The average department of foot consists of 5 bones of a tarsus which form the foot arch. The back department is presented by collision and calcaneal bones. When the person costs, the ankle distributes body weight between foot bones, and average and back departments are exposed to the largest pressure. Four arches of foot also promote uniform distribution of body weight: cross arch, forward arch tarsus, lateral arch and median. Three main points of support: two in forward department and one in a heel.

foot Structure not for nothing such difficult: only imagine 33 joints! Though it is possible to call the volume of movements in these joints insignificant in comparison with other joints in a body of the person, these movements carry out depreciation when walking.

If we wear


of Amortiziruya energy of each step, stop protects all other joints of a leg from “wear“. At violation of shock-absorbing function knee and coxofemoral joints experience enormous strain.

Instead of three points of support which are at the correct horizontal position of foot on a high heel all weight of a body moves to phalanxes of fingers and forward part of foot that, in turn, displaces the center of gravity of a body of a kpereda and causes an excessive deflection of a backbone forward in lumbar department, At a basin inclination as compensatory reaction, arises a deviation of chest department of a backbone of a kzada. Any changes of position of a backbone lead to violation of a normal arrangement of internals, It can cause various functional violations.


At change of provision of foot a little differently shin muscles work during walking: they are less involved, over time weaken, becoming flabby. Weakening of a muscle work of a shin is led to violation of outflow of blood on veins, by skeletal muscles - the assistant to veins: being reduced, muscles of a shin push blood on veins, without allowing it to stand, and to veins - to extend. Thus, the correct muscle work of a shin is a right prevention of a varicosity, and high heels promote emergence and progressing of this disease.

Heels and pregnancy

during pregnancy, even when it is not noticeable yet, in an organism there are global changes. The main hormone of pregnancy, progesterone, influences connecting fabrics, softening them, It is a peculiar preparation for childbirth. And for incorrectly located foot such pliability of sheaves and sinews can easily turn into permanent deformation of joints - both foot joints, and knee and coxofemoral.

Change of a bend of a backbone causes a basin inclination forward. It cannot but affect the provision of a fruit. At an excessive inclination forward the cavity of a basin stops being such convenient “cradle“ for future child. Strongly load of a forward belly wall increases. There is excessive stretching of direct muscles of a stomach and skin. In turn, it conducts to a divergence of muscles and can promote emergence of extensions on skin. Besides, the muscle strain of a stomach can become the reason of lengthening of the period of their restoration after the delivery, that is it will be very difficult for young mother to cope with postnatal “tummy“.

Besides all above-mentioned, it is impossible to forget about potential injury risk of footwear high-heeled. Change of parameters of a body during pregnancy and the shift of the center of gravity promote an incoordination. You can easily sprain a leg or stumble. In such situation dislocations and stretchings, generally in an ankle joint, not a rarity. And the arisen weakness of the copular device - one more supplementing factor.

Well, and in the winter, during snow and ice, and in general it is excessive to tell about heels: it is, one may say, an extreme which is contraindicated to pregnant women.

a heel Form

On instability, injury risk and an adverse effect on anatomy and physiology of foot on the first place, of course, the most female heel - a hairpin. In addition, on a spike heel it is necessary to balance all the time to hold a leg in equal situation. The low, spike heel can be also unstable. Even if on a high, but wide heel the leg costs much more surely: it is possible to sprain a leg in such footwear, of course, too, but the probability of it is less, than on a hairpin. A platform sole - the same platform, but only narrow, behind it it is possible to take for a spike heel. It is not the steadiest option, but has other advantages peculiar to footwear on a platform. Namely, smoother transition from initially raised lobby of part of a sole to a heel. In total for foot not so harmfully, and effect of a heel considerable.

It is desirable for
that the sole of footwear was corrugated - not slippery.

Besides height of a heel should pay attention to that, the footwear how easily is put on and removed and how strongly it keeps on a leg.“ Slaps“ and a sabot with an open heel though and just to put on them, not the best option as easily fall down, and a leg in them it is excessively mobile. The footwear on laces or thongs to you will be inconvenient to be put on when the tummy appears, the same can be told about high boots.

Turns out that it is ideal that the footwear densely kept on a leg and it was easily put on.


the Right choice

Choosing footwear, try not to save. The good, qualitative footwear is more important, than a fashionable bag and any other accessory of female clothes, Also do not think that to be spent for a pair of shoes which you will carry only during pregnancy, not rationally. It still is useful to you for walks with the kid.

the Footwear of the pregnant woman has to be picked correctly up by

for the size taking into account a sock on which you are going to carry it, and possible puffiness of legs. Sometimes women buy very pleasant pair of shoes, a little “small“ by the size or “end-to-end“, counting that the footwear is carried. But this option not for pregnancy.

not to be mistaken with a size, go behind purchase of footwear in the evening. Measure footwear on both legs, it is a little to postoyta and you walk on shop. It is quite possible that the footwear bought during pregnancy after the delivery will fall down, but during incubation of the kid it is not necessary to endow the comfort and you seek to buy footwear of the smaller size as the close footwear conducts to such troubles as violation of blood circulation in legs, fatigue, injuries, varicosity, etc.

At the choice of the next pair of shoes that it was:

It is desirable for

that the sole of footwear was corrugated - not slippery. If at the pleasant pair of shoes the sole slides, it is possible to make in a shoe workshop a thin setup of nonskid material. It will not affect appearance of shoes or boots in any way, but will rescue you from falling and will prolong footwear service life. It is actual not only for winter footwear; in the summer it is simple to slip on a wet surface too.

of the Safety rule

If all of you - cannot refuse high heels, try to reduce their negative influence by implementation of simple rules. It is possible to use special insoles - the instep supports supporting the foot arch for prevention of its flattening. They are on sale in orthopedic shops If footwear, besides a high heel, also with the narrow cape, then at regular carrying such footwear you risk to receive deformation of fingers of foot. For prevention of such troubles it is possible to use special devices in the form of “dividing“ overlays for a thumb or gel small pillows. They also in big assortment are on sale in orthopedic salons and drugstores.

Reduce to a minimum stay time in “improper footwear“. Change the shoes several times during the day. Always have at yourself “replacement to heels“ and at the slightest fatigue or unpleasant feelings change the shoes. Several times a day remove footwear and do simple exercises - rotate feet of a knaruzha and inside twenty times in each party. Such exercise will help to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities. Make for legs a warm tray with sea salt in the evening - 36 - 38 °C (not hot!) and the light weakening massage of feet. Give to legs sublime situation to improve blood outflow.

the contrast shower Well weakens tired feet. Include alternately cool, warm water and under a pressure direct a stream to plantar part of foot. It is possible to do the circular or longitudinal movements, gradually rising up to a shin. Water has to be comfortable temperature - not ice and not hot, Procedure has to be pleasant and be carried out so much time how many you want. It is better to finish a contrast shower with cool water. After procedure it is good to use foot cream at your choice and to put on socks from natural materials.

“the nature will prevail

With increase in term of pregnancy“, and hardly you should be convinced that high heels not the best option for the pregnant woman, you choose what is convenient and physiologic