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Happiness my plush

Let`s arrange a big holiday of Soft toys today. Let`s clean, transplant, repair tens of plush friends who are sticking out of the cases scattered on beds and piled on a floor.

And to dirty chimney sweeps...

When the favourite doggie or a bear cub become too dirty (especially after summer walks), there are several simple ways to return them a former look.


to holes

That is required . Soft laundry detergent, new sponge (or pure white rag).

What to do. Fill powder in a basin with warm water and shake up before formation of a large amount of foam. Then the easy movements by means of a sponge or a rag clear a toy. Wring out a sponge or a rag after each several movements and you watch that the small animal not too strongly became wet. Dry a toy on air (but not on the sun! ) during the day.

For the big company

That is required. Capacious plastic package, 1/2 cups of baking soda and soft brush.

What to do. Put two - three toys in a plastic package, fill up in it soda. Tie a package and vigorously stir up within a minute. Pull out toys and clean them, cleaning dirt, dust and soda. For large toys use the vacuum cleaner.

the Bear on a roundabout

of the Toy with a mark “machine wash“ can be erased in the Careful Washing mode and to dry warm air. The main thing that the child agreed to be separated on some time from the friend. When the kid is very attached to the red puppy, not friend even hour to see very difficult. Allow the child to help you. Turn washing into an adventure: “The puppy wants to drive in the car! However, it is healthy?“

, of course, less troublesome exit Is: wash a toy while the child sleeps. But everything is better - to allow the child to process though at some stage. For example, after cleaning allow the kid to put in order a fur coat of a favourite small animal by means of a soft children`s hairbrush. Show as to do it accurately that the favourite did not grow bald. And that will be the tragedy.

That toys were not soiled with
, build for them clothes from romper suit and jackets which were worn once by your newborn children. In the morning all put on together with favourite bears, in the evening all undress with them before taking a bath. It will be pleasant to children!

Plastic surgery

If the best friend of your kid limped, it tore off a paw or the seam was unstitched, it is necessary to perform small operation.

Is thrown out without tears

At children the priorities - the most awful and shabby of plush copies

can become the favourite Even if the kid does not play with some tiger cub or a young frog for a long time, to leave them forever not easy. And, of course, it is necessary to spare children`s feelings. But also there are several cunnings. How to solve who will leave and who will remain? Ask the child to show his favourite animals. Ask: “Who your best friends? With whom you play less often? Who is not pleasant to you?“ These questions will help the child most to realize without what toys he can do. To facilitate farewell and at the same time to impart feeling of compassion - give to the child toys to charity foundation. Tell the kid as his toys will help to make happy someone else, and surely take him with yourself when you go to the center of the help to needy families. Such centers exist at many temples. In advance learn whether accept in these parts plush toys. Of course, put by means of the kid of all plush immigrants in order. Before giving a toy - photograph it and make an album for memory. But... all noble words are told, and the kid does not wish to leave for anything plush happiness. Well, do not insist. And do not throw out a toy secretly at all!

I in conclusion take three simple advice whenever possible less often to come across children`s favourites in improper places.
  1. you Store soft toys in the suspended mesh bag fixed in a nursery corner.
  2. Hang up a linen shoe bag on a case door and place animals of the small size in its pockets. Or place on a toy rack with which your child plays not so often, as with the others.
  3. Use big decorative boxes or bags to collect all plush animals in one place.