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The second tower of

the Country endures boom of “education for adults“: receiving the second highest, every fourth certified specialist thinks. The main motive at all one: career. At the same time, as the correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova found out, people often badly imagine what specialties are in demand today. Also choose the second profession as irresponsibly as chose in due time the first

In the USSR to meet the person having two diplomas about the higher education it was possible infrequently. Most of citizens perceived already received though they sometimes and not too favourite specialty as a reality - and continued to work engineers, secretly dreaming of career of the doctor. However, strictly speaking, additional education those years could not bring special dividends: work of “proletarians of brainwork“ of different specialties was paid for one scale of charges.

Today everything changed. Nearly annually in labor market appear one - two new specialties: the expert in commercial logistics, IT - the specialist in information security, the expert in technology and design of packing production. Requirements to professionals become tougher, and to remain demanded, it is necessary to update knowledge everyone three - five years.

Annually in Moscow the diploma about second higher education is gained on average by 10 - 15 thousand people. And the lion`s share of “vtorodiplomnik“ (according to some information, to 70%) is made by the experts working at highly paid and perspective positions: marketing specialists, financiers, managers. They come to study to gather additionally concrete knowledge of the specialty and to promote above on an office ladder.

Other part of adult students, on the contrary, reached a career ceiling or despaired to find highly paid work on the first specialty and is eager to replace a field of activity. There is a lot of last among graduates of technical colleges, physicians, military. At last, there are still those who got the first higher education in not prestigious higher education institution in due time. Their purpose - the “branded“ diploma which would impress the employer.

Employers, in turn, on supervision of experts of the personnel market, to the employees improving skills are really not indifferent.

With other things being equal a rating of the applicant in labor market of the certificate on education and diplomas, certainly, raise

. But you should not forget that experience, business qualities and real progress of the candidate for a position always outweigh “piece of paper“. For example, Tatyana Varga, the marketing manager of the Turparad company, and in combination the student of MESI on office “Marketing“, is sure that the knowledge gained at institute helps with work, only if are imposed on the corresponding experience.“ The first education at me technical, but ten years I work in tourist industry and somehow decided to receive the second the highest, - madam Varga says. - The diploma is necessary to me rather “for a crust“, the same knowledge can be gained if to buy books and independently to study them“.

Besides piece of paper to a piece of paper discord. For years of communication with various graduates the companies - employers had a peculiar pool of higher education institutions in which quality of education suits them. It is no secret that at the moment the Russian higher school has not the best times: level both teachers, and students leaves much to be desired. Most of employers the column “education“ will interest in the curriculum vitae of the applicant if in it there is something from the following list: MGTU of N. E. Bauman, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Financial academy at the Government of the Russian Federation, the State university of management, Higher School of Economics, the Russian economic academy of G. V. Plekhanova, the Moscow power institute, and also the Moscow aviation institute, Moscow inzhenerno - physical institute, Moscow physics - technical institute.

However, the person who thought of receiving second higher education as if appears again in a situation of the graduate of school: it is necessary to choose a profession again. And as in youth before choosing higher education institution, it is necessary to answer the question “whom to be?“ .

I in designers would go

choose Second higher education, as a rule, more responsibly, than the first. Before bearing documents in higher education institution, the person in this case usually decides that specifically he wants to receive from additional education in what area and what knowledge is not enough for it.

“I study

, one may say, all life and I do it for two reasons. In - the first, process is pleasant. In - the second, it happens to change work from time to time, duties and a circle of professional communication change - it is necessary to correspond. Worked several years the designer in the magazine - it was necessary to resemble courses at the Moscow state art school of memory of 1905, gained an impression about such things as composition, coloring, became though with journal artists to speak one language. Now it is necessary to solve generally administrative problems so a year ago went to receive the third the highest on faculty of social psychology and pedagogics of RGGU, on office of additional education. I study conflictology - very actually“, - told IP Igor Isakov, the student with an experience, the technical director of Ekspert magazine.

better to orient in modern educational programs and tendencies, it is very useful to resemble specialized exhibitions: for example, “Education for adults“ and “Economic and business - education“.

Useful will be to visit professional consultation also. For example, in the center of testing and development “Humanitarian technologies“ at MSU concerning education and career advise all - from entrants to adults. And demand among the last from year to year grows: now their share in total number of clients not less than 20%.

according to the manager on training of this center Stepan Balayan, the vast majority of adult citizens come with the same typical problems. Here they: “the profession does not arrange absolutely where to go to study?“, “I work not in the specialty, reached a good skill level, the lack of highly specialized education impedes further promotion“, “in work arranges everything, but there is a wish to know, maybe, I still better where - nibud will approach?“, “sat with one child, then with another, to look for work in the specialty or to be retrained?“

the Task of the professional consultant is in picking up to the client suitable form of education depending on his abilities and the previous experience.

Consultation costs to

1,1 thousand rubles, takes several hours and looks so: the person sits down at the computer, passes hour test where its interests, the actual abilities and personal features are estimated. The protocol of testing is supplied with the list of the professions suitable such profile. The list chooses the computer from the big database. In the subsequent 45 - minute conversation with the psychologist with a support on the test - the profile, the list of professions and experience becomes clear professional identity of the client.

In good recruitment agency of the applicant to a position too most often is advised (and it is free) according to the summary: what professional skills are not enough and where specifically to receive them subsequently to inspire trust in the employer.

If you want to replace a profession on more demanded, it is unreasonable to do it without consultation with experts not only because you can choose to yourself specialty for which you objectively are not suitable. Matter also that narrow-minded ideas of prestigiousness and a demand of professions change much more slowly than a real situation. So, according to the last survey conducted “Levada - the center“, most of Muscovites still consider as the most prestigious professions of the lawyer and the economist though, according to forecasts of recruitment agencies, in the next several years the tone will be set absolutely by other experts: in the field of sales, transport and logistics, a brand - managers, HR - managers, engineers, programmers and druggists.


Alma - the stepmother

to Choose suitable specialty is only half-affairs. It is necessary to decide also on, where to receive it. Today programs of the second higher and additional education offer about 100 Moscow higher education institutions, state and private. Of course, the level of educational institutions very much differs, but you should not think that it is possible to get a good education only at the known university. Happens quite really to seize the chosen specialty and in less prestigious educational institution. Not to forget the main thing at the choice of higher education institution several simple rules.

Before signing the contract with educational institution, it is very much recommended to study its license for conducting educational activity and the certificate on accreditation on the chosen specialty. The last document is especially important if it is about commercial higher education institution. Only state accreditation grants the right to issue diplomas of a state sample. Besides, it is good to specify some more subtleties in advance: rules of providing the academic holiday and a condition of restoration for study; an opportunity to pass of objects without attending lectures; conditions of a repeating examinations and offsets (for a fee or free of charge); the approximate number of people in group, existence of library etc.

Ideal option - is frank to communicate to students of this higher education institution. It is better to do it not on an official Open Day, and, for example, at student`s forums on the Internet. It is so possible to find out much useful: lectures are how vividly and interestingly given whether teachers are competent, whether are available to questions and consultations, whether educational audiences are crowded.

it is heavy

in the doctrine

Terms of training in programs of second higher education vary on average of a year to three. Under the law “About Education“, it is possible to gain the second diploma only for a payment. The question price - from 1 thousand c.u. (the rate of c.u. in different higher education institutions can differ from a bank rate of dollar) for a year of training in inexpensive non-state higher education institution to 7 thousand c.u. in a year (programs of elite higher education institutions like GUU at ANH, Financial academy, Diplomatic academy, MGIMO).

according to the research company Begin Group, all to students of the Moscow higher education institutions training in the directions “public relations“ dearer (on average 80 thousand rubles a year) and “management of the organization“ costs today (77 thousand rubles a year). Training in the technical specialties which are in the increasing demand costs significantly cheaper - on average 49 thousand rubles a year.

Traditionally it is considered p that it is absolutely easy to arrive on second higher education - paid and study. But in reality it not always so. For example, at the Moscow international higher school of business of MIRBIS at revenues to economic specialties (“the organization of marketing activity at the enterprise“, “financial management“, “strategic management and corporate management“) entrants pass entrance tests on economy. The term of training is two and a half years, in vespers (7,5 thousand c.u. for the entire period of training) or the correspondence form (5,6 thousand c.u.) .

One higher education institutions demand

at transfer on faculties of second higher education to submit the document on the first the highest, others democratically accept citizens and with the unfinished highest. By the way, formally such student has the right to get the first higher education free of charge.

But then to the applicant for the budgetary place should pass difficult entrance examinations in accordance with general practice on preparation for which the adult working person often has neither time, nor desire. Let`s tell, on the specialty “applied mathematics and informatics“ (modern are studied it is information - telecommunication technologies, corporate computer networks, systems of processing and information security) it is possible to come to MAI also with incomplete higher education, and both humanitarian, and technical.

Training lasts three years and three months, year of occupations at evening form of education costs 30 thousand rubles. And here for study at faculty of second higher education at the Moscow school of economy of MSU (150 thousand rubles a year, payment is brought on semester) it is necessary to have the bachelor`s degree (four-year higher education) or the expert (five-year higher education) and to show at receipt the knowledge in economy, mathematics and English.

When the set occurs, depends on form of education. Night-school students are taken usually by two times a year, in the summer and in the winter, on correspondence, internally - the correspondence and individual form is taken most often during all academic year. Process of study a little in what differs from the first five student`s years.“ Second higher education, in fact, the same, as the first, only with reoffset of a number of already passable general education disciplines and objects of narrow specialization (if the first profession from the same area, as the second), plus often occupations take place in an evening form, - the head of department of work with the educational organizations of the Begin Group company Anna Rubalskaya says. - All the rest as well as when receiving the first highest: same program, same teachers, homeworks, course, diploma, lectures, seminars, large number of the theory, etc.“ .

to Combine study with work not easy, and experts advise in advance to prepare for the victims. According to researches of Institute of retraining and professional development of the Ural state economic university, a third (33,5%) of “vtorodiplomnik“ complain that study “eats“ time for rest and a hobby. 30,9% say that they are tired more and worse work at work.

About a quarter (24,2%) endure

that from - for studies there is not enough for an about family time and education of children, and 14,4% suffer from - for rare meetings with friends.

Nevertheless the whole 75% is declared that went for study consciously, and it is more than a quarter - that difficulties temporary and are quite surmountable.

Where money lies

Is clear that all have financial opportunities and desire to pay big money for the diploma not. Two options of a solution are in that case possible. The first, most labor-consuming way, - to receive money for study in the company where you work. Sometimes far it is not necessary to go - some firms will organize training in the employees directly on a workplace. It is called corporate university. Such is, for example, at “VimpelCom“ (university of “Beeline“) “, Severstal“, “Ingosstrakh“, Sukhoi Design Bureau, “Rostelecom“, “Rosinter“, “Vimm - the Bill - Dunn“, the companies “Volga - Dnieper“, “McDonald`s“, CocaCola and many others. These institutions the fact that students are given practical knowledge of narrow specialization, on the job are good. As a rule, teachers are invited from doing business - schools and the large companies, process of training is based on performance business - tasks.


the personal mentor - more skilled employee of department helps to Fix knowledge and skills in work to the beginner. He directly on the place comments on work and corrects errors.

Experts say that corporate university - very good instrument of training, but so far is a prerogative only of insignificant number of the large companies. Besides here you will not gain the state diploma or the diploma of independent school as the companies are afraid of departure of employees after training which, certainly, increases their cost in labor market.

the authority of corporate universities grows at

Among employers every year. It is considered that exactly there teach effective style of work and forge rather professional shots. According to high school researches, the Russian companies build the education system of employees for a long time. So, 30% of the enterprises got the educational institutions: 11% opened training centers, 15% - courses of retraining, 2% - own technical training colleges, colleges or technical schools and another 2% - corporate higher education institutions.

at employment experts recommend to inquire in training opportunities in the company. If the firm is not interested in your advance, does not arrange regular trainings and training and is not accustomed to send employees to further training, you should not be late in it for a long time. Unfortunately, such in Moscow the majority. According to research GU - HSE for in 2005, only 14% of the companies, generally in a manufacturing sector and a services sector, are ready to provide to the employees financial aid in receiving further education. Care for education of the employees in Russia so far generally in the large foreign companies and those that work on the western sample.

But anyway, destiny of the person in his hands. If the employee manages to show convincingly to the head the prospects, chances that the boss will agree to pay, for example, the biennial course MBA, will be more. By the way, not less than 50% of owners of this diploma receive it on sponsor`s money - from the employer or the scholarship program.

the Second option - to get money for the second diploma most. In Moscow a large number of the domestic and foreign funds ready to pay training in young people (till 30 - 35 years) to perspective experts in the Russian or foreign higher education institution works. The paradox is that the few know about such programs. As a rule, competitions on receiving grants appear in the fall.

we Will tell

, Ford`s fund just announced a competition on a grant for training in a magistracy or postgraduate study at any university of the world, including the Russian. The program pays training in the field of social and the humanities and provides a grant on accommodation, the health insurance, funds for journey to the place of study and back and even acquisition of the computer, books etc. Particular advantages at applicants with limited financial and physical capacities, residents of the small cities and villages. Any age restrictions, the first diploma about the higher education can be any. Moreover, the competition is held in Russian, and in case of need the fund is ready to help successful applicants to improve knowledge of a foreign language before sending to university abroad.

In the German service of the academic exchanges (DAAD) can get grants on second higher education more than on 2 thousand to specialties. Training lasts usually from one to two years (two - four semester), most often one and a half years (three semester). And it is optional in German.

we Will tell

, on so-called international programs (International Degree Programmes) training though in the German higher education institution, but it is conducted in English. Such programs give to graduates of the Russian higher education institutions the chance not to replace career guidance, and to continue studying of the specialty and to gain the diploma which will admit everywhere the world. At present DAAD waits for applications for free training in programs of second higher education of Germany from university graduates of creative specialties (“music“, “design“, “cinematography“, “fine arts“, “architecture“, “acting skills“, “direction“, “choreography“, “dancing art“). Applicants have to be younger than 32 years at the time of opening of a grant (musicians - younger 30 years).

For acting skills and direction candidates have to know German very well. It is enough to rest to know German bases, but to be fluent in English. According to the decision of the selection commission a free two-month language course in Germany can be provided to some scholars.

the American scholarship SABIT program at the Ministry of Trade of the USA will organize group and individual monthly training for representatives of small and medium business. The purpose - to improve skills and to give the chance to come into business contacts with potential partners from the USA. The grant covers expenses on flight, personal expenses and on training in such directions as management of health care, infrastructure of transport, restaurant business, mining industry, management of hotel business, road construction, oil pipelines and others.

is more detailed than

it is possible to learn about grants and grants on the Internet, for example, on the websites “Grants and Competitions“, the Center of the international exchange, “Training abroad“.

generally, at the known desire second higher education (including abroad) it is possible to receive actually free of charge. But even if it is impossible to settle on a grant, you should not worry: quite perhaps, it makes sense once to enclose not too large sum in itself now to receive dividends throughout all future career.

the Homeland pays

the Russian managers have an opportunity to increase education level at the expense of the fatherland
the Presidential program of preparation of administrative shots is designed for managers (year length of service in this sphere is necessary a minimum) 25 - 40 years with the higher education. The preference is given to the candidates who are well knowing a foreign language, communicative and “taking active living position“. They for a year are sent for professional retraining, with evening training in higher education institution and foreign training.
the Moscow fund of training and assistance to development of innovative activity together with the Moscow international higher school of business “Mirbis“ within 72 hours will free of charge improve skills of listeners from among businessmen, heads, specialists of the enterprises, the organizations relating to small business entities of Moscow, and the studying youth. In the program such courses as “legal bases of management of small enterprise“, “strategic and tactical management“, “management of office-work“, “marketing in small enterprise“, “crisis management“. Mode of occupations: three times a week in the evening (18. 30 - 22. 00).
at the end of training is given the certificate of the state sample of short-term professional development. the State is ready to give
72 hours and to each former military. So, the development department and supports of small business of Moscow in partnership about business - Mirbis school free of charge trains the military personnel transferred to the reserve and also members of their families according to the short-term program of professional development. Listeners study business bases in commercial activity, legal regulation of business activity, financial management etc. Occupations also take place in the evening (18. 30 - 22. 00) three times a week.