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Say no to yourself...

All of us know that it is necessary to approach monetary questions, thoroughly, and the decisions connected with finance to weigh and consider carefully. But there are several the most widespread financial mistakes which we just do not realize. And meanwhile these oversights can cost very much to us - in every sense words.

of Emotion and money are things incompatible. Bitter offenses and unconditional belief in bright future, long stresses and uncertainty in itself, love and fear of tomorrow - any of these quite justified feelings should not have the slightest influence when you make the decisions connected with finance. Here you need to be guided by exclusively rational reasons.

the Mistake

to Consider

1, it does not make sense that to make the will.

Yes, nobody wants to think of death, and drawing up the will as nothing else reminds that we are not eternal. Besides, many consider that the will is necessary only for those whose income is estimated in millions. And meanwhile, if you in property have an apartment, the dacha, the car and there are minimum accumulation, you strongly facilitate life to the successors, having distributed between them values voluntarily. Minor children and incapacitated relatives who are in your dependence (children, the spouse, parents) under the law receive an obligatory share of inheritance, and you can leave all the rest to the one whom you will choose.

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to make the will, is the best of all to address the notary. It costs about 200 rubles, and the copy of the document will be stored in archive at the notary free of charge. The certificate of the will costs 100 rub. and announcement of the closed will (which was stored at the notary in the sealed envelope) - 300 rub

the Mistake 2

to Refuse welfare payments.

Children`s grants which are allocated by the state are often so small

that it seems, it is simpler to refuse them, than to make out an infinite set of papers from - for insignificant the sums. Some working mothers refuse grants for basic reasons, including the symbolical sums offensive. Yes, on this money it is impossible to provide the child. But nevertheless grants is not a favor which does you the state, and legitimate right of everyone who pays taxes.

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Open for

the bank account and list on it all welfare payments which to you are put under the law. Withdraw money of times a year or is more rare, then over time on your account the decent sum for which it will be quite possible to buy something really useful or pleasant for your child will be gained.

the Mistake 3

to Hope that your husband will provide you all life.

It is possible, it will seem to you not too pleasant, but to count that the husband all life will provide comfortable existence for you and your children, at least, fondly. The percent of stains among couples which lived together more than 20 years promptly grows. But also, men lose good work, endure creative crises, are ill and even die young people. And you in that case are suddenly absolutely helpless.

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U you always has to be the source of the income, at least symbolical. Even if the husband earns enough that you could devote yourself to a family and children, try not to lose qualifications. Read professional literature, be aware of events, keep in touch with the former colleagues. When children grow up, you will have an opportunity to return for work at least for own pleasure.

the Mistake 4

to Save

on apartment renovation.

Through some time you are going to move to the apartment more or plan to sell giving - so why now to invest money in repair? Many consider that in it there is a rational grain, and meanwhile real estate which is in a good shape, it is much simpler to sell or exchange and the price will be much higher. Many buyers seek to find the apartment to which it is possible to drive at once, having made only renovation.

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If you decided to move, you should not invest big money in design repair. But it is in fair condition obligatory to support the apartment. Serviceable cranes and bathroom equipment, tidy ceilings, wall-paper, doors and a floor - all this can raise the cost of your apartment for 5 - 7%.

the Mistake 5

to Refuse insurance.

Unfortunately, we are not capable to expect the future, but, fortunately, we can provide possible troubles. On this case the insurance is also necessary. The policy of medical insurance can be very useful if you in a family have small children who often should call the doctor. To the supporter of a family there is a sense to issue life insurance: if as a result of accident it is temporarily disabled, the insurance will help to hold on.

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with search of the insurance broker which will help you to pick up the company with the conditions, most favorable to you. The list of the insurance brokers working at the territory of Russia can be found here: sec. ru/.

the Mistake 6

to Abuse the credits.

Banks and shops in eager rivalry advertize favorable and even interest-free credits. But the truth is that the free credits do not happen. Carefully check conditions and count the opportunities. Getting a thing on credit, you anyway pay more so it is necessary to go on this step, only if pluses from acquisition are obvious at present (for example, you are sure that in half a year when you gain the necessary sum by cash, the thing will rise in price).

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If, having objectively weighed everything pros and cons, you came to a conclusion that you can wait with purchase, begin to save up money. Place them on the filled-up bank account. In this case not you will pay percent to bank, and it to you.

the Mistake 7

to Store all money in one currency.

Exchange rates grow at

and fall and to understand when it is necessary to sell dollars and to buy euro and when on the contrary, to the nonspecialist it is very difficult. As all - to store the accumulation that they did not thaw every day?

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the Most reasonable option - to divide accumulation into three parts. One third let make dollars, one third - rubles, one third - euro. In this case small rate fluctuations you are not affected. And even in case of a collapse of one of currencies you risk only the one third part of money. It is unpleasant, but it is better, than to lose everything.

the Mistake 8

to Hold accumulation of the house.

Certainly, any bank is a certain risk. But at the moment experts assess a situation in the market as rather stable. And receiving stable percent, you will be able to offset losses from inflation.

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is the most reasonable to hold the emergency stock of the house, you will be able to use this money at any time. But, if you save for large purchase, there is a sense to open the filled-up bank account. On ruble deposits it is possible to count on 5 - 7% per annum, on currency - for 6 - 7%.