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Small dolls - heroes of the first director`s games

In the room, on a table, and a thicket on a carpet the kid creates the imagined world in which there are different events - acquaintances or thought up. In it the child acts as the director who operates and directs actions of toys - actors. In his hands usual rag dolls turn into heroes of the famous fairy tales, or acquaintances from everyday life play plots. In pedagogics such game call director`s. However today not all children are able to play well. For emergence of the real, developed game certain conditions from which main thing - your participation are necessary.

the First games - always together

the Real game arises not at once. At first, in 1,5 - 2, the child uses toys strictly for designated purpose. Imitating the adult, he cooks soup in a toy saucepan, brushes a doll with a hairbrush, bathes her in a tray, feeds with a toy spoon, by the word does all that with it is done by mother. It is so-called subject or procedural game which does not assume the conditional, imagined plan yet. Then, about 3 - x years, the kid begins to replace one objects with others, of course, if someone the senior shows him this opportunity. With your help pieces of a green leaf, for example, can become cabbage, and yellow pieces of paper to turn into carrot, and from them it is possible to cook the “real“ soup. The child quickly and with pleasure picks up proposals of seniors, and soon already itself “cooks“ the soup, attracting for this purpose all new “products“ - deputies.

Main - it is not simple to p to provide to the child objects and toys, and to teach to play it, to help it to present that all his toys as though live and speaking. For this purpose you should fall several times with the kid by a carpet, to jump together with the hare, to pokvakat a frog, to talk by a doll voice. Believe, this not so senseless, but very useful occupation. It is much more important than all developing games for the three-year-old child. And if you play with soul, then enjoy very much.


to facilitate to you this task, we offer several possible scenarios for the general director`s game.

the Doll ached with

(a doggie, a bear, hare and so forth)

the Doll complains that it is hurt by a throat, and you console her. Then you bring a doll by car to hospital. There you take temperature (a toy thermometer, a stick, a pencil), you give an injection (the toy plastic syringe, a stick, a finger), you give a tablet (the bead, a button, a pea or a fasolina, a paper leaflet will be suitable for this purpose). It is possible to apply mustard plasters (by means of a leaflet of paper, a piece of fabric, a leaf). It is possible to treat an ear, having dug medicine a pipette or two put fingers. It is possible to make a bandage of a rag and to give vitamins (peas, small buttons). After that it is possible to bring a doll home, to give to drink it hot tea with honey (with raspberry), to sing it a song, to calm and lay in a bed. Having woken up, the cheerful and healthy doll will thank the saviors for care and to dance with other toys.

you Come on a visit to us

Invite toys to a festive lunch. Bypass the room together with the child and suggest several dolls and animals to come on a visit. Lay a holiday table, place ware on number of the invited guests, a food (fruit, vegetables, candies and so forth) . Seat guests at a table. If at someone from toys birthday, it is possible to make birthday plasticine pie and to thrust in it sticks - candles that the birthday man blew into them, and all congratulated him. Guests can present to the hero of the occasion the gifts. Offer them a food, take an interest that each of them wants to eat. Spread out a food to plates, feed guests. Upon termination of a lunch thank all attendees and take them home.

We go for a walk

Ask on behalf of a doll on walk. Dress a doll, put in a carriage (or on the machine) and take for a drive on the room. From some plate it is possible to arrange a hill with which she can ride, and then make a swing, having put a plate on a cube.

the Doll can be carried on hands. If the child already well speaks, it is possible to suggest him to tell a doll what it can see in the yard or around.

Walk with a doll can be played, using simple cubes. It can be made as follows. Put a small doll and cubes (bricks) on a table, tell the child: “Our Lyalechka misses one, wants to take a walk. Let`s construct for it a path?“ Take one brick, put to it another, then suggest the child to continue a path. After the path is constructed, the doll can walk on it, sentencing:“ Small legs go on a path. A top - a top - a top“. Game can be developed and continued, entering into it one more doll (or the hare) which walks too and meets requirements of the first. They meet, embrace, talk with each other, then together ride in hills etc.

Playing similar plots, you should most play whenever possible with enthusiasm, animating toy characters, acting and talking for them. At the same time, of course, it is necessary to follow an initiative of children. Not important, in what direction game, the main thing that it did not turn into occupation or implementation of instructions of the adult will develop, and the child with pleasure played with you. Only after that it will independently play.

Big games to small dolls

About 3 - x years usually the important event - “animation“ of toys happens. In hands of the kid of a bear and hares begin to talk with each other, to visit, fight and embrace, hurt and to recover.

Indispensable attribute of director`s game are dolls. Important value has their size. Very large dolls are inconvenient for game, it is difficult for kids to hold them in hands, they sit in static poses more often and are used in very few game situations. With big dolls it is easier to carry out small, household actions - to feed, brush, wash, put on, to put, carry in a carriage and, welcome everything. Small dolls best of all are suitable for director`s games. To small dolls there can be events of the most serious scale. They can go to big swimming on a carpet, they can appear in Africa or Antarctica, with them it is possible to organize a big ball or a round dance, improbable adventures and transformations can wait for them. The word for good, big game small dolls, not only girls, but also boys are necessary, it is desirable with mobile handles and legs (that they could stand, sit and so forth) But wooden or plastic dolls with motionless extremities approach too. The main thing that they were small - no more than 7 - 10 cm. It is easy to hold such dolls at the same time in each hand, and it means that the kid can dramatize dialogue of two dolls - in his hands and with its help they can embrace or fight, jump or laugh. For such small dolls it is easy to build locks, they well fit into a lodge from cubes, and the apartment for them can be equipped in a shoe box. It is easy to put them in any toy machine, for them it is easy to make the high mountain, or the deep sea. Tiny sweeties - naked children in different poses are very good. Two - three sets of such sweeties allow suit kindergarten or a playground from simple cubes where they can shake on a swing, or climb a short flight of stairs, or play at hide-and-seek.

Besides dolls children have to have toy animals (kitties, doggies, bears), birds (a chicken, a cockerel) and so forth. Such toys also have to be small, proportional to dolls, well and of course to be whenever possible attractive and to be recognizable. Now in shops the different thematic sets including wooden figures of people and animals and elements of a landscape - a zoo, Africa, the city, the village and so forth are on sale. It is very good to use such sets for director`s game. They can be placed beautifully on a floor, to add any boxes or details of construction sets, to make houses, roads, the jungle, the woods and fields. It is important that game was not limited to preparation of space. For game it is necessary to think out and lose some events which happen to her heroes - whether it be people or animals. For example, someone from animals (for example, an elephant calf) can be lost in the wood, get hungry and cry, and monkeys will bring it something to eat, will help to find friends and parents. Or the little pig will want to be on friendly terms with cows and will ask for their lodge, and they at first do not accept her, and then agree to let, but only with all her family. Generally a lot of things can be thought up when at your order of 10 - 15 little friends.

of the Fairy tale - hints

Inventing of plots for game, of course, facilitate fairy tales. They as if prompt that needs to be done with toys where they live as well as that is told. Among wooden sets for childish sports is specially intended for playing of some famous fairy tale “Wolf and Seven Kids“, “Three Pigs“, “Kolobok“, “Turnip“ and so forth. In these sets all is prepared necessary for game - and characters (kids, wolves, pigs and so forth in the necessary quantity) and elements of scenery - lodges, fences, trees. Content of game and nature of actions are determined by a plot of the fairy tale which is well-known to any preschool child. In such careful readiness there are pluses and minuses. Pluses are that such sets are very attractive to children, they induce to a certain game and allow to remember, present, tell more and more time the favourite fairy tale that is very important both for game, and for assimilation of a work of art. And minuses are that nothing needs to be thought out, everything is already ready. Therefore it is very useful to connect figures from different sets, “to mix up“ them, to add uncertain toys that they became new characters or elements of a landscape. In this case game can become much richer and more interesting because the child will need to think up some new events or to include unforeseen participants in a familiar plot.

By the way, it is possible to play in fairy tales and without any special sets. For example, any doll can become the Cinderella or the Little Red Riding Hood, and the doggie can execute a role of a wolf and or a hare of the ave. And of course independent inventing and creation of locks, the woods and lodges makes game only more interestingly.

For games with small dolls and animals it is good to p to use a construction set. Children very much like to play with cubes. This interest can be used, including designing elements practically in any plot. Let`s give some examples of use of construction material in game.

According to the chosen plot of a toy live and work in these or those constructions. For example, dolls can leave the lodges and go on a visit to each other, cars to part in the garages, to refuel gasoline, to carry passengers etc.

All listed game materials, certainly, will help to create interesting game. But only in case the child is able to play if someone the senior acquainted him with this wonderful ability and opened for it a huge light window to the world.